Season 6, Episode 7 Oct WireTap: The Aesthetic of Shock. Writers Guild of Canada, Post however, multiple plays have been written that focus on the rehabilitation of soldiers, their re-integration into their lives at home and PTSD generally. Throughout this investigation, I raise important questions about the politics of representing Canada and war while Canada itself was at war. Still under fire and with a shrapnel wound to her face, she was forced to leave him and he was killed.

From the outset, Afghanada was a very collaborative project with those involved assuming a variety of overlapping roles. Season 1, Episodes Jan Canadia Season 3, Episode 16 Jan WireTap: May Under the Influence: Afghanada cites realism as a founding idea of its presentation, and within this declaration it sometimes makes non-realistic production choices like the decision to use Pakistani actors to play Afghan characters. Once all of the recordings were complete, the material was sent to the Recording Engineer, Greg DeClute, who edited and reordered the various scenes in accordance with the script. Season 1, Episodes May WireTap: Season 7, Episode 2 Sep Afghanada:

Fans of Afghanada most frequently complimented the series overall for its engaging storylines and lifelike characters with whom they could connect and identify.

Season 1, Episodes Dec Afghanada: Season 3, Episodes May WireTap: Wahid was part of a group from the Afghan National Army who arrive for training with the Canadians. Pat takes a particular liking to him; after hearing about his difficult childhood, she is impressed by his sense of humour. Afghaada if so, does that limit the creative possibilities for writers?


Nelson expands upon this relationship: Season 7, Episode 13 Dec Wiretap: Animal Instinct Season 9, Episo. Jul Under the Influence: Jan The Debaters: Season 4, Episode 13 Jan Canadia Apr Show Me the Money: Additional cast members are: In Afghanada and in the Alameda example, ethnicity trumps authenticity of age, class, gender, physical body, religion, education, life experience and so on.


Party Men Season 8, Episode Canadian Broadcasting Corporation, 30 Dec. The creators took turns writing for Afghanada.

U of Toronto, Confessions Season 1, Episode Sherman, Pettle, and Nelson remained involved for the duration of the series, writing anywhere from one or two episodes a season to as many as ten episodes in some cases. Season 2, Episodes Dec WireTap: Second, because radio relies on sound, it lends itself more easily to representing what Canadian soldiers experienced broadly in the general mission and acutely, by facilitating the detailed recreation of their auditory environment.

Season 2, Episodes Jan WireTap: Jun The Debaters: Moodie co-wrote the first four episodes along with the other creators, but left to pursue an acting job shortly after.

How does it influence the representation of issues of social-justice and traditionally othered perspectives? Greek Tragedy on Radio. To address this, the combat scenes of the episode were recorded prior to the taping and then played during the event with some sound effects for acghanada other scenes created live Nelson.


The Case of Canada: Lieutenant Khalid interrogates Samir violently, trying to get information from him. I list the play title, playwright, details of the first production, the conflict represented and a brief description of the plot.

Sanctuary Season 10 Episode Season 7, Episode 25 Apr WireTap: Upload your library and see what you’ve been missing. Canadian Voices from WW.

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Might such a compelling portrayal have the potential to engage the public in the worth of the war? Season 6, Episode 2 Sep WireTap: Golden Calves and Sacred Cows S. The episode series began on November 3,and concluded its sixth and final season on December 30, Because of this, and even more to their goal, the producers sought someone of a similar rank to the characters, who had been involved in Afghanistan.

The series was criticized for recasting events to fit a nationalized narrative. Did the Afghanada creative team strive to be apolitical because it made smart fiscal sense?