He fights against criminals, falls in love, confuses apartments, passes exams – he lives after all. In the next shot he is already sitting at the table with Gorbunkov’s daughter eating the ice cream served in bowl and Mrs. Semyon Gorbunkov goes on a cruise. Even the best Russian – or as some say – Soviet comedies don’t stand even close to it. Hilarity Ensues as the two inept henchmen Gennadiy and Lyolik hatch various schemes to retrieve the contraband without killing Semyon or attracting unwanted attention. It was also one of the all-time leaders at the Soviet box office with over 76,, theatre admissions in the Soviet era. However, a police helicopter finds them and picks up the car.

The rabbits boldly sing a refrain that can be roughly translated as “We don’t care! From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. Post Share on Facebook. More Top Movies Trailers. Nina Grebeshkova as Gorbunkov’s Wife. Assisstant Foreign Smuggler Igor Yasulovich The boss of a black market ring known only as “The Chief” wants to smuggle a batch of jewelry from a foreign state into the Soviet Union by hiding it inside the orthopedic cast of a courier.

Pyos Barbos i neobychnyj kross Gorbunkov goes on vacation with his family, albeit now with a broken leg as a result of the kidnapping. Not realizing it, Semyon manages to open the trunk and falls out. It was sung in the movie by the Kozodoyev during the cruise as he ,ovie a guitar while relaxing on the ship’s deck.

Every time it gets even more funny!

Ironiya sudby, ili S legkim parom! Fooled by the corrupt local bri,liantovaya, he helps him to kidnap a beautiful young girl, but soon realizes what he’s done. There are no featured reviews for The Diamond Arm Brilliantovaya ruka at this time. Semyon Gorbunkov goes on a cruise.


The plot of the film was based on a real-life news item about Swiss smugglers who tried to transport jewels in an orthopedic cast.

There are dozens of catch phrases and extremely hilarious brolliantovaya – you can talk to a any friend who saw it all night and laugh about it all anew. Did your favorite brillisntovaya the cut? Yuri Nikulin as Semyon Gorbunkov. Under the impression that he was in on the plan, the smugglers whisked an oblivious Gorbunkov to an emergency “clinic” where his cast was filled with several million dollars worth of diamonds before he was sent home.

Learn more More Like This. An incredible story about a man who misplaced the cities and found his love during the one special night – New Year’s celebration. Articles containing Russian-language text.

The Diamond Arm (1968) pt. 1

Gorbunkova holding three roses. The criminals kidnap Gorbunkov and attempt to flee as the police mkvie them down in a helicopter and capture them. The Diamond Arm has become a Russian cult film and is considered by many Russian contemporaries to be one of the finest comedies of all time. Movie Info Directed and co-written by Leonid Gaidai, Brilliantovaya Ruka follows the misadventures of Semyon Gorbunkov Yuri Nikulina kind hearted family man who has the bad luck of breaking his arm while vacationing.

Back to the Future It Can’t Be!

Unbelievable Adventures of Italians in Russia The mad adventures of the mad Italians, searching for the mad treasures in the mad Russia. Goofs When Kozodoev is approaching the Gorbunkov’s table on the beach, he carries an ice cream on a stick and two roses. Use the HTML below.


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They place a cast around his arm and put the contraband jewels inside the cast. The song was recorded by Mironov himself.

The rabbits boldly sing a refrain that can be roughly translated as “We don’t care! He would never learn about it, but one day his neighbor created a time machine. Crazy Credits The summary of the first part of the movie, written in an extremely small and blurry font, races through the screen in a matter of two seconds.

Anna Sergeyevna Roman Filippov This is not uncommon, as many Russian actors of that time were proficient in dancing and singing, as well as acting. This page was last edited on 26 Decemberat Search for ” Brilliantovaya ruka ” on Amazon. Three stories about Shurik – a young student. Both get captured and tied to a tree. The tango -styled parodic song is about love and passion, and is played in the background during a scene when a femme fatale hired by the Chief’s henchmen attempts to seduce and drug Gorbunkov.

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An ordinary Soviet citizen accidentally intervenes into the huge operation of international criminal group that trades illegally obtained ruia. The criminals stuff Semyon into the trunk and drive off, intending to kill him later. Stanislav Chekan as Captain Mikhail Ivanovich.