I was little bit shy. He realizes that Jassi is ignoring him. Nimmi comes home to meet Beeji and Jassi and announces her plans to get Narender transferred to India. However, Jassi makes up a story and saves her day. Prev Post Prem Charitra Episode Jassi somehow manages to convince Viren to meet his prospective bride. Jassi then introduces Viren to Channi.

Woh idealist hai aur practical bhi. Jassi’s husband Narinder takes up a job in Sharjah after six months of marriage. Viren and Jassi meet to discuss on the cashier from the abortion clinic, Jassi consoles Viren saying that he might not have recognized Viren. After having a good time with Viren and his family, Nimmi decides to leave. Jassi and Viren are taken aback when the test comes out positive. Cheeks , marks of belt on her hands..

Later, Jassi tells Beeji that ashoore fears what else Nimmi is going to change once she is married to Viren. Channi is surprised to Naren getting up early in the morning.

Hehehehehe u made mistake in the beginning. Log In Welcome, Login to your account. And place my other hand on her waist. Jassi shares a good relation with her family, and she is like a friend to Viren. Kakali 25th Sep – 4: I knocked the door.

Home Fan Fiction Aadhe adhure — the incomplete desire episode 1. Jassi and Viren are shocked when Naren asks him what he was episodf to say him the previous night. He has a crush on swara.


Though Viren refuses to attend, he later decides to go to the party.

Aadhe Adhoore – Episode 1

Aadhe Adhoore Season 1. Aadhe Adhoore – Episode 1 – Video Dailymotion. Sign in Recover your password. However, Jassi feels bad when Viren tells her that he has already had his dinner with Nimmi. My bro helped me a lot. She shares her heart out to Beeji, who comforts her and assures her that everything will be soon all right. On the other hand, Viren makes it clear that he is not interested in marrying.

Later in the night, Viren asks Jassi if she is feeling jealous as he will be getting married soon. An apprehensive Jassi tells Viren that by marrying Channi he can save their relationship.

But I find something fishy when I saw sahil ,in my house his smile was saying to her that he was also in the terrace. Pata chalega jab Suman banegi Mittal parivaar ka hissa! NDSG 23rd Sep – Moreover he helped me in my hard time.

Aadhe Adhoore (Hindi) – 14 Dec, | Watch Full Episode Online | ZEE5 | (Drama)

Beeji tells Jassi to take care of herself. Aadhe adhure — the incomplete desire episode 2 – Telly Updates 2 years ago. Welcome, Login to your account. Nevertheless, the cashier does not say anything.


Aadhe Adhoore Episode 1

However, Viren loses his cool on Jassi as he feels that she was aware of his marriage date. Jassi calls it a rumor, but the neighbor is confident that her information is true. She is also loosing her control.

Later in the night, Viren all of a sudden decides to go back to home, leaving Nimmi puzzled and dejected. I started kissing in her neck. Later, Naren phones Jassi and tells her to convince Viren at any cost as his rejection to the alliance will take its toll on his job. I was getting panicked. Nimmi tells her mother that she woke up early as Viren also gets up early in the morning.

Later, Nimmi meets Viren and informs him that their marriage date is fixed and they will be getting married after 20 days.