The plan worked, but when we turned to see if he was still following us, he had disappeared. If you happen to be one of those inquisitive travellers, it is imperative for you to visit this place and find out for yourself. The first legend claims that a king named Madho Singh raised the Bhangarh fort after obtaining due permission from an ascetic named Bala Nath who lived there; having agreed to a condition which said that the shadow of the fort must never fall upon the home of the ascetic. When Ratnavati found out, the magician’s devious attempt backfired and he soon came face to face with death. Thu 04 12 18, Thu 02 08 18, However, you would have to be very lucky in order to spot a tiger.

Overall, Bhangarh takes about 4 to 5 hours of driving from Delhi. The capital of the majestic state and around 85 kilometres from Bhangarh Fort , Jaipur is one of the most loved cities in the world owing to the fact that it perfectly encapsulates the sheer essence of India. Your trip will be organised by our travel partners. We value your privacy. Wild Wadi Water Park Dubai. One of the oldest kingdoms of Rajasthan, Alwar is a relatively lesser known gem of the state.

Want to book a similar trip? The Bhangarh Fort is open on all days from 6 am to 6 pm and The haunted fort of Bhangarh has had several stories associated with it. The ‘most haunted’ place in India? A local black magician fell in love with her the princess is believed to have been very beautiful and once tried to bewitch a cosmetic she was supposed to use, to make her fall in love with him.

Another story is about tantrik Singhia, who fell in love with Princess Ratnavati. Another Bhangarh Fort story pertains to Princess Ratnavati. Before dying, Singhia cursed the city of Bhangarh to death and as a result, it never witnessed any rebirths. With an unending expanse of lush green jungles and babbling brooks coupled with boars, jackals, peacocks, sambars and monkeys, Sariska is an adventure like no other.


The other myth says that Bhanarh, a well versed occult magician who used to live in the region had fallen in love with the charming princess Ratnavati of Bhangarh. One day, I was walking near the fort with my father when an unknown man started walking by our side.

The icing on the cake was added by a fiercely blowing wind that almost shattered the windowpanes of my flat, and left me wondering.

The Bhangarh Fort Story: Behind The Mystery Of The Most “Haunted” Place In India

The many haunted stories of Bhangarh Fort have transformed it into a bucket list destination of sorts. Related to this article. Haunted Places in Bangalore. Scuba Diving in Vietnam: When you visit ScoopWhoop.

Too scared to visit Bhangarh? Ahmednagar Gawilghur Narnala Panhala. However, despite morphing into a flourishing industrial hub, hoorror historical town has managed to retain the magic associated with it. And as to whether this place is haunted or not, go figure out for yourselves! Continue with Facebook Continue with Google We never post anything without your permission.

Bhangarh Fort: Hauntings and Incidents

India is a mystical country indeed, with its numerous forts, forests and historical sites wrapped in its own unique enigma. Your trip will be organised by our travel partners. Owing to this, no one dares to visit this site after sunset.

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Similar to this tragic incident, another boy decided to visit the fort during the night with lighting equipment but fell in a steep well located in the middle of the fort. No vehicles are permitted to enter the fort beyond this point. September — February; since like other cities of Rajasthan, Bhangarh area is also very hot during the summers.


It is home to a plethora of palaces and forts that are nothing less than architectural marvels. Local folklore holds that the curse will be lifted someday when the princess is reborn and visits the fort.

Take a trip to spend the upcoming long weekend with your buddies. Believing on of them is akin to believing that the fort indeed is haunted, and this is a tale that has been in circulation for years. Bhangarh Fort From Alwar.

Because of the numerous ghostly experiences and happenings in the fort premises, villages have sprung up far away from the fort, due to the fear of what lies within. Ever since then when a house was built in and around the area, the roof would subsequently collapse.

Bhangarh Fort Haunted Stories and Incidents – Holidify

The fort closed at 5 p. Your trip will be organised by our travel partners.

Weekend trip – Alwar and Bhangarh – Listed as most haunted place in India. Hotror will also call you back in 24 hrs. Haunted places in Mumbai.