The two arc not comparable! Ayoung mancame to himonce in Bombayandsaid, Thatsala brother-in-law,i. When Hazrat mentioned the episode to his shaikh, the latter commended him and said that his action was correct and it was right that a darwesh should do this kind of ijtehad innovation. On 11th September the Quaid died—Inna lillahe wa inna ilaihi rajcun. There was no restriction on Muslims, Hindus, Parsis, Christians and so on. He took his pupils with him and kept them busy in religious practices all the time. When the salik gets absorbed in kaifiaat conditions or states and is not able to advance, that is known as Hijabat-i-Kaifi.

Such ignorant persons give a handle to the opponents who would then say that the Sufis make God out of everything. When one indulges in the affairs of the world, the world is not to be the aim; the aim must be, in all respects, to gain the pleasure of Allah. At first Hafiz Abdul Majid led the prayers. One should be with wudhu and should sit respectfully while reading them. From then on the boy took a turn for the better and regained his sanity in a few days. Hazrat attended the Pakpattan tor and went to Lucknow after attending the Ajmer urs. That became a source of great worry for him mentally and otherwise. From 10th September onward he sctded down there.

When he started on abook he would not take up another book and except for reading the newspaper he would continue with the book till he finished it. Hazratfeltthe influenceatonce buthe hadnot till then attained the power to attack in reply.

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This aspect too had been taken into consideration byHazratand,since thepointhadnotbeenraised a the time of the arbitration, it was not allowed by the court. Sirr between the qalb and rub with green noor. Sir Muhammad Iqbal, a dose friend, died on 21st April He then sought permission to present a pan to Hazrat from his own sachet, preparedit himselfandpresented to him.

He then becomes the vicegerent of Allah and rules the world in that capacity and the reality of all things is known to him. Initially,he was rathershort tempered, but that wasaresult of the perfection, subtlety aard sensitivity of his thoughts which was part of his nature. But, of course, you will only ask about controversial matters which serve no purpose at all. The reason for this quick change of heart was that the Prophet created that state of love within the Companion sl concentrating on his heart internally too.


If hispan left a slightest mark on his dress, he was never comfortable till he had it washed clean. Hazrat joined the Muslim League and was nominated vice- president of the Provincial and District Leagues. This is the service of their self only. However, the Maharajah could not go to him the next dayand instead, sent afriend ofhis to offer his excuses for him the day after. It explains all the technicalities fully, and leaves no room for further elaboration.

He would thus receive a hai3at equal to a thousand acts of obedience, to be written bai3ay the list of his good deeds and he would then have a high place in the other world. Never theless, ageometrical formasshown on the left givessome sort ofpicture in this regard Eplsode 1. The Maulana asked him why he had taken so long; and, that he had been waiting for him to appear!

He was removed from service on a false charge on 17th of September and in an appeal to the Viceroy he filed a suit for reinstatement which was successful, such that he returned to service in Khori itself.

A number of reasons can be detailed for this, but briefly, it can be said that there arc two prominent reasons: He spent his earlydays in Khori where he received his earlyeducation and studiedArabicfrom his father.

Tarbiatul Ishaq : The Training of Divine Lovers (Maulana Syed Mohammad Zaudi Shah)

Hazrat would make full preparations when going to mazars. If an attempt is made to utilise the vehicle of language, the chances are that the hearer will misinterpretwhat is being said. Nevertheless, she was constantly distracted by extraneous thoughts instead.

At that time there should be no other occupation. Ramadhan tarawih wrd always held at home except for three years.

The Prophet queried him about it again and almost immediately, the Companion then replied that he did find that condition within himself! Bose was the person who discovered thatakind oflife exists in plants that theyshow pain and pleasure at being alone or in company.

episodd In the end, I all the forgiveness of those persons who have been mentioned in the discourses, especially those who may not relish mention of their names. There is another interesting episode in this connection. His stay at Peshawar was from October to November During Ramadhan he was allowed to wear white and bai3xt granted the Maulanas Khirqa robe.

In September, he went to settle in Peshawar. Thirdly, and most important of all, Man warv a combination of body and soul. He kept on advising Jinnah through letters on matters of importance. In other words, he experiences both sobriety and intoxication. When the Hadith says that the world is a carcass and those who arc its seekers are like dogs, it means just this. The next question would be to find out where His business was located, and then they would entertain Him with a single chat tea and a single betel leaf.


There he felt at peace and he made a request at the mazar to be allowed the tutelage of a shaikh who would see him through spiritual training.

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Thus the Prophets mirajwas an indication of the stage of abdiyator baqa-billah and it was granted to him in a state of Divine consciousness, not Divine intoxication, which is a great achievement.

After that there would be nightly vigils during the odd num bered nights of the last ten days and one more Qur’an would be completed. One ofhis books is a spiritual novel called B a d a -o -S a g h a r. He maintained a diary entering therein regularly the happenings of each day.

When askedwhy, he said that the Shaikh musthave been Gods guest that day, warc thathe himselfwas denied the honour. After that he returned to Karachi via Dera 8.

After Asr time, he was busy with bai3xt practices, alone in the privacy of his room. Hazrat attended the Pakpattan torand went to Lucknow after attending the Ajmer urs. The capacity to receive such knowledge and to profit by it is to be attained through meditation and zikr in bai3aat measure. But the knowledgeable persons know the real secret that, in order that the boy may start to dislike the habit, the buzurg had to create the same dislike within himself so that he could then transfer that state to the boy.

There was no hope of any medication in the jungle. He then shifted to Qanauj where he died. Qari Shah Sulaiman could never make a speech and he thought that he was not born to it. Wahid Bakhsh Rabbatti r.

When the Hadith saysthat the world is acarcass and those who arc its seekers are like dogs, it means just this.