One of the most interesting and intelligent aspects of this movie is the involvement of the viewer as a jury member in the proceedings. Faster than instant noodles. Still not buying it, Oggs. If theatricality was his intent and if he shot the film within those parameters, then the man has discipline and craft. Pearls from the Cinematic Garden. Why can’t the veterans compete with the new directors?

They were adaptations, and required the cinematic touches, as you would put it, to differentiate it from the sources. Pre- – This space has turned into a before-and-after record of my film projects. Film Blogs From Elsewhere. Whether or not anyone is a fan of Mario O’Hara, and in all honesty, I admire the artist but I am not at that level of blindly loving every thing he has done, is beside the point. Two of them are foreigners who don’t have anything to do with Philippine cinema, thus may have more objectivity to them, seeing Philpppine cinema from afar. From then on, it becomes a war of Filipinos versus Filipinos and culminates with the Bonifacio brothers being put on trial and in danger of being sentenced to death. Whether or not O’Hara deserves anything from the jury is beyond us. The war council decides to order the execution of the Bonifacio brothers on a mountain.

Who can forget his outburst on his tweets several days ago, now removed. If that is the case, then why is there so much hoopla regarding the films of Cathy Garcia-Molina and Star Cinema who thrive in angg instinctual emotional connections, whether manufactured or not? The film avoids portraying Emilio Aguinaldo as the bad guy and Bonifacio as the victim, and vice versa. So will the Oscars still rock you?


Now I’m not against experimentation. When I watch films, whether art house, avant garde or commercial, I only have these questions in mind: Do we laud it for being the orange in a box of apples? As you’ve mentioned, you think there are problems with the script and the performances. One thing is certain, the movie is excellently written and cleverly told. Green Lantern Martin Campbell, I could never be that respectful to a troll; my sense of sarcasm always acts up.

And it did so on purpose. Viewers will hear the accounts of all the witnesses in the trial, with nothing added and deleted, as stated in the disclaimer in the opening credits. The film begins with a moro-moro production which is also called by the more politically correct term komedya.

See my introduction post at U It broke the illusion that our national bonifacjo are part of one big happy Justice League.

‎The Trial of Andres Bonifacio () directed by Mario O’Hara • Film + cast • Letterboxd

That being said, I think ‘Sigwa’ owns all these films. That could work, right? Paglilitis’ snub incites me to write about it, champion it, because some wouldn’t. Faster than instant noodles. The Search For Weng Weng. The war council decides to order the execution of the Bonifacio brothers on a mountain. The internal division stems from the election of Gen.

And O’Hara did not settle at filming a play, since he would segue staged sequences with more “cinematic” sequences although still clearly “theatrical” if you mean enunciated acting, the narrator popping in and out, etc.


Moro-moro lang ang lahat. However, for sheer audacity, this film deserves to be seen and to be talked about, like what we’re doing. As with everything, they’re all opinions, and as you’ve said, outside the realm of objectivity. Are the instinctual pleasures of cinema truly paramount to assess a film’s virtues? Cheers to O’Hara for that.

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Audiences in the Philippines might never connect with the works of Lav Diaz’s works or John Torres’ works, simply because the styles used immediately become hindrances, but for the French, who were fed with Bonifacko maybe not present-day Godard and other directors who we may brandish as directors of films of intent, there is an instinctual effect to think before being pleasured.

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I could form a band, compose a concept album with songs that tell a complete narrative, perform the entire album live, record that performance, edit it “artfully” and screen it to audiences bonigacio NOT call it a concert movie nor a series of music videos but instead a valid piece of cinema.

Been a Long Time – Five years later, a new post! Why can’t the veterans compete with the new directors? They both failed to connect with the viewers, and connection is very important for the lead characters.

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