Saba tries to protest but in vain! After the marriage, Saba keeps a distance from Irtiza, Irtiza notices Saba’s behaviour and questions her on a number of occasions. Everyone tries to get her out of the depression but in vain! Both Saman and Saba start sharing a very close sisterly bond. But he treats her like his best friend, not a love interest. A few years later, Irtaza and Saman come to Karachi with their son Maaz.

By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy. In June , it was confirmed that Shiraz Uppal would compose music for series, who also composed three songs for film adaptation. The original soundtrack of the series is “Bin Roye”, that is penned by Shakeel Sohail, and composed and sung by Shiraz Uppal. In August , Ishtiaq announced that series would replace, her then running series Udaari and confirmed earlier saying “the play will air this year as the last edits are under process. After a dramatic turn of events finally Irtaza came to know of the whole story and recognized the love of Saba, and declares his love for her. One day Irtiza sees Saba’s mother crying and stating what bad did my daughter did, and why is her life so difficult, Irtza hearing this tells Saba’s mother that he wants to marry Saba!

Soon after Irtiza decides to go to America for post-graduate studies.

Then, to the surprise of everyone present, Irtaza announces that he will marry Saba. Soon Saba learns that Saman is not her cousin, but her elder sister, and that Saman was adopted by her uncle when she was a baby.

Irtaza then leaves for the US for two years, where he meets Saman Shafiq Armeena Rana Khanwho is his cousin and falls in love with her. It is a story of regret, remorse and reunion. Upon landing in America and in the house where Saman and Irtiza used to live, Saba starts to feel very disturbed!

He gets angry and leaves, leaving Saba upset and anxious about hurting Irtiza! Bringing drama to the movies”. Saba starts confessing everything!


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Irtiza’s concern for Saba starts growing and he decides to take matters in his own hands, one day he goes to America for a business trip and goes to meet the husband there, where he sees him with his wife and children! Slowly Saba soften ups and starts going out with irtiza for outings. Of course, in a series of 20 episodes, a lot changes. Bin Roye title screen.

One day Irtiza sits Saba down and asks her if she is interested in marrying the guy, and she can tell him if she has feelings for him, Saba loses her patience and rudely reverts stating that he has no business meddling in her personal life and he should stay away! Saba is an extrovert, who lives life to the fullest, and expects Irtiza to fulfil all her childish demands.

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However, Irtaza drags her to their family and tells them the truth. Sign in Continue with Facebook Continue with Google. In the heat of the moment Saba goes off in a separate room and in a state of anger and shock curses Saman and wishes for the fact that she dies! Irtiza goes to America and whilst studying there develops feelings for his cousin Saman. Later they are shown to live happily ever after! One day Irtiza loses his patience and forces Saba to come downstairs to his room.

And that she is not liable for it! Irtaza calls takes her to hospital immediately, however, Saman dies on way to the hospital.

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In AugustIshtiaq announced that series would replace, ansop then running series Udaari and confirmed earlier saying “the play will air this year as the last edits are under process. Their family is shocked and they make Safeer divorce Saba. Saba’s dying mother wishes Saba and Irtaza to get married. Retrieved 1 October Whilst she enjoys the company of her sister, she again feels very helpless, as her feelings for Irtiza do not die.


Retrieved 23 July In Julyafter the release of film, [9] [10] the drama serial went into production with same cast and crew, with Haissam Hussain replacing Momina Duraid as a orye with Shahzad Kashmiri. In Juneit was confirmed that Shiraz Uppal would compose music for series, who also composed three songs for film adaptation. Soon Saman delivers a baby boy and Irtiza and her name him Maaz. But it will not just be a film; it will also be turned into a serial to be aired on Hum TV with the same cast.

Add the video to your site with the embed code above. And always being there for her! Soon Irtaza finds out Safeer has fupl in Canada and has a son and the fact Saba knew all this but kept it secret he gets very angry and confronts Saba upon his return, who cries and tells him that she doesn’t want to get divorced. Why did she come here to ruin her life!

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The soundtrack of the series is adapted from the film. The next day it is Maaz’s birthday, and Irtiza, Saman and Saba go out to the mall to shop for Maaz’s birthday party. After the incident Saba tries hard to communicate with Irtiza, but in vain!

Their family is shocked and they decide Saba should not marry that guy. In a moment of shock and despair after witnessing their marriage and realizing Irtaza is now Saman’s, Saba wishes that Saman had died along with her adoptive parents in the plane crash.