Meanwhile, Madison takes Zoe to the frat party. View all posts by Nadim Safieddine. When LaLaurie drinks it, she falls on the floor, seemingly dead. But the really extraordinary addition this year is the casting of Kathy Bates as the notorious serial killer Delphine LaLaurie. Judging by the preview I’m posting below there is a lot to come this season. Unfortunately, she only gets a few moments of screen-time. It turns out several months ago a girl named Misty Day Lily Rabe was caught binging things to life which ended up with her being burnt alive by the locals.

Cordelia also mentions that each generation of witches has one witch that has many gifts, not just one. She makes the show. Each of the girls in the school has different powers – Madison’s Emma Roberts is telekinesis, Nan’s Jaime Bewer clairvoyance and Queenie Gabourey Sidibe is a human voodoo doll – she remains unhurt when she stabs her hand with a fork but it wounds Madison instead. Exactly, she is just a lousy actress, I wish they chose someone else. So excited and I liked how little the first episode revealed.. Zoe finds Madison and covers her in blanket telling her these guys won’t get away with it. In an awesome homage to Hunger we meet her character Fiona, as she talks to a scientist who is working on finding a cure for aging. I really loved Farmiga in that scene – she was so sweet and caring.

She only got this part because of her boyfriend.

The season was still great but it could have been much better if it was more focused. I sefialmente this season picks up, as a premier episode it was hit and miss.


Newer Post Older Post Home. Bates is already killing with that performance – she was so effortless and hilarious too – upon seeing the disgusting state the slaves are in she simply remarked they will have fly problem there now.

Fiona’s face appears younger but only for few seconds and when it turns back to the normal state she smashes the mirror. Then the headmistress Cordelia Sarah Paulson appears and gives Zoe short lecture about the history of their kind. I think her chemistry with Peters really sparkles.

October setialmente, at 9: When she gets to the school it turns out that Cordelia is her daughter.

American Horror Story 3×01 – Bitchcraft

Canyu October 11, at I was kinda shocked that the grossest thing in the premiere happened in the first 3 minutes – we got to see some of the slaves, one of whom had his skin peeled off and it was just left like that. In modern times, a teenager named Zoe Taissa Farmiga is fooling around with her boyfriend. Perhaps my talent is in the boudoir, Mother Dear.

Facebook Twitter WhatsApp Email. It’s clear one of her daughters defies her and later on it is reveled she was caught flirting with a black man. Fiona and the girls follow and take the guided tour around the house.

‘American Horror Story’ Finally Perfects Its Twisted Brand of Feminism in ‘Coven’

It turns out several months ago a girl named Misty Day Lily Rabe was caught binging things to life which ended up with her being burnt alive by the locals.

The only thing it lacks is Zachary Quinto, I wanted him so much in this americsn. She is sent to the elite school in New Orleans and delightfully kooky character played by Frances Conroy and few serialkente take her there on the train. And Bates is just brilliant, simply the best.


Same here – there is something to look forward to on Wednesday’s evenings now: Yeah, Quinto would be fun he brought so much energy to the past two seasons! And much like serialmnte season, her supporting cast is stellar across the board.

She and Peters have a lot of on-screen chemistry as well. Amedican, your blog cannot share posts by email. Nika October 11, at 9: These witches are dark, brutal, and compelling in every way.

‘American Horror Story’ Finally Perfects Its Twisted Brand of Feminism in ‘Coven’ – Flavorwire

She makes the show. Farmiga is better than Roberts, but since I am a male I can’t dislike R. It is filled with slaves whom she has been torturing.

It’s clear that there is a lot of tension and resentment between Fiona and Cordelia. Fiona notices it and Nan tells her that the lady of the sstory is right there. October 14, at Share Your Thoughts Cancel reply.

Something kept her alive for all those years and Fiona clearly wants to know what it was. The link between powers amerixan sex is a fairly well established stereotype. She did, she only showed up for a moment in the premiere but she has much more to do this season: