I might not be a huge fan of Se Ra but I do admire her honesty. Yoon’s indecision and denial will cost him if he doesn’t makes up his mind soon before Colin steals her away. I think it was to show that he was so caught up in the game and being with his friends that he forgot to put them on. He tells her to stop acting so immaturely, causing her to bend down and give him a kiss on the cheek. Upon seeing Yi-soo having crush on Tae-san maybe she would realize she must do something to change her attitude as well as to correct the relationship betwen her and Tae-san Min Sook is working with a client at her art gallery when Jung Rok shows up with a huge grin. He smirks and continues to grill her without honorifics. While these remarks could be seen as conceited, Lee Jong Hyuk was able to pull them off with his endearing charms.

I feel the same way too. I don’t do jewelleries, but shoes? Dang, could’ve fooled me. If there was the perfect woman walking down the street, of course I would kick you to the curb. Oh, he has hurt his Betty White. Colin asks Me Ahri how she knows the four men and she replies that Tae San is her older brother while the others are his closest friends.

Love the bromance and camaraderie of their friendship. DJ still a hottie-though needs some work in kimcihdrama abs dept but I’ll take him love his bull in the china shop ‘tude with YS!!

Thanks for these recaps. After she previously rejected his expensive gift, Kim Do Jin buys her another pair of 1, won shoes, but this time he decides to pay for the shoes in 14 installments orwon a month. His efforts are shining and his sincerity is showing. Now, i will be off to watch the latest episode! Do any canto-people know the name of the song playing when the boys are shooting pool in the beginning? Pat June 18, at Love this drama and of course JDG!

You are Everywhere by Big Baby Driver. Kim Do Jin Epixode Douche of the Week to Gentleman of the Week, Kim Do Jin really captured our hearts in episode five and six although this may also be because the episodes focused more on him than the other boys. I find Tae-san really friendly and social if I date him, he would get along with all my friends and their bfs.


This is one of the rare cases kimvhidrama I think Second Lead Syndrome will be worth it because I am totally rooting for him and Me-ahri. He draws the conversation out to prolong his enjoyment at embarrassing Yi Soo.

Im not sure how i can picture her and yoon as lovers. Colin asks Me Ahri how she knows the four men and she replies that Tae San is her older brother while the others are his closest friends. While JDG’s character may start off like a jerk at the beginning, he is improving in my book espisode after episode.

She’s a great friend–didn’t sacrifice her friendship with SR over TS Do Jin responds that he thinks he knows how to change that and he gently pulls her in for a kiss. Posted June 14, at 7: Despite the unflattering wardrobe choices of the gentlemen, the four actors were able to pull them off, receiving plenty of compliments from the netizens. More so literally rather than emotionally—which is a good thing—because it means that a lot of heartbreak was avoided this kjmchidrama.

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Episodes by odilettante. I think my sympathy for her has to do with the actress being really good at conveying that Sera is more layered than “requisite-k-drama-bitch”. So then gebtleman kisses her to make her be shocked about his kiss as apposed to Shou’s! Which allows room for change rather than if she was just a bitch and nothing else. I’m in the same boat. Kitty has claws apparently.

I think DJ is suffering from memory lapses. Gentleman of the Week: However, it also proves to be one of his major flaws, since he seems only to be confusing Im Mae Ari further. Still, it’s a great drama.

[Complete|EngSub] A Gentleman’s Dignity Ep – Lee Jonghyun 이종현

Lee Jung Rok No surprise there. Yi Soo never told Tae San about her crush, so why is Se Ra so hot kimchidrmaa bothered since she’s two timing him anyway? Omg, the ending kiss is similar to how Ren was jealous about Kyoko being oblivous after Shou’s kiss!


I’m super glad they went the gentle route.

I love the way they give their tribute to A Better Tomorrow one of my all time favourite movie and the late great Leslie Cheung, but why do they choose billiiard instead of other games that guys usually play a game of cards maybe like in Gods of Gamblers? Rashell June 17, at I thought she comes off as more “believable” than Secret Garden’s heroine again, I’ve forgotten her name. You guys are so cute. As soon as she makes that request, Yoon shows up and urges Jung Rok to find another part-time worker.

Love her w MR and she gets along well with Yoon.

A Gentleman’s Dignity

Like she wished that he would be hurt by his beloved woman? Granted, the kiss is technically forced and Yi Soo was completely unprepared for kimchidraa hence the wide eye-blinking. Lee Jong-hyuk, in my opinion, is one of the sexiest Korean actors.

Their quiet moment is interrupted when Tae San grabs Yi Soo in a back hug. I’m probably not alone when I say that Yoon is my favorite. Support A Gentlemans Dignity on Facebook!

Thanks orangy for the recap. And a move forward for Do jin!!! He smirks and continues to grill her without honorifics.

You better check the CCTV!! He promises to pay for all the damages and whisks Yi Soo away. Dylan June 16, at I can understand if Tae san dissapproves their relationship, no matter what, a brother always gentlman that his younger sister is always a mere baby child to him. The camera winds around them and flickers of moonlight peek through the tree branches.