Toni prepares for a concert in Russia; Towanda steps in for Tamar to sing backup for Toni; and Trina’s marriage hits a rough patch. Evelyn suffers from a stroke, which turns into an East Coast vs. Tamar is concerned that Trina’s boyfriend wants a private meeting with their father. Traci is pressed for Braxton’s gossip. Official website not in Wikidata. Tamar is thrown off-guard, and the surprise completely backfires.

West Coast sister battle over Mommy! The season’s premiere episode “The Bermuda Triangle” attracted over 1. Traci starts to plan her son’s baby shower, but fears the worst when her father asks for an invitation for his wife! Evelyn and Towanda discuss issues with Tamar. Also, Traci has a surprise for the family and Evelyn makes a shocking announcement. Traci worries about her surgery. Tensions rise as the girls struggle to make progress on their album.

Season 4, Episode Towanda, Traci and Trina surprise Tamar on stage. Will the sisters put an end to all the bickering? Audible Download Audio Books. Tamar works on her tour.

BFVS5E1 – Braxton Family Values Season 5 Episode 1

Talks with the Braxtons about returning to the show reaches a pivotal moment. Toni and Tamar get into a major blowout.


Trina faces final divorce decisions and stresses over Bar Chix. Traci tricks her sisters at her studio session. List of Braxton Family Values episodes.

Streaming Or Download Full Episode. Evelyn is ready to take the next step in her love life and dips into the dating pool. Trina makes a business decision that gets a dramatic response. Braxton Family Values; Five sisters.

When pushed too far, Tamar storms off. The girls are in NYC for Toni’s Broadway show but tension flares up at Tamar’s birthday party when a guest offends the sisters and Tamar defends him. Toni performs in Brooklyn; dinner disaster. Toni tells Tamar her plans to retire her sisters.

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Retrieved 26 April Trina seeks a hypnotist to conquer her fear. Views Read Edit View history. The sisters try to move forward after their dramatic dinner with Daddy.

Trina goes barhopping famly potential Bar Chix; things get wild. Toni invites Traci to sing during her show at a major jazz festival. By using this site, you agree to the Terms of Use and Privacy Policy.

Chicago Med — Season 4 Trailer. Braxton Family Values Toni got a Ditty!

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A chance to catch up with the latest events inside the house. The series aired from April 12, until June 14,consisting of 11 episodes.


Traci and Toni get pulled over by the cops. Trina works with Gabe on new business, Bar Chix. Season 2, Episode 7 Dr.

In a messy divorce, Trina and her sons have just days to move out of their home. Tamar invites sisters to join her on tour. Back in Atlanta, Towanda sets Toni up on a date. Evelyn has a piano delivered for inspiration, and Tamar gets the take-over spirit. Retrieved 17 May Toni finally shares she’s engaged with the sisters, but it quickly escalates into sibling rivalry over who’s planning the wedding.

Towanda shocks all with her role in a new theater project. After an explosive family dinner, the sisters go on a therapy retreat. Surprise guests threaten to ruin the vacation. The sisters are stunned when an unexpected guest shows up at Mommy’s birthday party.