The longer agan is used for second person reference and as a vocative. This supply of detailed information injects a dramatic tone to the introduction. In lines 20—21, Henny laughingly says she needs to cover her ears. Using second person lu, by contrast, can be interpreted not so much as self-identification, but as an alignment, an empathetic gesture toward an addressee who uses Jakartan pronouns. During the same period the recordings were made, four focus groups were conducted with university students also aged from 18 to 25 years, with equal numbers of male and female participants. Person referring expressions, as discussed above, are particularly rich in the externally indexed, perduring meanings that they can bring to interaction, and also the range of ways these perduring meanings can be deployed to create internally indexed, emergent meanings for speakers. With the closure of the Evening Press, the Independents Evening Herald is now the only Irish national evening newspaper, another sister paper is the Sunday Independent. Dalam film tersebut Alblen berperan sebagai seorang anggota geng motor yang juga seorang pemakai narkoba.

The drama seemed to disappoint viewers and critics alike, as visible in newspaper reports and on online discussion boards shortly after the broadcast. Memasuki tahun , Alblen merambah ke layar lebar. Such ethno-local categories are politically reified by the conceptualisation of Indonesia as a unified whole made up of contrasting ethno-local parts. On 27 September , a fortnight after the paper published its centenary edition and he was replaced by Gerry ORegan, who had until then been editor of the Irish Independents sister paper, the Evening Herald. Not even a little bit! The hybrid form mas bro, often mentioned as contemporary slang in discussions with young people, also makes an occasional appearance, as in

Authority figures regularly decry such behaviour and often focus on youth language practices in their critiques Milroy and Milroy We have seen how gue and lu are used by Malang and Bandung youth as a means of othering people from outside these cities.

Such deference can only be indicated by non-pronominal forms discussed later in the chapter. In this book, we explore language practices of twenty-first century Indonesian youth and demonstrate how the intensely personal ways in which young people engage with each other both reflect and transform the world they live in today. He asserts rather than negotiates intersubjective alignment and thus creates a shift in social status from newcomer to member of the group. That is, our subjectivity only emerges through joint activity with and experience of others Mead One-in-four of the Irish population watched Little White Lie which was aired over a bank holiday weekend.

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Conversation is often considered the most basic arts for language use Schegloff aand it is through conversation that youth sociability is most immediately generated and conveyed. The drama arts to disappoint viewers and critics alike, as visible in newspaper reports and on online discussion boards shortly after the broadcast.


Here Keto is telling other participants about his take on girls, dating, and his strategy for choosing the right girl to marry. The Mirror has had a number of owners and it was founded by Alfred Harmsworth, who sold it to his brother Harold Harmsworth in These forms are commonly used in Jakartan Indonesian and for many people in Jakarta, they are the default personal pronouns of informal everyday interaction.

Thus, studying stance can reveal the processes by which individual performances are indexically associated with social meanings Jaffe Their use is illustrated by example 17 from the Malang data. The Mirror was owned by Robert Maxwell between andthe paper went through a protracted period of crisis after his death before merging with the regional newspaper group Trinity in to form Trinity Mirror. In contrast to the indexicalities of person reference, the key perduring function of the discourse markers discussed here is to provide handling instructions, as it were, for how a particular stretch of discourse is to be treated, and the expected uptake of this discourse by a recipient.

Use of the Jakarta pronouns was described as angkuh haughty and sombong arrogant.

Scott won a bursary to art school, but elected to study drama at Trinity College, Dublin and he once stated to the London Evening Standard magazine that he always had a healthy obsession with acting. For many young people in Indonesia, identifying as a pious Muslim often entails embracing a bricolage of styles including dress, modes of interaction and linguistic markers see Eckert on bricolage; Manns Each contribution to interaction is both a response in that it looks back to the previous utterance and an action in that it looks forward to the response it elicits.

For example, Asian American youth have been noted using the clipped comprehension checks aite from alright and na from do you know what I mean? The form chosen to express reference to self or other always implies some degree of attention to social relations and context of speech. Such identity-based person reference terms are particularly useful for evoking a sense of shared group belonging.

The discussions ranged around topics of youth, youth identity and language perceptions.

Complex patterns emerge in how young speakers of Indonesian use first and second person reference. Belia responds to the questions in line 7 and at this point accommodates Mina within this question—answer adjacency pair by using the Arabic-derived ane. He took Saturday classes at a school for children. This is illustrated in example 1 taken from Du Bois This link to commerce, through Arab traders in arris Indonesian context, is relevant for some Kaskus users who suggest ane and ente as well as the forms agan and gan, discussed below entered Kaskus via the buying and fiilm forums on the site.

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Fakri, originally from Makassar but living in Bandung for five years, is a stranger who sits down near her to work and they start up a conversation. In addition to the many dramatic social changes that have occurred since that time, Indonesians, particularly its middle-class youth, have also gained a sense of freedom to experiment with language.


It was an enormous validation as an alternative to the industry-dominated Meteor Music Awards, the Choice Music Prize is modelled after the Mercury Prize which is awarded each year to the best album from the United Kingdom or Ireland. We develop the idea that exploiting the intersubjective possibilities of language is a particularly important way in which young people achieve intense sociability.

Social categories are built around common stances through social practice Eckert It is a sister of the broadsheet Sunday Independent, since Maythe Irish Independent has been controlled by billionaire Denis OBrien after OBrien acquired a majority shareholding of parent company.

Investigating patterns and variation of language use in these multiple discourse types provides a way of understanding the rich interconnection between macro-level discourse in society and micro-level interactional contexts in which young people are actively engaged with each other. A number of themes are explored throughout the series from relationships, facing tragedy, while the main theme is drama, there are elements of comedy evident, e.

The average audience share wasor Our data are taken from two discussion topics, Ask da Boys and Ask da Girls. Glenroe centred on the lives of the living in the fictional rural village of the same name in County Wicklow. The differential indexicalities of person reference terms also mean that they form a pragmatically salient site for othering, or the enactment of in-group and out-group stereotypes.

But our time working on the book also meant a big chunk of time that we could not be with them.

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At these points in the formation of communicative action and engendered response, we can observe how intersubjective understanding informs interactional practices and in turn is shaped by these practices. These participants all have Sundanese-speaking backgrounds and the conversation takes place in Bandung, a predominantly Sundanese city. In such cases, these terms can still retain certain localised indexicalities associated with place — at least stereotypically and often only fractionally.

We include data from Teenlit and comics to show how youth style is typified through representations that show creative exploitation of linguistic, graphic, and spatial resources. Chapter 5 investigates various rhetorical resources that speakers and writers use to present voice, underscoring the importance of framing in indexing positioning.

Stance has become an important focus in studies of style and stylistic variation Jaffe Standard Indonesian stands in a complex relationship not only with the ethno-local languages of the archipelago, but also with colloquial Indonesian and other varieties of Malay.