Jan 19, Steve Shilstone rated it liked it. This book has pages so it appears that winnowing effort will have to wait a while longer. There are not too many characters and Scott Turow wrote a tightly-knitted plot without superfluous passages. As he prepares for the funeral, his brother-in-law Dixon Hartnell is served with a federal subpoena investigating unscrupulous business practices surrounding his brokerage firm. Prior to each of the institutional trades, someone at Dixon’s firm has bought the same commodity while market prices are low. Nate Cawley, Clara’s doctor, is crumbling. A wonderful book that I have read through twice now.

This one deals with Sandy Stern. A middling legal story. Jan 28, Fred Weller added it. Rather than help his own cause, however, Dixon feigns disinterest, insisting only that Stern accept custody of a safe containing important “personal” papers. Feb 12, Kameron Raynor rated it it was ok. With Margy’s assistance, Stern confirms that the suspicious trades, all involving commodity-futures purchases for institutional customers, fall into an ingenious illegal scheme known as “trading ahead”:.

Hartnell is a complex figure, one that Sandy admires but doesn’t trust. These problems surface when Sandy arrives home–preoccupied with his defense of his sister Silvia’s husband and Sandy’s old school friend Dixon Hartnack, whose coyly named commodities house, Maison Dixon, is under federal investigation for taking advantage of clients’ futures orders to place illegal preemptive orders–to find that his wife Clara has killed herself.

Goes on to the intricacies of cheating various commodity exchanges. The other was a subpoena for his brother-in-law Dixon Hartnell to appear before a United States grand jury to answer to charges of some illegal trades on commodities and futures exchanges. Jan 02, Malorie rated it did not like it. Lots and lots of introspective passages with w This book was such a huge disappointment.


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There is no doubt in my mind as to why events happened the way they did. Following the institutional buys, after prices have climbed, the first position is cashed out at a handsome rate of sfott. I’m sure others feel differently about it, but there you sxott Stern is actually in a relationship with Helen Dudak, a real tiger in the sack. The Burden of Proof miniseries.

Scott Turow tiene un estilo completamente distinto al de John Grisham, a pesar de que escriben sobre lo mismo. But the obvious is not what it is.

A later, a more serious affair with a divorced friend further arouses Stern’s dormant sexuality, but he remains a novice in matters of passion. And to see that he can have a positive interaction with a five year old even as he has doubts about how well he did scotf his own children.

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But with every twist and burcen, he discovers some family secrets behind the scenes. To view it, click here. I might even go back and read the first, although once you know the “trick” in that one I have other Turow hurden on my shelf to look forward to reading when he syno;sis up again on my cycle of authors and series. Sign up here to receive your FREE alerts.

Turow has an amazing talent for getting the reader inside a character’s mind. One of Turow’s great strengths as a writer is that even relatively minor players like Margy are portrayed as well-developed personalities, with unique personal histories, individualized sensibilities and annoying idiosyncrasies. When Dixon is served with a grand-jury subpoena directing him to produce company records on several large transactions, Stern detects the presence of an informant.

I had to rate it 5 stars when compared to what I’ve been giving 4 stars recently.


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Scott Turow had written an award-winning novel Presumed Innocent in I feel he should have had more respect for the money paying reader. Returning home one afternoon, absorbed in lawyerly abstractions about yet another big-name client–his womanizing brother-in-law, Dixon Hartnell, whose brokerage firm is under investigation by the Justice Department for illegal trading– Stern finds Clara dead in her car from carbon monoxide poisoning.

Aug 11, Sari rated it did not like it.

There is plenty of material and missing a bit does no lasting damage to the reading. A work of fiction that the reader feels he has “solved” the crime, but finds that he is wrong, not once but several times.

Burden of Proof

His employment of Stern’s son-in-law John, married to daughter Kate, as a butden trader at the Kindle exchange doesn’t make things any simpler.

As I experienced it, the age of this book published 22 years ago did not have a detrimental effect on the story. A middling legal story.

Like really weird Scott Turow is about 60ish now, and so he would have been in his early 30s when he wrote this book, but he is absolutely fascinated with middle-age sex. The writer, Scott Turow, had me believe the obvious as he wrote the pages. It reveals a family caught in a maelstrom of hidden oroof, shocking secrets, and warring passions.