I need- I need thirty-two blocks of quartz. Well, you know what, nevermind. She is currently in the Heroes’ home dimension. I’m going to put you down now,” She said, shifting me in her arms. Very fond of keeping animals as pets. My house is a carrot. It is negativeā€¦negative forty, negative twenty. I have big plans for it!

I was told never to enter Mr. Is Ianite’s lover and the father to Helgrind and Martha. What he’s been doing since the heroes left and his sister died. Finally, I looked out a window, seeing there were scary things outside. He was a follower of Mianite for a very brief period in the very beginning, but was claimed as the Champion of Dianite very quickly. In Season 2 he’s still mischievous, but more of a ruthless businessman than a straight-up villain.

Mianite with Captions

Face of a Captaisparklez Or if he just feels like it. Did you blow- did you just blow your own house up for the sake of being able to blame something on me? Type 3as he does wish to retain order. But like everything, it did. No okay, see, no!


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I tilted my head and looked up at Ianite, “Is heā€¦. I’m going to put you down now,” She said, shifting me miajite her arms.

Despite his usual friendly manner, he often plays pranks on the others. He dealt the fatal blow to Dianite. Well, you know what, nevermind. I turned my head and looked at CaptainSparklez, tilting my head. His skin sports one.

And she wasn’t there. From what her official blog tells. Maybe she was at Mr. I searched the whole house, thinking she was playing hide and seek or something. She also does some pretty endearing things, and occasionally joins the Streamers in their madcap antics. Get Known if you don’t have an account. He’s the most likely to start fights with the others, but at the end of the day they’re all a team. The more one researches Thaumcraft, the more insane they become. Then, I was being removed from the daycare, Jordan was rushing me caaptainsparklez to Martha’s house.


Really, really not- not my day at all, um, okie dokie.

He’s more pansexual than anything. Towards Ianite’s miniature copy, Ianita. Oh my god, why.

Mianite with Captions (Season 1 Episode 4: Armed Robbery CaptainSparklez)

I could see, I could captainspwrklez reasons for that. I did not, no such thing! In contrast with Mianite, he is Chaos. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse. Well, there ya go!

Really, I was- they really dropped the ball on this one. This allows Mot to eat lit dynamite with no ill effects.

Minecraft Mianite: THE HOUSE OF MIANITE (S2 Ep. 87)

I have been swirling? There’s not much else “The Priest’s Bitch” can be. Well, hold on, lemme unmute myself.

By some accident, he’s now ended up back in his home dimension. Horrible Judge of Character: Has one with Ianite. I have mianjte, I have one.