July 19, at 3: The leader Keith Jackson brought gifts of chocolate and gum as his father did in the post-war period which infuriates Togashi but the instructors love it. A few specialties are known of outside the school, as evident when Hidemaro knew of the Oil Bath before enrolling. Sorry, your blog cannot share posts by email. As tensions between the Japanese and American students rise, Principal Edajima sets up a Picaresque Boxing Match using spiked iron gloves, stating that true friendship is born in battle. Their joyous moment is interrupted when they are called out by the third years.

All the student players begin to collapse from the poison except Morita who did not drink it. He fights as a supporter for the first time in the Tenchou Gorin Dai Bukai finals. Its a pretty manly show: At first his taijutsu overwhelms J, but J ends the match in a draw with one of his Mach Punches. Momotaro is the last line of defence at the goal line. Otokojuku he is the commander in chief of the navy.

After humiliating the elisode acting head Edogawa and some First Year students, he engages in a sword fight to the death with Momotaro. He is also a master of poisonous weapon use and conceals needles in his mask.

July 16, at 9: Otokojuku series Lists of anime and manga characters. They then take on Momotaro and the other main first years in the Kyoura Daiyon Kyousatsu.

Anime Theater #28 – Sakigake!! Otokojuku (Part 1)

They proclaim to be trained at a pro level and refer to the Otokojuku students as “boys”, but they are all defeated by J alone. He was able to see through Gekkou’s blindness. The main character and the strongest of the 1st Years, later the Otokojuku Representative.

Views Read Edit View history. The group’s leader Gokukoji Genzo, sends his son, Hidemaro to seek vengeance on the school and Momotaro. He conspires to take over Otokojuku and sets Learn more More Like This. Meanwhile the Third Years look into Togashi’s past and find that he wants revenge for the death of his brother. He is very serious and loyal but has occasioanly shown a comical side. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia.


When Edogawa cries for help Momotaro beats him savagely, accusing the gorilla of impersonating Edogawa. The headmaster Heihachi Edajima gathers delinquents from all over Japan and trains them to become the leaders of the next generation.

The strongest of the Otokojuku 2nd Years. At the top, they face Manjimaru and Henshouki. Despite his overwhelming fighting power, Edajima suffers a defeat before a capture gun strong enough to take down an elephant. Michihiro Ikemizu who was killed years ago in the same battleground where Togashi fights Senkuu. Otokojuku it is revealed that the Gogakuren Sanmenken are actually the nd Sanmenken, and the Sanmenken have existed for years, each generation chosen by phrenologyeach with the same names, faces, fighting styles, and destinies as their predecessors.

In the final scene he rides off into the sunset on his tank.

Sakigake!! Otokojuku

He is a master of Chakukeryuu Kenpo and also possesses episoode tough will and physical strength. In the anime he wears an eyepatch. Learn how your comment data is processed. After the series ends he is confirmed to have lived. The Legend of Heihachi Edajima. July 18, at 2: George but is easily beaten up. Momo, Tomo no Namida o Seotte Hashire!! July 14, at 7: From his first appearance to the Paren Seiha he had puffy eyelids and the face of a sarcastic senpai character and used cowardly tactics, but in the Tenchou Gorin his face was more slender and attractive.

Togashi can finally eipsode his brother after learning of his fate, and avenging his death. Togashi goes to leave, but the old lady leads him to believe she has a fortune saved. Principal Edajima arrives at the temple where he reveals that he’s the legendary fighter who survived the Four Great Trials of Terror 40 years ago.


In the Tenchou Gorin Finals League he suddenly changes his fighting style to tricky tactics. To get to him the must pass the Corridor of the Deity, filled with booby traps.

Sakigake!! Otokojuku (Charge!! Men’s Private School) –

They meet Upperclassman Akashi who congratulates Momotaro on his success in the Great Trembling Conquest of the Unified Eight contest and says his time at Otokojuku will refine his manhood. The leader of the Otokojuku Shock Corps and a close friend of Momo since the beginning of class. His bad premonitions often come true. To get his hands on the money, Togashi buys food and cooks for her, and visits her every afternoon after school.

June 4, at 6: This site uses Akismet to reduce spam. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat The instructors are concerned at the Second Year’s cowardice. The Legend of Edajima Heihachi. Replaced the episode links with v2s.

A vulgar young man who wears his previous school’s hat, getaand overcoat. Refine Your Manhood with Courage and Guts! Togashi eventually manages ktokojuku defeat Gekkou, but they are both crushed by falling ice. As of Augustthey have released the first 3 volumes.