Chubian, Fruzan and Pazhand, Z. Application of machine-vision to assess weight of fish Case study: Effects of induced spawning on early development in snout otter clam, Lutraria philippinarum Deshayes, Bivalvia: Ebrahimi, Mahmoud and Owfi, F. Hosseinzadeh Sahafi, Homayoun and Kakoolaki, S. Ghanei Tehranei, Mahmood and Porgholam, R. Seidgar, Masoud and Asadpour, Y. Dalirpour, Gholam Hossein and Zarshenas, G.

Iranian Scientific Fisheries Journal, 24 3 , pp. Rezvani Gilkolaei, Sohrab and Hossinzadeh, H. Janbaz, Ali Asghar and Fazli, H. Abdolmalaki, Shahram and Zoriehzahra, S. Determination of total mercury in common carp, Cyprinus carpio, large scaled barb, Barbus grypus, tiger tooth croaker, Otolithes ruber and from surface waters in Khuzestan, Iran. Comparison between hormone injected and non-injected fish. Moradi, Yazdan and Motalbi, A.

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Attaran Fariman, Gilan and Azini, M. Mehrabi, Mohammad Reza and Ghaednia, B.

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Perciformes during the sexual maturity and sexual rest. Chubian, Fruzan and Pazhand, Z. The effect of depth of operation and soaking time on catch rates in the experimental tuna longline fisheries in Lakshadweep Sea, India.


Ghoroghi, Ahmad and Varedi, E. Gharibi, Qasem and Aiinjamshid, Kh. Iranian Scientific Fisheries Journal, 21 3pp. Afsharnasab, Mohammad and Ahangarzade, M. New York City, New York. Computer aided semen analysis and gametes motility duration. Askeri gayler porno bedava. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 17 33. Comparison of geometric morphometric and traditional methods.

Dehghan Madiseh, Simin and Eskandary, Gh. Mohamadkhani, Hassan and Hami tabari, A.

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Ghafari Khalaf Mohamadi, S. White tit black dicks. Karami, Babak and Moradi, Yazdan and Gosoghi, Abba Ali and Hossini, Syed Ebrahim and Soltani, Mehdi The effects of slow and quick freezing methods on microstructure, drip loss, proximate composition and sensory properties of Nile Tilapia Oreochromis niloticus fillets.

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balofh Occurrence of squamous cell carcinoma in a platy fish Xiphophorus maculatus: Moradi, Yazdan and Mattalebi, A. Optimization by using statistical experimental design. Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 13 4pp. The comparison of fatty acids, fat-soluble vitamins and cholesterol in the muscle of wild caught, cage and pond reared rainbow trout Oncorhynchus mykiss W.


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Mohsenpour Azari, Ali and Motallebi, A. Rabbaniha, Mahnaz and Valinasab, T.

Yahyazadeh, Mir Yousef and Najafpour, N. Past, present and future: Iranian Journal of Fisheries Sciences, 10 3pp. Khalilpazir, Mohammad and Aeinjamshid, K. Nima, Pourang and Esmaeili, F. Bitaraf, Ahmad and Rezvani Gilkolaei, S. Seifzadeh, Mina fuol Moradi, Y. The effect of spawning season on fatty acid composition of tigertooth croaker, Otolithes ruber from Abadan and Khoramshahr areas Iran. A study of food consumption of the deepwater goby, Ponticola bathybius Kessler,during spring migration in the southern Caspian Sea.

Hosseinzadeh Sahafi, Homayoun and Moazedi, J. Iranian Scientific Fisheries Journal, 22 2pp. Eslami, Fereshte and Roohi, A.