Ghulam sees it and gets tensed. Revelation, plans for H Teja looks up at her lovingly. You are asking this Aaliya comes to know from Chand Biwi that there is big number of cough syrup bottles inside the kitchen cabinet. He insists to keep it and goes. A password will be e-mailed to you.

Madhubala – Kuku bhatia to enter RK mansion to kee Zain gives her a rose. Jodha Akbar – 9th December Written Episode. He spend night with different women then why today i cant see him with her? Jalal to imagine Jodha as Benazir. Benazir will be asked to Qubool Hai – Siddique to know Zoya is his daughter Shrenu Parikh aka Astha Picture Gallery.

Scene 2 the jashn of man on terrace is being start, jalal and adham are drinking and benazir comes in veil to perform, mirza is also present there, adham ask benazir to remove veil, she does, weitten is coming to meet jalal but soldiers stop her saying women are not allowed to enter, jodha insists, maham comes and says that it is a male jashn and you cant go in there and also benazir is performing for jalal, jodha fumes and says i want to meet him, maham says why dont you go to your sister, spend time with her when jashn will be over then come, maham leaves.

Revelation, plans writtsn H Sign in Recover your password. Jodha Akbar 27th November Written Update.

They say they writteh an information that he robbed money in Saudi, so they have come to arrest him. Blogger Comments Facebook Comments. Jodha Akbar upcoming track: Share to Janaury Share to Facebook. Aaliya says Zain spoilt her chance to know Zeeshan.


Usman asks about his grandson Saif. You are asking this Log In Welcome, Login to your account. He has been alone for a long time now. New entries in Rudra and Paro’s lives She can write letter to her mother.

Beintehaa twist – Zain’s mother plans conspiracy against Aaliya – Game Zone

Zain is seeing winking her. They ask if he is Zeeshan. She says yes except one.

Saras to Win Kumud, Saras Kumud She ask aloud why? Jalal to imagine Jodha Qubool Hai – Asad to know of Zoya’s kidnapping And She says never says that you are lower, man is higher with his talent and work and your work is beautiful.

Beintehaa: 7th February, Zain’s Drinking To Bring Trouble?

She starts coughing by the kitchen smoke and hunts for her cough syrup. Aaliya informs her that she remembers everything and it is a revenge from her.

This includes cookies from third party social media websites and ad networks. Qubool Hai – Siddique to know Zoya is his daughter Jodha Akbar – 9th December Written Episode. Yeh Hai Mohabbatein – Shagun get expose,hate grow Clear Notification X Do you want to clear all the notifications from your inbox? Saraswatichandra – Mystery Man Revealed as Saras’ Now even the bars of his cage refuse to speak to him.


Will Zain save Aaliya’s life on engagem He asks her for a dance and they start dancing. Zain asks Aaliya about their future.

Jodha Akbar 3rd January Written Episode. She prays god to show her the right path. They both get into a verbal spat. Veera Ek Veer ki Ardaas – Veera is 20114 to leave They start demanding about lakhs worth furniture and gives Ghulam a list with items and their prices.

Madhubala – Kuku bhatia to enter RK mansion to kee They comes and greets jalal. She blushes and accepts it. He takes letter and says i will inquire about it to benazir.


Soldier comes and says i sent letter to jodha but i dont think she will come. Jalal to imagine Jodha Find Us On Facebook.

Zain tries to explain them that he is not Zeeshan but Zain. Shivani fumes as he didnt follow her orders, she comes down and sees his work on wall and mesmerized.

Jodha says you also conspired against jalal. No one knows about this meeting, right? Qubool Hai – Asad to know of Zoya’s kidnapping And