Before we get to the cov I say different characters but, early on, I found it difficult to differentiate between some of the voices in Boy 2 Girl. The story flowed along and all in all an enjoyable read. Overall loved it, only reason I didn’t put 5 stars was i was a bit young and some parts weren’t very believable. No trivia or quizzes yet. I really enjoyed the characters in the book, plus the plot was a great idea, but I felt that the author rushed the ending too much. I also lost the thread at the beginning of the story, too many characters having a say when you are getting use to the i I was given a copy of this book from the publishers via Netgally for an honest review.

Is this social commentary or am I just really wanting to see that and interpreting the story that way as a pure defense mechanism against stupidity? If all my books were as fun to write as this one was, I would be a very happy author. Books by Terence Blacker. From my po ‘Boy2Girl’ is a wonderful novel about friendship, understanding one another, loss and finding your true self. This book made me confused and angry, but hey, at least I managed to read it! The Crimes of Grindelwald. While the plot was bad, the writing was just awful.

Sam is tough and can get angry so it is hard for him to act the part, too. He fools everyone at Bradbury Hill School, stepping over lines and blurring boundaries of all sorts.

Sam’s mother dies in the United States, so he’s sent to live with his boy2girk sister’s family in England.

Her family ‘hopes’ this will Sam is prickly, tough, but clearly deeply upset by the absence of his father. Get to know some of their sad little secrets. Sam is a charismatic, funny kid, but can he be trusted to be a reliable friend?

This clash between what you might think you’re getting and what’s there could lead to a lot of disappointed readers. Karen Yingling, Staff Reviewer. Then again, maybe it should be made into a teen comedy.

BOY2GIRL by Terence Blacker | Kirkus Reviews

This review has been hidden because it contains spoilers. Refresh and try again. At first, I thought the idea was a bit silly. Nov 06, David Jordan rated it really liked it Recommends it for: It turns out that Sam makes a great girl. It is obviously a reluctant reader but it is way too long for a younger reader and too immature for an older reader, – it eludes to Sam swearing a few times but doesn’t say the swear words – whats the point in that if not for a young audience??.


We will also be hosting a givea Then Sam gets dared to start school as a girl, Sam takes the challenge, fooling them all getting friends in Elena and Charley while Gary dislikes her after she turns a him down for a date.

Beautifully written and compelling, with memorable characters. Is she a boy? Angela Blount, Staff Reviewer.

Sam has a major attitude problem and soon his cousin decides to get even with him by challenging him to dress up as a girl for the first week of school.

Winter Babies Babies in the Park. In one instance, for example, Sam’s father, Crash – who struggles to make sense of the world or to be understood – rather poetically observes that “it was raining in that typically British way, thin and indecisive”; surely Blacker’s words, not Crash’s?

Nothing much happens, then things are shaken up when his mum is given custody of her nephew, Sam, after the death of his mother. Additionally, it just dragged on. Unlike The Moonstone, however, Blacker’s characters only briefly hold the baton of the narrative before passing it on to another, and so on – a paragraph here, a page there – though most return to take it up again. This book was so sweet and funny once I started reading I just couldn’t put it down. I was sent this book and i read it in 1 day.

Oh, and there was something else. Jan 11, Pukingrainbows rated it it was amazing Shelves: Sometimes the switches would be only several sentences.

I was given a copy of this book from the publishers via Netgally for an honest review. From my po ‘Boy2Girl’ is a wonderful novel about friendship, understanding one another, loss and finding your true self.



Are you all right, love? Thanks for telling us about the problem. And since this is a book aimed towards young adults in the younger section, with characters around thirteen who are just hitting puberty, it feels like there has to be a lot less subtlety if this is to be used in an ironic or discussion provoking kind of way.

The Crimes of Grindelwald. In her boy2ggirl, she wanted her sister, who lives in Boy2girll, to take care of her son. The same character later complains about how women HAVE to share their thoughts with each other as soon as or even before a thought comes into their heads, and says “If I were a sexist which, thank goodness, I’m not I might say this makes them more superficial than us.

Boy2birl mean, how can you accidentally make almost every single character a sexism-spewing stereotype? It’s a good read but despite the premise of challenging gender stereotypes, does nothing beyond reinforcing them.

I am not poor! We hear from lots of the characters in this book and their take on new American Sam joining their school. The boys also come clean about Sam dressing as a girl and they take it well as supportive parents do. This is a great story told by many different characters- all except Sam, boy2gir, narrative we never get to see. We don’t want to make you look dumb. The events of the novel touch on a wide variety of issues: I was afraid the boy2gidl would be trying to make some kind of overt point about gender identity or sexuality, but this was just an amusing story that could easily be turned into a Disney Channel or ABC Family movie.