That is why I DVR many shows now and fast forward through the commercials and sloooooow parts while on my own schedule. Over here in Holland we get the same shows only a bit later! They are mavericks, trailblazers, risk takers and rabble rousers, all trying to escape their past by surviving at the end of America. As the ice begins to fracture, one team sees their dream of getting on the gold float out to sea. Thanks for adding to the list. For more information on Google Analytics cookies, see the official Google Analytics help center. Gold Rush Season 6 starts on Oct How many shows have been featured over the years, and zero have struck treasure?

You wrote, “Yukon Gold is back for an exciting third season with new miners, new locations, and new adventures. Some more gold related t. We have been on it several times. Some miners are juggling multiple roles in their personal and professional lives while others are tasked with opening up new mines. Shipping tons of heavy mining equipment down into Guyana, Tim is investing it all on one last roll of the rice. That is why I DVR many shows now and fast forward through the commercials and sloooooow parts while on my own schedule. Go inside the last great race. As the ice season comes to an end, the fleet scrambles for their last pans of gold.

Bering Sea Gold Reality-TV Each season of the show follows a different group of dredgers, those who search for gold in shallow waters, at the bottom of the sea or even ocean. Add the first question.

Bering Sea Gold Under The Ice S01 E01 – video dailymotion

The privacy of our visitors is of extreme importance to us. Obviously they didn’t find anything or we would have heard good now. Prospectors S04E01 mining for silver in underground mine in the first episode.


I love Bering Sea gold. Torrent for the show is available.

Bering Sea Gold S08E01 http: I would highly recommend it to everyone. Watch daring crews dive under 5 feet of ice to dredge up more…. When off-gridders and outdoorsmen need machines to survive and thrive in the wild, they turn to Clint Greathouse and Todd Anderson who create one-of-a-kind backcountry ive using nothing but recycled parts, outdoor ingenuity, and sheer determination.

My top ten favorite TV series? This privacy policy document outlines the types of beirng information is received and collected by this website and how it is used. Privacy policy for RatinGraph. Google AdSense also uses so-called Web Beacons invisible graphics. But behind this building’s stone exterior are secrets. The Reaper 8 episodes, Under the Ice Season 1 Daring gold miners set their sights on gold far beneath four feet of solid ice on the Bering Sea floor.

Emily sends her divers deeper. The Masked Singer 7. Thanks for keeping this thread updated. While one miner nearly loses his life, another hits his biggest payday ever.

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Under the Ice —. I also think they’re starting to get a little too “scripted”. This episode unlocks the secret contents, political controversy, and cutting edge security hidden behind the gates of the world’s most famous vault.


This four part documentary series, Klondike: But his hunch leads him down a deep, dark path. She’s a spoiled brat in dire need for attitude adjustment.

Bering Sea Gold: Under the Ice TV Show: News, Videos, Full Episodes and More | TV Guide

Who’s allowed inside the vault? The camera work is excellent and the interview segments are interesting. Oscar-nominee Kevin Feige gives an update on the next stage of the MCU and when we can expect to hear some concrete details.

The Kilcher family settled in an isolated community outside of Homer, Alaska 80 years ago, seeking a more free and simple way of life. Log files This website makes use of log files. The S01f01 Ranger’s luck is getting worse as they’re down a man and have seaa a leak. Through the mountains and jungles of Colombia, Cooper goes in search of the truth behind one of the greatest stories ever told – the legend of El Dorado. Zeke and his brother Sam weigh their first and final clean-up of the season.

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Split second thinking, extreme focus, and team work are key to staying alive under the ice. This is an adventure story where everyday Australians risk a lot for a shot at the good life.