Eric Tsang Shares Memory 2. Thank you so much for sharing with us, Woodstock. She passed away at a very young age of 40 due to cervical cancer. Near the end of the concert, the superstars and the audience tried hard to hold in their tears, it was a touching moment. Login or Register before you can reply to Michelle. At the real concert, I know lots of HK audience especially those sitting at the back talked quite loud. Because they had to borrow the Commercial Radio Award stage, the design would not be too complicated and its main colors will be black, white and red. Aaron performance was awesome and cool.

Thank you so much for sharing with us, Woodstock. Mui is at a peaceful, loving and no conflict world. The commemorate concert is like a surprise party for her. Some people said her voice was not good during the last concert but I guess those people coudn’t feel the depth of the feeling in her voice. If this concert sells good, I think CA will release the old concerts following this one. Leslie is the same type as her, a great artist, a perfectionist , that is why they can be such truely good friends for so long.

Hey guys don’t be envious, you will have your day too I pre-order the VCD at usyesasia. Viewers were dressed in black or white out of respect for Ah Mui as asked. Affectionately known as Gor Gor, which means older brother in Cantonese, Leslie Cheung was considered one of the founding fathers of Cantopop whom also combines a hugely successful aita and music career.

Yep, I just don’t understand why people like to complain and complain, and really wonder if they are Mui’s true fans. Woodstock you are truly right about the concert Yes, we need to thank Mui Jei.

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Although both suffered in their own ways towards the end of their lives, they pursued their passions and left behind rich bodies of music and film knline. This site uses cookies. Login or Register before you 10hh reply to Ling. Thank you to the organizers and all the artists who participated — whether on stage or behind-the-scenes — for giving us such a great tribute to Anita and helping to keep her memory alive!


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Several functions may not work. OK, here is the link She will be proud to see the achievement for her disciples she mentored esp Grasshopper, they are the best of the bunch. Coincidentally, was also the year I started out this blog. It is sad and I always ask myself, why such a beautiful, caring, loving and generous individual passed away in her prime years.

Taking place tomorrow night at the Convention Center, Anita Mui 10 Memorial Concert will feature Mui Yim Fong’s superstar friends sharing their experiences with her and performing her classic songs.

To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: However the younger generation performed decently, which was somewhat comforting. The world remembers anita mui Started by dDec 30 It depicted her life story.

That will make the games cost-effective, sustainable and not burdening to the city in post-games era. AF needs funding again. Last night, many superstars gathered to remember their late friend in Anita’s commemorate concert. Hok Yau said that the organization has been stressful, more difficult than his own performance.

During my new comer era I was lucky to have Sister Mui’s help. It is too pity that she died at such a young age.

There should be no worry for the sales volume, as there would be great demand of her concert in whatever form. Besides singing, she annivfrsary also starred in over 40 films in 20 years wafch her acting career. This really makes me feel so sick of those people.

He said, “I alone suffer the consequences of my own show, so I can do as I wish. I called up my friends living in Hongkong who are busy and have no time to shop around and told them I’ll helped them nui the VCD of Anita Very funny ha? Over the 8 nights there were so many guests with duets, etc, that I am not sure if those performances alone would be almost 2 hours.


I’m so glad that you finally got the chance to watch the VCD of this concert, and most of all you like it. He even raised his head and asked Haven, “Ah Mui, are you ready? Very touching and a great effort. Please re-enable javascript to access full functionality.

Hok Yau said that they would not organize a concert every year, and Chi Wai said that he felt the performance recalled everyone to seriously think of Ah Mui again and gave her the respect that she deserved. So I guess CA, in their turn, anitz time to negotiate for copyrights. So since there is a memorial concert now, and the mother even participated so to speak, I suppose all is ok? When I was watching the concert, I felt quite sad and I was full of memory of that night of the concert,and could not believe that Mui has already gone for nearly 5 months.

Besides that, the cost of organizing huge-scaled games like this is escalating year by year. In this world, most of us go through birth, old age, sickness, death and suffering but the world Mui is in is where happiness lies.

In the 1st disc, when she was performing the quick songs with dancing steps, my heart ached with great pain, because as we know now, she was deadly sick, actually every movement might endanger her life. I think for at least five years already. ML, just like those who have watched in the Chinese Concer I was crying too Life consists of countless sorrow, joy, separations and unions.