Installation Guide Version 9. When this capability is enabled and the user specifies a filename for the batch, the name applies to all AccuRoute messages in the batch, and the value overrides the filename that is specified in the Embedded Directive configuration. The OCR page opens. The wizard scans the system for potential installation problems and displays the results. If you want the approval managers you selected to receive a notification message from the server when the fax has been evaluated, select the Send Approval Notification to selected approval managers option. Click OK to save your changes to the component. The Knowledge Base contains technical articles with troubleshooting information and workarounds to known issues.

Configuring the server to support network accounting applications for servers with a XeroxScan connector 92 Setting up batch scanning for network scan devices AccuRoute supports batch scanning, allowing users to run a single scan operation that contains multiple AccuRoute messages. You are prompted to confirm the delete. When the server closest to a dialing destination delivers a fax, your company can cut calling costs associated with sending faxes. You will need to contact Sales for a quote to qualify this solution and also purchase per incident support from Microsoft to support us with this qualification. Clustering and Composer Thread Awareness In a typical configuration, you use the local composer on the primary server and the remote composer on the failover server. For more information on the XeroxScan connector, contact Sales and licensing on page 4. Click Next and begin updating the Windows components. Billing component The Billing component extracts billing information, including billing codes, from an outbound document or fax and saves this information in a table.

This requires a new Notes user.

This procedure configures one Exchange connector for failover. After you have installed the client, you must configure the client for the user Omtool connector. The server appears in the console tree under Omtool Server Administrator. folddr


Installation guide for AccuRoute v2.0.1 and Genifax v3.3.1

Installing Remote Modem Server The setup shows the follder options. Inbound document must include routing sheet generated with the AccuRoute Client Supported with: To create the telco share on the database server: Notes integration In the Password text box, enter the password associated with your Notes administrator account.

Distribution outside the classroom requires express written permission. For instructions on how to create the Omtool service account, see Creating Omtool service account Windows user account that belongs to the local Administrators group.

Configuring lookup methods The AccuRoute server utilizes the lookup configurations in the Exchange connector properties to retrieve information about users. The sender of this message might be “FaxServer” or another name you identified as the originator of notification messages.

Confirmations to the sender When you configure the XeroxScan connector properties to send delivery confirmation messages to the sender of a document, the XeroxScan connector obtains the e-mail address of the sender from the fodler of four sources: Whether your AccuRoute or Genifax server utilizes one composer or multiple composers, a composer can reside on the database server in a cluster.

Exchange integration Exchange 5.

Release Notes for AccuRoute v – PDF

When you installed the server software, the installation program created some default routing rules for you, such as the rule that routes all documents and faxes with a printer destination to the Printer connector.

Use the appropriate procedure based on the version of the Exchange server: B 5 Complete the Certificate Request form using the instructions below: Note the telephone numbers associated with each channel. To complete the Windows New Hardware wizard on Windows Large Job Composer Large job composers are configured primarily for scanning large documents that can be resource intensive. Permission to use the documentation is granted, provided that this copyright notice appears in all copies, use of the documentation is for informational and non-commercial or personal use only and will not be copied or posted on any network computer or broadcast in any media, and no modifications to the documentation are made.


Shut down the primary server.

AccuRoute and Genifax server installation and integration guide

The server detects the embedded directive, and processes the outbound message according to the instructions associated with the embedded directive. To publish the forms: Our sales team will get in touch back with you.

The embedded directive, a data string, appears on the routing sheet and gets stored on the server. Sage, Sage logos, and Sage product and service names mentioned herein. Note This procedure must be completed before the AccuRoute server is installed. The connector queries your foolder server based on DID extensions or DTMF tones that the receiving channel captures during the transmission of an inbound fax.

Default outbound Routing Rules A number of outbound routing rules are created by default with a fresh installation of AccuRoute server v2. Moreover, when the property value is set to -1, floder blank page dropout is set to remove all blank pages and not just first or last pages. Open a Windows command prompt. It is also possible to enforce policies that would cause messages with certain types of files or templates to fail.

Its robust server-client architecture supports distributed workloads, versatile throughput and unmatched document distribution capabilities using numerous delivery systems and methods. Wattch AccuRoute Web Client is not cluster aware. You can create new cleanup combinations using the base options available.

Deployment Guide – Outlook Add-In www. If the fax is declined, the server stops preparing the fax for delivery.