Harem is a huge genre. What are some good anime focusing on the concept of harem? Merge this question into. Try it on a weekend or something. Requim Of The Abyss Save. I suggest going on wikipedia itself, and searching under a categoryof anime: However, I know nothing about what kind of anime youare into you may not like them.

What are some good anime forums? What are some good animes to watch? Most of the following songs are rock, but some are punk or alternative. Ouran high school host club: What are some good clean animes? Merge this question into. La Corda D’ … Oro. Cheese Starry sky pretear.

What are some good anime forums?

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Yudhishthira had also organised his soldiers in such a way that they should be able to strike the enemy in a far more Thnx for all the Mahabharat episodes, Akhil. Would you like to merge this question into it? Indradev asks Karna to donate his Kavach and Kundal to him, or not participate in the war.

Episide Mahabharat Bangla episode Arjun gets back his Gandiv only on hotstar the onestop destination for your favourite Star Jalsha shows Mahabharata: There are many different genres of anime, as many as there arefor movies – scifi, fantasy, romance, comedy, etc.


What are some good reverse harem animes? Hwat are some good clean jokes? What is some good animal anime? Cheese Starry sky pretear.

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Would you like to make it the primary and merge this question into it? Your unique way of using batch file programming is truly a remarkable way to save time and memory space. What is some good animal anime? What are some good animes to watch? Share them privately if needed. What are some good romantic comedy and or reverse harem animes 4 girls like Ouran High School Host Club and fruits basket? She learns their family secret that when hugged by a member of the opposite sex they … transform into one of the 12 animes of the zodiac and the 13th left out of the zodiac cat.

Also I loved all the games Hitman, MW etc u uploaded in piratebay under alias Averanted maybe the wrong person bcoz I am not sure in the same way. Hence why pretty much any anime could be considered in the Harem genre. The first 2 are more slice of life. Can anyone list the harem anime series?

Most of the following songs are rock, but some are punk or alternative. You can also put a sticky note on the bottom eyeshifld a computer mouse, so it won’t work.

Only otakus can help me with these questions…?

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What are some good reverse harem-romance or romance animes? Choose a video to epsiode. We don’t know you, so we don’tknow what your preferences are. Good Reverse Harem Animes: Wolf’s Rain is really goodas is Princess Mononoke. Harem anime has got quite a large range of anime titles that could be catagorised into it’s sub-divisions.

Zero Count Hope this helps. You can watch anime on: I’d like to add to that list as well. What animal never gets wet when it rains? Ouran High School Host Club. Some good clean pranks are setting the clock back hours.