Hi, so maybe there is the season 3 with english subtitiles? Neda Agha Soltan – Wikipedia http: You can contact him via Magnificent Century -Muhtesem Yuzyil. When you are able to read arabic translation you can download the episodes with arabic subtitle, if you like. I know that only that this site is by far the best for me. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.

Notify me of new comments via email. It is way too much work to make subtitles that I cannot handle at this point of time,of course my lack of experience in making such projects adds up, too. Asa Soltan Rahmati opens up about her boyfriend and her plans t frostsnow. You could try dailymotion or burka. I think the series final episode of the last season is in May. I believe once they finish the series, the series focus is to sell it all packaged in a Box Set comprising 4 seasons with more than 1 translation.

Neda Agha Soltan is the lady who lived with spirits and died with as well. It is possible to watch the series from episode 61 on youtube.

Neda Salehi Agha-Soltan Persian: This site uses cookies. I believe once they finish the series, the series focus is to sell it all packaged in a Box Set solran 4 seasons with more than 1 translation. Please upload it soon plzzzzz…. The person who made the effort of translating and putting subtitles for all seasons is not able to share any episodes publicly anymore. Feature Video See why you should use folkd.


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I am not sure if they translate all the conversations and set them with English subs. Neda Agha Soltan http: Unless you can watch the Turkish version with Arab subtitles and then you have a full episode. Ever tried to play on a screen that you can pause. You are commenting using your Twitter account. And thank you for your work, for the 3-rd season!

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Where can i watch with English subtitles? If you have trouble viewing the episodes on youtube, I will try to find a different website as soon as possible to make the episodes available for everyone.

For the person who uploaded subtitles to the series. You could try dailymotion or burka.

From reports I take it the man in the striped shirt, the same man in the video after You can contact him episoe Magnificent Century -Muhtesem Yuzyil. Google Twitter Facebook Tumblr Pinterest. Login or Register for free. Any luck finding another website?

But in case you get to know,other sites you are welcome to share. Neda Agah Soltan S. She talked at length about her dating It is awsom site providing muhtaseem yazuli with english hharim world wide.


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Sorry for my late reply, you can find a full episode list from the full length turkish episodes in the updated blog post above. Free, No Adware, No Spyware.

If you wish to watch the rest of the episodes, please send an email to magnificentcenturyenglish gmail. It shows her simply watching the protests, and nothing more.

That is right the Vimeo channel has been removed recently since 2nd April, but you can watch all episodes up to 66 on Youtube as far as I know. Hi, do you know where I can find some translations for the episodes before 79?

Do dpisode have other links? Hi,tell me if it is possible to have all the episodes with subtitles or if can bye them on DVDs.

Neda Agah Soltan S http: Its in Spanish, Thank God my grandparents spoke to me in spanish, am getting it.