As a result, Navid and Adrianna grow closer. Also, Annie must decide if she wants to give Patrick another chance. Kelly refuses to associate herself with their mother and her behavior, Silver feels differently and wants to re-bond with Jackie. Silver gets accepted into New York University and hopes she will be close to Navid in nearby Princeton, but she later has second thoughts. Meanwhile, Naomi coerces Annie into pledging for a sorority with her. In order to afford her drug addiction, Adrianna steals money from her affluent best friend, Naomi. Retrieved April 27,

Navid and Liam are drinking at the beach after finding out Silver asked Teddy to be the father of her baby. Although at first she only does it to “repay” him, they start to genuinely care about each other. Adrianna gets a kiss from someone while Dixon is in a wheelchair trying to reach for Adrianna scarf but fails and falls out of his wheelchair; Annie arrives to help Dixon. Also, Jasper returns to resolve things with Annie over their ended relationship. Retrieved September 11, Or the story where Liam and Ivy finally get the chance to make things work. Retrieved February 28,

Adrianna Tate-Duncan

His life is complicated by Nad rebellious nature and by the discovery that his uncle has been running a stolen car ring out of Shirazi Studios.

Retrieved September 12, No Primetime Adults 18—49 Ratings Adjustments”.

Fate by Queen of the Wallflowers reviews Life, a dead husband, andd baby, and an almost wedding drove them apart, but Fate brought them together. Adrianna receives a bag with her belongings and a book full of original songs by Javier, which she keeps to use as her own material. Adrianna attempts to reunite with Navid, and finds an earring in his bedroom after he rejects her.

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Meanwhile, Silver confesses to Teddy about Spence bribing her to break up with him. You Broke My Cup by Last.

Debbie tries to rekindle her relationship with Dixon by taking him out miniature golfing. Dixon immediately becomes hooked on gambling and begins placing bets on-line as well as in public. Also, Annie decides to meet Patrick in Vegas, but backs out when she sees him with another escort. This is only applies to some areas of life, seeing that his dad runs an adult entertainment business.

Navid realizes he still has feelings for Adrianna after she asks for his help to write a song for pop star Javier whom Ivy’s mother, Laurel, wants to record a demo tape with him. Navid decides that he wants to win Adrianna back, while Dixon and Ivy explore a relationship with each other.


Meanwhile, Naomi takes some extreme measures to prove her love to Austin by horseback riding with him, which leads to more mishap for her ans she gets stranded on a ledge in the mountains. Liam asks Naomi for help planning the party and she agrees in order to avoid taking a physics final.

Soon Annie is forced to adriianna and say she slept with Liam, which causes more distance between her and Dixon, along with their parents. Retrieved September 20, Their attempt to get revenge on Jen works, which makes Jen lose everything she has including her sister and boyfriend Ryan. When Navid continues to reject her, Adrianna tells Silver that Navid kissed her, effectively breaking them up.

Archived from the original on February 3, Annie finally gets her inheritance when she records Jeremy calling Marla a bitch.

Navid and Adrianna’s relationship has been progressing slowly, and while he is ready to take sdason to the next level, even going as far as to rent a cabana, she isn’t, and still wants to wait.

So I love it, it’s a nnavid come true. As Annie prepares for takeoff, Liam chases after the plane on his motorcycle. Liam consoles Silver, who learns that she may have the cancer gene that caused her mother’s death two years ago. Navid and Silver have developed a secret relationship. Everybody wants to give another chance to thier broken relationships. Weason September 22, Elsewhere, Kelly and Silver deal with devastating news about their mother dying from cancer.

Retrieved November 30, The Unauthorized Melrose Place Story. Archived from the original on October 7, Naomi convinces Adrianna to tell Ty, and he tells his parents. Later in “Unmasked” she begins to avoid Teddy because of what he did to her. Season three begins with Beverly Hills navic shaken up by an earthquake as the main characters start out their senior year.

Annie and Caleb continue to fight their attraction to one another, but finally give into temptation. Meanwhile, Adrianna and Dixon land a spot in a musical festival alongside the band Train.

Adrianna goes to school and decides to tell everyone her ‘secret’, so she gets help adrianha Navid to announce through the school’s video system that she is pregnant and that there is no father.

Leila is found alive and well with her nwvid boyfriend, whom she’d made a fake ransom video with to get money for them to run away together and open a tattoo parlor. The two become a couple until Navid reveals to Adrianna that he has never stopped loving her, and she dumps Javier for Navid. Later, her sister Jen overhears Naomi and Silver’s conversation and decides to take matters into her own hands with the help adrianha Ryan, who had seen Cannon and Naomi in the school while he was there drunk.


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Following the last episode, Naomi does her best to seaskn Annie’s life the worst it could be by sending the nude photo of her to everyone. Archived from the original on August 19, Annie decides to end her romance with Caleb after seeing that his dedication to his Catholic faith is stronger than their relationship. Ivy decides to go to Mexico City to be with Adriannna. Teddy asks Silver out to the dance, but she declines.

Retrieved March 14, All rights reserved Ana-Maria Rated: Dixon gets caught up in gambling, getting him into trouble at school with some boys he owes money to. Archived from the original on June 19, Adrianna’s personal life becomes as dramatic as any role she could hope to play; Annie, the good girl from Kansas, is now lost sesson people she used to trust; Dixon, her brother, struggles to find his own voice; Liam, the troubled New York visitor who abhors the decadent materialistic world of Beverly Hills [1] and Naomi, who is at odds with her sister and soon finds a worse enemy.

Trying her hardest to get on Alec’s good side, Naomi and Alec take a trip to amusement park, having so much fun Alec kisses Naomi, which causes her to run away.

Liam then joins the school surf team with Dixon to take out his frustration of the problems he’s facing. The CW wanted the series to have a female perspective and focus more on teenage life and glamour; however, Judah and Sachs were more comfortable writing for men, featuring family stories.

Put in the awkward situation of having to choose between staying in the band or going solo she talks to 92010 and comes to the conclusion that she should go with the latter. Annie’s fight for her inheritance from the late Marla Templeton hits a snag when it’s revealed that her new boyfriend, Jeremy, is in fact a lawyer and Marla’s estranged grandson, and is in town to contest her will as well as sue Annie.