In the meantime, Himika uses her newly acquired powers to also absorb the sorrow of the Earth as a power-up. Leave a Reply Cancel reply Enter your comment here Episode lists [ edit ] Most of the episodes consist of two stories, one for Aimi and Kaoruko Love Pheromone and one for the Hokke sisters Gedou Otome Tai , although occasionally they meet and interact with each other. Have you seen this? Yuusuke Morikawa as Manga-ka 1 ep Hiroaki Takaoka Yasuaki Yamaguchi. But before they can prepare for their attack, the Gedou Otome-tai and Akumako, who managed to sneak into the underground lair from the back, request that they join in so they can save Utano. But some series, however, have a set number and end after the one season.

Clearly a translation error. You can contribute information to this page, but first you must login or register. Patience and a faster computer. Operation Voice Actors Debut! Motoki Ueda as Anime Producer ep Add to My List. Although seeing the car fly before it crashes head-first into the street below is pretty sweet. The characters were fun too.

The next morning, Kaoruko in her Love Pheromone getupAnne Ant, and Sekiman, who is riding a helicopter bicycle powered by rockets…. They stop by a dance club and ask hkur various staff i. As expected, it works. The Hokke sisters reuniting with Utano. Like the recent Banana Fish anime, it takes characters from an ‘ However, Jadakings rises up from unconsciousness, horror movie villain-style, and attacks Mera, only for Kai to step in and hold Jadakings off.


The fates of numerous characters are left unspoken. Meanwhile, the Gedou Otome-tai got attacked by a land mine and fell in the water to drown… except for Utano, who got kidnapped by the Army Ants.

That includes GigAnt and Princess Anne Ant, who are trying to make a buck or two selling watagashi Japanese cotton candy to the people passing by.

Jadakings falls off the roof to his death by impalement on a streetpost, and takes Mera along with him after letting go of his throat. But instead of the usual, he ends up finding the daughter.

Kim Morrissy has our review straight from Japan. Here, take a look at this sweet Honda. Theron Martin weighs the pros and cons of this bittersweet romance title on blu-ray.

Nevertheless, he tells Sunmi to run away so he and Mera can handle Jadakings themselves. Kai and Mera are still chasing him on the highway, catching up to him with every passing moment. Having had enough of her remaining comrades in the Anti-Amanto Party dying and wasting their last moments on getting to second base with her, Kaoruko decides to take gevou measures and go to the outskirts of Tokyo to meet up with a couple allies she managed to pick up along the way.

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At least, in the middle. Everything else, I accepted and enjoyed, all the way down to the final fight scene. Hitomi Mieno 133 Hitomi Nyaeno ep 3. Hideo Nishimoto as Hideo Nishimoto-sensei ep There were lots of awesome characters, lots of awesome parts, and lots of awesome music. The following scene in 9Front is one that can be classified in either the suspense or the filler category.


But as it turns out, he ends up going inside a Shibuyan department store known as 9Front. The action was actually pretty awesome, and the serious plot stuff while disconnected from the upcoming actual plot was pretty sweet too. The only problem was that its pacing was pretty jumpy. Complaining about your clothing and worrying about how it looks, a badass pirate does not make.

Atsuko Enomoto as Otone Hokke. Haruyasu Goto as Goto Reporter ep Tomoyuki Shimura as Producer ep 8.

Akahori Gedou Hour Rabuge

Shinji Kawada as Campbell Robot ep 5. Once they do finally catch up to Skunk, Kai decides to make things a little crazy and lightly rear-end him just to piss him off even more. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. Remember that wall in the crack in the moon that Himika and her minions dwelled into? Operation Rain Rain Fall Fall!