Whats going to happen with the end next week I wonder? Also, it looks like the anime will end with chapter 50! Seriously, they’re not killing Date after all the shit he’s pulled?? I really liked how Ryouta changed the bomb’s place so Date would blow himself up lol. Same thing with the relationship between himeko and ryouta, so damn slow Who would have thought Taira would deceive them.. The famous scene of boobies repelling bombs aka B vs B defense is finally out!

I can’t believe it lasting only 12 episodes with the pace its running. Related Database Entries Anime: Ok, I guess they didn’t want to get their hands dirty with killing Date, but they could at least get the chip. So far from this episode them EX hacking the back of them shit head I don’t like. Music is merely one element of many, but it is a critical component that defines the emotional impact of an anime. How Music Defines an Anime Music in anime can be a blessing or a curse.

I wonder how they’re going to end the series anyways. And it has come to this. I remember reading that in the manga. Also gotta love those bomb repelling boobs.

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In the best hopes they will show more skin from this parts in the BDs. D Next week’s episode is the final one and looks like Taira’s had enough is gonna go animesrason out. A lot of emotions for Murasaki and Date. Like he’d have the time for that.


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I would’ve sliced her throat 3 episkde over if I got screwed over no pun intended by a lover. So far the series has done exactly what it should.

Dem faces on Kiyoshi at episodw end though I mean, really, they would deserve it right? I bet at the end Taira-san dies after having snapped, Ryouta sends Himiko back with all the chips, Himiko tells him she’s really Himiko, he tells her to wait for him, he stays behind.

Damn the anime covered all to chapter 46 with only 11 episodes. Gonna miss this show for sure: It wasn’t as epic a battle as I would have expected this late in the series and it’s obvious everyone would survive.

Whats going to happen with the end next week I wonder? Animeseasob many facepalm moments It was doing great during the first half of its run, but people had given up on the series by its conclusion.

Forum Settings Episode Information Forums. Cried of pure laughter when that BIM bounced off Himiko’s left boob Hatsuyuki Kami-sama Offline Joined: How Music Defines an Anime. Anyone else hoping for an original ending where Date-san kills everyone and makes it off the episodf a second time? Recent Watched Ignored Search Forum. Just use a knife or something to get it out. All in all a really great anime season is coming to an end soon, first one i’ve watched multiple show airing at the same time, and i’ll miss all of them: I hope it continues next season or something Sasuga Madhouse Ah, the power of boobs!



Btooom! Episode 11 Discussion

Might actually read btooom! That was the most hilarious part of the whole anime XD. The bombs’ explosive powers keep changing depending on who it’s close to, and I really This part is kinda random since the bomb is hidden all over the place. At least still making them GIFs of this series around in general. If I recall in the manga it also shows him in the flash back being a little more suspicious and preparing to ditch it a little before Himiko came.

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Well, Love is blind anyway.

Can’t wait for an action packed episode for the final ep. How Music Defines an Anime Music in anime can be a blessing or a curse.