In the present, Shinji Hirako explains to Yamamoto that the Vizards are not the allies of the Soul Reapers, but the enemies of Aizen, yet Ichigo is the exception. The episodes uses six pieces of theme music: Although Ulquiorra demands to have a rematch with Ichigo, the latter compromises by suggesting an even-leveled fight. Urahara has prepared a few tricks up his sleeve for the fight, including some special armor for Yoruichi when she later arrives as well. Finally, Love hits Stark, throwing him into a sea of flames. Yachiru Kusajishi encounters an old friend named Masayoshi, who saved a girl named Mayu from a hollow. Haru is a lonely old woman who can see spirits because of which people find her strange and do not go near her. Ichigo, still battling Ulquiorra, dons his hollow mask and starts to overwhelm his opponent.

However, when it appears as a fishcake , it is revealed that the whole ordeal was dreamed up by Isane Kotetsu in the Soul Society. But her attacks prove to be ineffective against the two, and she is gradually cornered by the pair’s fine team play. Seizo took the attack instead and lost almost all his spiritual energy, and as a result no one respected him after that. After going back to the Urahara Shop to meet with the other team members, Kon was not aware that Michel just so happens to be a famous spiritualist. Yachiru goes back home to Kenpachi, and she remembers that Masayoshi used to be close to her in the past. Masayoshi at first does not believe it, but Yachiru insists. Use the HTML below. When Ichigo reunites with his friends, he suddenly blacks out.

As the Soul Reapers cheer on Aizen’s defeat, a shocked Ichigo yells at them, asking them what they are doing. It is revealed that all of the battles Ichigo has fought thus far were part blsach Aizen’s plan, as such these battles are recapped. Once entering his inner world, he meets the spirit of his bankaiTensa Zangetsu, who refuses to cooperate with him and pulls out the “source of his despair”, which turns out to be Ichigo’s inner hollow.

After defeating his oncoming opponents, Aizen stabs Yamamoto who then creates pillars of flames to trap him, which will kill not only Aizen, but everyone else in the process. Ulquiorra, surprised at the transformation, unleashes a Cero Oscuras, but only to have it blocked by Ichigo’s own cero.


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Meanwhile, Ichigo and Unohana head for the world of the living through the Garganta opened by Mayuri, who discusses the after war period with Byakuya. Kon yells out the window about his imprisonment in Ichigo’s room.

Use the HTML below. Seeing as she is about to jump off the bridge, he runs to save her, but ends of falling off instead.

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As Aizen starts questioning Ichigo’s purpose for fighting him, Komamura calms him and tells him to not fall for his ruse. To settle the matter, the cards are used in a game of karuta.

Hachi makes an armored wall between the three of them and Baraggan to buy some time. When the two monster hunters arrive, the monsters do everything they can to stop their opponents. Instead of wishing to wake up from the dream he epsiode supposedly having, he opts for the Snow Crystal. Orihime comes across Rukia and Renji, who were on their way to the local shrine festival.

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After Ichigo is summoned to take down a hollow, Kon spots the lady from before while taking a stroll on a bridge in Ichigo’s body. Kenpachi scolds Byakuya for being useless and not finishing off Yammy stark. Before Wonderwiess can finish her off, Kensei Muguruma steps in to save her and takes her place, soon releasing his bankai at Wonderweiss.

At this point, Ichigo appears behind Aizen preparing to attack him. The quartet later encountered Baraggan when he was king of Hueco Mundo, who offered her to join his side, but she declined, also wounding a shark-like hollow who approached her. Throughout a series of misadventures, Ichigo and the others encounter a magic lamp episore a temple with bleqch power to grant three wishes by a genie, in the form of Rukia, but by breaking the laws of granting wishes to them, she is sentenced to be executed in the “Lamp Society”.


When Ichigo reunites with his friends, he suddenly blacks out. Ichigo and the others go to rescue her, and by doing so, Syunsui is then granted the third and final wish.

Hitsugaya and Halibel use an array of water and ice attacks. Aizen becomes increasingly arrogant and is shocked once again when Ichigo effortlessly stop his blade with his bare hand.

Baraggan Epidode voice Liam O’Brien Full Cast and Crew. However, when it appears as a fishcakeit is revealed that the whole ordeal was dreamed up by Isane Kotetsu in the Soul Society. Enraged, Hitsugaya charges at Shunsiu but is cut down, his left limbs cut off.

Ichigo, the Unreachable Blade” Transcription: After it is revealed that Rukia, in the form of a succubusis the Snow Crystal, Ichigo transforms into a wolf. With Lilinette’s motivation, Stark then summons a pack of wolves, made from parts of episods souls, which explode on impact.

Later, it is revealed that Haru had been controlling Yosuke’s transformation into a hollow with her own spiritual energy, and when she weakened, he went out of control. Kesshi no Saken ” Japanese: This is a special episode epidode promote the fourth movie, Bleach: Ichigo, realizing his great responsibility, resolves to defeat Aizen.

Disappointed, Shuren turns his attention to Ichigo’s hollowfied form as a means of escaping the depths of Hell. Loly berates Menoly and begins to torture Orihime by herself as Ichigo tries to reach Orihime despite Ulquiorra blocking him. Each swing in the clash between the two is powerful enough to annihilate large amounts of terrain.

Bleach by Tite Kubo. Before Kon’s pill form is eaten, he is saved by Ichigo, who then kills the tapeworm hollow. They cannot even counterattack Respira because they cannot get anywhere near it. Shunaui the Tres Bestias tried to help her, they are eventually defeated.

In retaliation, Michel transforms into a hollow.