And you know how much she believes in all this. You can always borrow money for government contract…. She sasy as per your last wish I am putiin my first foot forward in fulfilling your dream of reaching great heights… Bless me that I am able to keep your honour. She dreams she is dancing with chaya. Precap Manisha tells Krishna to sell her ear rings to get the books. While she is picking it up all of them come….. He is dejected and wonder at his destiny… Just then a phone rings….

He tells her that it was now a challenge for her to become the daughter in law of the household. Krishna says you know very well that Pinky never has good intentions for us…. And walk a little faster because pinto ji must be waiting for you. Love Marriage Ya Arranged Marriage by sony tv 20th I always fought with her regarding her studies and work. He tells her that they should now post the form…. Charu starts cribbing that she does not know cooking watching old movies but will do for mayank Angry Charu crying that she will learn from her mistakes shayl consoling charu but mayank s angry. BREAK mayank goes to get the doctor as charu covers up.

Babloo tells him that despite my telling you all that it was not necessary you went…. Krishna knocks on the door, ganga without seeing tells them to come in.

Newer Post Older Post Home. She says I’ll be right back…. Afsar Bitiya by zee tv 20th November written Bade Achhe Lagte Hain by sony tv 20th November He says Jijaji I am ready for the contract….


Babloo is furious by now and walks out.

Pinto comes in his room; Krishna has her back towards the door. Rachna walks near and hugs him tight.

Mayank shouts and tells her that she should stop her drama. Pintu asks Ganga to talk to Babloo.

If the train leave the platform it will be difficult to catch…. Saath Nibhana Saathiya by star plus 20th November TTS goes on and asks — Did not Krishna go aufust you to the pandit?

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We do not host any of the videos. Dihati asks writtem to go ahead. BREAK mayank goes to get the doctor as charu covers up. Saraswati says,” After a long time O Lord, our lives are getting better…. They want to raise voice against them in a big number. Ganga tries yet again to console the two.

tvshows: Sapne Suhane Ladakpan Ke 4th September Written Update

Manisha tells him they have no curd and can’t help him. Newer Post Older Post Home. Krishna asks her to go and study… She thanks Pinky…. Ravi gets tempter but wants to ask Krishna before he decides finally…. He asks Pintu — Did you go to the pandit with my horoscope? Pinky is really happy and tells arsar mom — Poor Ravi he is signing afsaf own arrest warrant with his own hands…. Pinto is hurt and Babloo walks away and Pinto runs after him calling him “Bhaiyya” he holds his hand and Babloo tells him to leave him and says don’t call me Bhaiyya Woah, that was not expected by me from BablooPinto folds his hands in front of Babloo and says “Your misunderstanding me” Babloo looks away, Pinto continues “Me and Krishna love you and Sonu a lot and 202 don’t want you both to be in any problem, Pinky is Pintu tells Krishna now they should go and post the letter.


Zee Tv Serials Written Episodes Updates Blog: Afsar Bitiya 10th October Written Update

Hitler Didi by zee tv 20th November written u She says Pinky has given Ravi this big contract to Ravi so we came to congratulate you all…. I feel your pain Pinto and Krishna, I feel you. Nirmal is happy and asks him to fill the form…. Newer Post Older Post Home.

Nirmal sighs… This is the limit…Krishna is your younger sister not elder…. Krishna tells him to stop. Prishna look at each other. Krishna is all teary eyes and remembers what just gaga said to her.