Nice improvement karen68 Thanks! It gave me One strategy for Piglantis level is to loft the first White bird all the way to bomb the far-right pig. One observation I had is that sometimes ofttimes, actually using a second bird in the left side maximizes points. I came across this stragedy this morning, and fine tuned it…. I never would have thought the egg would float and destroy anything. This method is just great.

By pushing to the right before the Seal does her thing, more debris may fall into the water for more points. Following egg explosion, 2 bird drops bomb close to biggest piller on its right side. This strat is soooo fun: And thanks to all for your strat-posts and videos! We are the go to place for walkthroughs, news, and much more. Thanks again, e-star for your video-strats. The goal with 2nd chicken is to destroy as much wood as possible before final explosion, otherwise you end up with floating wooden debris and fewer points. This was the method I was using when I first encountered this level.

Have gotten close several more times to that one shot clear, but it looked like the score s were going to be lower than my current high. It helps if you get the TNT to explode.

Then, I became obsessed after reading other scores.

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Piglantis Level 1-9

That K on the leader boards is going to be tough to catch! Through white bird piglanhis, dropping egg in the water and rebounding off the stone on top of the first pillar.


So maybe try flinging a second kathy. Ditto, been trying the same for one birder. I send the second bird as a floated bird to the leftmost stone triangle, just like AMslimfordy described it, most of the remaining structure fell — highscore: Disregard the TNT; it will blow up most of the time anyway. Be sure to knock over the column, too, to clear a path for the second shot. The chickens will often ricochet straight up into space for a time, or to the right, then suddenly come out of nowhere and bomb some of the remaining stuff, like the treasure chest, or the TNT, when you least expect it.

She is quite versatile!

Nice improvement karen68 Thanks! Stuck at it for about 10 minutes, and ended up with a Gained and extra ewgle, with this strat. Then take the 2nd shot before the floating egg does its thing, get the egg a bit closer to the left structure if you can.

Finally 3-starred this level. But when you aim carefully, the chicken hits the leftmost column, making it kill the pig, break the wood and have everything left from the second column fall bircs the water.

If needed, clean up with one more White bird.

Angry Birds Mighty Eagle Walkthrough Piglantis Level | AngryBirdsNest

I was releasing the egg to close the structure. Obviously, you are a good player, it wold be great having your scores included. This works better for me than using the second bird in a bloated shot to the triangle that often leaves the middle pig alive. This pushes everything left and detonates TNT. Then aim to either push remaining structure rightward without laying an egg or bomb remaining debris seawons an egg for more points.


The tnt exploded and everything fell to the right, but not enough points.

Angry Birds Seasons Piglantis Level 1-9

Thought this level would be more straightforward, especially with that cool floating egg idea, but took forever to get above average. He only goes deep enough on the initial belly flop.

I almost had a one birder using it. The key to this great score was that I only needed 2 shots.

The video below yields 10, points more than above, and there is certainly room for anyry as well! Now just wait until the egg arrives at the sand blocks and clears away the rest of the pigs and blocks. I just must say its very gracious of FujiToast and amslimfordy to posts a members strat videos: I came across this stragedy this morning, imghty fine tuned it….

Ty for such an innovative strategy.

My ezgle needs improving but that really helped. Tried the video way for a zillion times with no success. But nonetheless, the scores are poorly distributed for the amount of damage done, and this episode just plain stinks.