Eun-oh paces in the yard, griping that Arang is taking so long to return, when an arrow comes flying past his head, into a post. Then Eun Ho would somehow figure she was still alive inside the coffin and dig her out and they’d live happily ever after! If you asked me yesterday I wouldn’t want them to be reincarnated but after what happen today after Eun Oh discover the truth behind Arang’s death and she at the first place never be reborn to go to heaven then there is no other option than both of them or Arang herself go to the hell after she killed herself by protecting Joo Wal then reincarnation is the best possible ending. Buddhism brought to the table reincarnation. More kissing and squee moments! Not even the little Big Bad guy’s murdering minion.

She rants in frustration while Eun-oh stares at her, wearing a smile on his face that seems reassuring. Joo-wal paces in the yard thinking about Arang and Eun-oh, and then ducks behind a wall when he sees Evil Junior come out. One that pleases the seasoned story lover and the characters that dwell in it as well as abiding to the laws of the story’s universe. Thanks for the recap, I still have some Arang catching up to do since I’ve been marathoning Answer Me and going through Gaksital withdrawal. For these characters though, to live like such would proabbly just be endlessly bone-breaking boring.. Thank you, Marang Team! What is the Jade Emperor doing there?

But when the fairy found him useful she decided to keep him around? I love this drama very much. I’m fangirling the Jade Emperor — in a pure motherly way, of course. Emotional payoff is one thing but what exactly is an “intelligent ending”?

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes

Some versions of Northern Buddhism has more gods in it. Sinopsis Goddess of Fire Jung Yi episode 8 part 2. Mia we are adult enough, yes Hope it’s ok to express my gratitude at another blogsite. All in all, the drama showed that it had its story and world well plotted in advance, which is a pretty effective argument against the live-shoot in my book.


Can you really not mgistrate So young and making her try to nag was just the cutest thing. Taoism is thought to come earlier than that, but later than Buddhism, which blended a lot in Korea. Kiara September 20, at 7: Still dealing with magistrafe withdraw. When Joowal threw her over the cliff, she was already a former ghost and could not die so that is why she didn’t die that time. Dominique is the most pathetic kind of troll. Such a pretty fairy! I think JE wise enough.

Must work hard on my Korean skills. I LOVE you subbers to pieces! She rants in frustration while Eun-oh stares at her, wearing a smile on his face that seems reassuring. Noemi September 19, at 8: Donna October 24, at 4: It’s a wonderful gift by the gods to mortals who helped them big time, considering all sinoosis of your past life is to be erased. I mean as a Goat in Heaven Well, the possibility of reincarnation was always there in this drama, as reincarnation seems to be one of the basic premises of the world that they built for the drama.

I am also not sure I like how they created a happy ending for almost every character goat, grim reaper, Dol-swe as magistrate, Bang-wool as mom of re-incarnated Eun-oh In fact, his commendable acting in Boys Over Flower msgistrate what made that drama watchable.

Was that a different woman entirely? Thanks, Manager ck1Oz for your work!!!

Kiara October 19, at 6: Arang reawakens outside, in front of a gaping black vortex. I think he is very good in TBDW too. Sounds to me like you only have negative things to say whenever you leave comments here. Well, time didn’t really matter coz subbers have their lives too outside the internet. magisgrate

Sinopsis ‘Arang and the Magistrate’ All Episodes – Korean Drama Sinopsis Indonesia

Maybe she was cast down from heaven for rebellion. Fair enough to reward Sato and grant his wish. Mu-young is so awesomely formidable, but Eun-oh holds his isnopsis, and the force from their blows knock each other back. I was pretty sure that the Jade Emperor healed and gave the power to Eun Oh when he got sick but i was pretty surprised that he actually died and brought back to life. OMG, the way sinnopsis looks can even make statue melted!!! She gasps out his name, though, asking to be put down.


Sionpsis this… what I think it is? The head whipping from mojo infested grandma that finally enlightened shaman-y Bong-Wool. It was just like, oooh, okay. And I’m on board with your Choi-theory, I think it’s a revenge deal – mom gets her revenge on Choi though we don’t exactly know yet in what form and evil-fairy gets some other revenge thanks to mom and the body-sharing-deal though we don’t know yet for what and on whom But was it well developed or executed?

He was going to offer Eun-oh a place in heaven for his sacrifice, but Eun-oh insisted on returning to the living world. It’s quite viable considering that the Reapers are all under Hades – arqng he taught them their maistrate arts moves? I honestly felt contented with the reincarnation done here.

srang Arang stirs awake to find Eun-oh sleeping by her bedside, sitting up. It’s kind of built into the premise, isn’t it? I’ll have to go sit in the corner and think about it for awhile. Agree about the fight. It ended up coming off as kind of cheap.