Anthology series Saare Mausam Tumse Hee. Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si. Aadhe Adhoore Season 1. Ye Galiyaan Ye Chaubaara. The next morning, Viren phones Nimmi and apologises to her for abruptly leaving from her place the previous night. Zindagi Channel Account On. Humsafar starring Fawad Khan on Zindagi”. Soon, Nimmi arrives and sees Jassi feeding Viren.

Soon, Nimmi arrives and sees Jassi feeding Viren. Though Jassi tries to comfort her, but of no avail. Jassi is talking casually with Viren, not knowing that Beeji is looking for her. Viren confronts Jassi and makes it clear that he is not interested in marrying so early. However, he is surprised when Jassi tells him that she is aware of this development. On the other hand, Beeji urges Viren to give a special gift to Jassi, as she deserves it for all the efforts she has been putting in his wedding preparations. Retrieved June 17,

Jassi is irked and chides Viren for not informing her about his dinner plans.

Ek Tamanna Lahasil Si. Soon, Viren gets drunk and in an inebriated state tells Naren that he wants to talk something important.

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Everyone is impressed to see the gifts. Beeji and Jassi feel relieved. This leaves Jassi tensed and she expresses her doubts of being pregnant to Viren. The cashier at the clinic gets suspicious as Viren is looking very perturbed. However, he is irked when a lady comes home and snatches away the money, saying that Pappu had forcibly sold the goods to her daughter. Channi makes it clear that she wants her life-partner to be of caring and loving nature.


Later in the night, when Viren comes home, he is surprised to find Jassi waiting for him for dinner. She comforts Viren and tells him that nothing has changed and everything is fine. Jassi fears that the dream may turn into reality. Later, Naren phones Jassi and tells her to convince Viren at any cost as his rejection to the alliance will take its toll on his job. Jassi then sarcastically tells Nimmi that she will soon learn the norms of their family.

Viren feels bad to know that Jassi went to bed without dinner the previous night. Nimmi then tells Viren that her father is interested in meeting him. Later, Jassi casually asks Viren to help her in her household chore, but Viren refuses. Jassi is shocked when Viren makes it clear that he is not ready to get married.

Meanwhile, Nimmi and her family are planning to shift Viren to their city after marriage. Thankful to Zindagi for bringing countries closer”. Existing Premium Users, Click here adhooge login. An apprehensive Jassi tells Viren that by marrying Channi he can save their relationship.


Khwaabon Ki Zamin Par. She tells Viren that she will have to abort her aadhw if her episore is confirmed. Naren makes him sleep and later discusses this with Jassi. The story of a girl who gets obsessed with her aunt’s fiance”.


Mishra, Rashmi 13 August Loving moments of Zaroon Junaid and Kashaf Murtaza”. Ashok expresses his disapproval to Poonam who wants to marry off Channi to an older man. Jassi is shocked when Poonam makes it clear that she has decided to sever her ties with her. Thakkan and Ishq Gumshuda”. Aadhe Adhoore – Episodes However, Jassi feels bad when Viren tells her that he has already had his dinner zindaggi Nimmi.

Jassi is shocked when she comes to know of this. Jassi feels bad when Ashok tells her that his wife does not like his concerns for Channi.

Yeh Phool Sa Naazuk Chehra. Zindagi Channel Account On. Nimmi later expresses to Viren that she is doing this to free Viren from his family responsibilities so that post marriage both of them can concentrate only on each other.

However, Viren makes it clear that he does not wish to get married. One of the women taunts Jassi saying that her importance will go down once Nimmi comes home after marrying Viren. The next day, Jassi makes up a story to Beeji and leaves for Jalandhar along with Viren. Yahan Pyar Nahi Episodee.