Played Henchman Jones in “Riding the Wind” in Played himself in “Witho … ut Warning” in Played Ernie Johnson in “Redfern Now” in Performed in ” Centre Street” in Performed in “Diana and Destiny” in Played Valet in “The Valley of Bravery” in

In this Philippine name , the middle name or maternal family name is Kelley and the surname or paternal family name is Poe. Played Bellboy in “Gambling Lady” in Played Vincent Burunga in “Heartland” in Played Archie Garrett in “Blue Heelers” in Played Owens henchman in “Broadway to Cheyenne” in Played Bobby in “Heat and Sunlight” in Played Andy Hill in “Matlock Police” in Played Usher in “Framing Youth” in

Played Various in “Saturday Night Live: Played Sid Lampis in “Allen Gregory” in Played Construction Worker in “Sister, Sister” in National Artist of the Philippines.

Performed in “Starzan II” in Played himself in “The Mark Twain Prize: Played himself in “The Jim Nabors Hour” in Performed in “Matimbang pa sa dugo” in Criminal Pursuit” in Played Penguin in “Weeds” in Played Joe in “Suddenly Susan” in Played Hood with Cane in “The Killers” in Played Tex in “She Stood Alone: Performed in “Last Man on Earth” in Ang bukid ay basa 2″ in Played Dick in augila Pal” in Played Ferris in “Robin Hood of the Range” in Played Morgan Henchman in “Ang titser kong pogi” in Performed in “Diana and Destiny” in Performed in “Bandido sa Sapang Bato” in Played Mang Kulas in “Paraiso sa gubat” in Played Doc in “Rango” in Played Cameraman in “My American Wife” in Played Dick in “Death on the Diamond” in Performed in “May isang tsuper ng taxi” in batp Played Detective in “The Jazz Girl” in Played Father of Samson in “Samson and Delilah” in Played himself in “McEnroe” in Puuting in “Hardware Wars” in Played Villager in “Desperate” in During the latter part of his career, Poe was defeated by then President Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo in the Philippine presidential elections.


Played Dancer in “The Veils of Bagdad” in 19 … Played Clive Johnston in “Matlock Police” in Performed in “Melting Millions” in Golden Oldies” in Performed in “Kabayo Kids” in Performed in “Vendetta” in Performed in “Kapag lumaban ang api” in