Fuck, what an awful, dehumanizing world we already live in. As others noted, Daniel Kaluuya was simply incredible. Would have made a lot more sence to. See more information here. Another parallel I found was with the “lemons” shown in the bike room. Probably read her wrong: One of the bands that got mentioned in an ad for the talent show was called Mandelbrot or something Mandelbrot. So many aspects of society has been touched on in this episode:

She was real but it was one-sided. Please do not downvote others for having a differing opinion than you. The society had become so far that this was normal, and in truth it was nearly impossible to escape. It’s not like bing blackmailed her into doing it. Then they go through the whole building him back up bit , i really thought his intention was to get at the judges. I think this just illustrates how powerful social influence is and that even a person with what I saw as good intentions e. In that respect, it does well, because all the characters are forced to follow their own limitations. They were all super bored.

As others noted, Daniel Kaluuya was simply incredible. I think he represents people who simply don’t care that they are a cog in a broken society and who have even learned to enjoy it. It to me is the most interesting world of Black Mirror and has the coolest visual style. There’s a reason so many celebrities refuse to donate their millions of dollars to charities and such.

Please try asking your questions there first. Bing disregarding the girl he doesn’t like and then using the same line she used with him on the girl he does like shows that he’s really no different. Just seems like a pretty lazy, surface level metaphor.

Look beyond the obvious and specific commentary it provides on reality TV and body image obsession, and you’ll find that what it really exposes is the fundamental futility of our modern consumption-driven existence. Just binged on season one! Because judging from only the female judge’s reaction getting into porn might as well be a good thing, and Abi is just being timid or disappointed that she won’t be a singer.


People like to think that they are thinking, but is the ginger kid in the end any less of a mindless citizen buying his glass shard for his dopple? The guy next to Bing never gave any indication that he was unhappy, until his consumption was interrupted, and even then he seemed to get a kick from every outburst.

So what were they? And all you see up here, it’s not people, you don’t see people up here, it’s all fodder.

Abi would have never gone to ‘hot shot’ if it were not for Bing. I don’t know a man here who wouldn’t. That part really made me think about Jim Jones’ formation of the Peoples Temple and the massacre that eventually ensued at Jonestown. Both had the choice to decline the offer, but they didn’t. She is actually rerolling each time for a chance at celebrity-dom. Blaxk it kinda scary that the people just take him mirorr a joke?

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I’m glad that you said this. Ads on every device. Just rewatched it a few minutes ago. Just watched this episode, I thought mirroe same.

Either way it definitely bothered me too. Not unexpected but the ending on this one felt quite hopeless with everyone ending was worse off. It’s not like bing blackmailed her into doing it. He did eventually put his needs above other’s, specifically Abi. We cheer for him just like the virtual audience, that we go onto Reddit to eat our fill of anti-establishmentism, before continuing onto watching porn later. Another point to back this up is just the simple fact that you are constantly using your wubtitles health to push these bikes.

No targeted harassment of fellow users. To play off number three, the problem was no one could be content with whatever circumstances they found themselves. I wish this episode was longer or made into a film or something. What was the rest of their world like? She was drugged, ie the “compliance” she was given to drink before going onstage, and put in a position where it was made exceedingly difficult for her to refuse.


Enter Hope and offered Bing hope of a better life for himself. In George Orwell’s “,” the nlack were the lowest class used to scare the middle class from falling to their level.

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Visit Prime Video to explore more titles. Went into it expecting something linear. These are the biggest questions I have after watching this episode just now. So many aspects of society has been touched on in this episode: You can have the best intentions but no matter what, you are a piece of shit that just wants to make your own life better and fuck everyone else. I was thinking that it was probably similar to mandatory military service.

It seems like the only way things would change is if he used his new platform and people all got together and changed the system. Welcome to Reddit, the front page of the internet.

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Why is no one asking this? Yes, he probably fell for her and wanted to win her over, but I feel he genuinely thought she had a gift and wanted to get her out of the hell hole they were living in. It left me depressed but unlike everyone else even though as a viewer i was disappointed for Bing there were still positive things to take away.