Aicha pretends that one of the guests complained of hunger and thirst and that she was just came to the kitchen to fetch a glass of water. Hajj Bahi stops 29 Dar el Ghezlane, Episode 1 www. She checked some of the photos in the album and set it aside, the last item that she found in the box was a letter. She speaks about the inequality that they suffer from and that men are the only ones who are privileged. Aicha in the Kitchen Episode 1, Hanae is a nice person and a competent heart surgeon.

In this case, Karima plays on the masculine conservative mentality by using the taboo of virginity to her advantage. Moments later, their sister Rhimou asked them to put an end to it and not to embarrass them in front of the neighbors. He starts flirting with her in a secluded place and she fears that someone might find them. They, then, resume their slogans and leave the ceremony. Her friends are afraid that she might have killed him and she says that he deserves it for peeking at them. It tells the story of Hajj Bahi, the governor of Dar el Ghezlane who is played by the late Mohammed Bestaoui, and how he struggles with his eldest daughter Karima, played by Meriem Zaiimi, who is a feminist in the unlikeliest of places. The interesting thing in this scene, however, is the fact that mother in laws are depicted as having the tendency to use emotions to win their grandchildren over to their sides. It appears that the people of the house were preparing for a special occasion.

Anis quickly turns his back on them and apologizes claiming that he did not see anything. It appears that the people of the house were preparing mhana a special occasion. Anis complains to him about how exhausted he is. They are portrayed as showing one face to people and talking bad about them in their back. Analysis of the Images of Women 1. She is llla as being shameless in her denial of her mistakes and trying to win the favor of other women by engaging in 16 Bnat La La Mnana, Episode 1 www.

Bnat Lalla Menana Ramadan 2M Tv Ep 09 بنات لالة منانة الحلقة Videos – عربي تيوب

As they stop, Hajj Bahi asks Karima about the meaning of all this, and claims that she is embarrassing herself. Enter the email address you signed up with and we’ll email you a reset link. Another traditional view can be seen in this scene; that which states that no daughters should marry before her older sister. She replies that it is neither an embarrassment nor a scandal, and that the only reason they think so is because men were accustomed to women being silent and obedient but now they have freewill.


In this case, Karima plays on the masculine conservative mentality by using the taboo of virginity to her advantage.

After Younes left, Anis walks to Dr. She waits until Karima leaves and calls her boyfriend again wishing that he would answer the call. After confirming her identity, he tells Younes that her hair does not look natural and mhana she is probably wearing contact lenses.

Hanae is a nice person and a competent heart surgeon.

Bahia asked her to find solace in crying and that expressing her grief would make her feel better. Then, Mennana asked them to clean the house, paint it and change the coverings of the guestroom. It is the newest one of the two as it was only aired in Moments bnage, their sister Rhimou asked them episoxe put an end to it and not to embarrass them in front of the neighbors.

Mounia and Karima Episode 1, Mounia quickly gets angry with him for talking about her sister that way.

Sfiya Episode 1, This goes to show how the series reinforces the idea of women bickering about unimportant children like children which is clearly a misrepresentation of reality. After complimenting her on her successful last surgery he wishes that he assisted her. The implication in this scene is that being a female will always attract the sexual interest of co-workers and that no matter how good she is at her job —even after successfully performing a heart surgery- she is still looked at as a body and judged as such.

Shocked, Rachid tells her that her father had not informed him of her pregnancy. Hajj Bahi leaves the house because he has something to do and leaves Rachid sitting in the guestroom.


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Analysis of the Images of Women Mounia calms him and says that sooner or later Karima bnatf marry and have a house and kids like all other women. Moving on from to a more recent time, the political scene has witnessed many efforts as far as empowering the image of women in the media is concerned.

Interestingly, this scene depicts the sudden emancipation that the absence of the father figure leaves. The Hajj, an important man in his village, is portrayed as the typical rural nmana.

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Embedded in this scene is another stereotype which was previously talked about which is the animosity between mother in laws and wives. Mounia soon realizes that her sister is merely being cynical. Ismail and Amina Episode 1, Not only eepisode her competency as a doctor is overlooked, she is harassed at allla work place by a colleague of her and the interesting thing is that she is shown eposode being impressed by that and even enjoying it.

At the first glance this might seem like an ordinary scene. Upon noticing him, the women scream and warn one another that there is a man watching them.

He asks Younes if that is doctor Hanae. After noticing what Hajj Bahi is planning to do, Amina quickly pulls her husband and walks towards Hajj Bahi and Rachid to sabotage his plan by showing him that Karima has a hot-tempered nature. He says that he cannot wait to wed her and have her laalla his lawful wife. Featured in this scene is a serious perpetuation of the stereotype about women having the tendency to argue about trivial matters in the wrong time and place, in this case the funeral of their father.

After looking at her face, Hajj shouts at her because apparently she was wearing make-up.