If Memnon had lived and his advice been adopted by Darius, the fate of Persia might have been very different. He easily filled up the ditch, and the towers were then brought forward. It was like a dart with feathers round the shaft shot by a sling held by two thongs. We must firstly accept, that we have veracity in the actions taken by Alexander , but only really speculation in regard to his motivations. Then Demaratus, a man of Corinth, one of his personal Companions, gave him his own spear ; which he had no sooner taken than seeing Mithridates, the son-in-law of Darius, riding far in front of the others, and leading with him a body of cavalry arranged like a wedge, he rode on in front of the others, and hitting at the face of Mithridates with his spear, struck him to the ground. An-angement of the EosHle Armies. However, the defenders made a sortie, killing many of the Romans; only 1, men escaped.

Consequently this Alexander was arrested and kept under guard. Views Read Edit View history. On the next, passing by Lampsacus, he encamped near the river Practius, which flows from the Idaean mountains and discharges itself into the sea between the Hellespont and the Euxine Sea. When all these concessions had been made to him, he marched away to Perga, and thence set out for Phrygia, his route leading him past the city of Termessus. Perseus moved to the land of the Penestae in southern Illyria and went on to Stubera with 10, infantry, 2, light infantry, and cavalry. Leading the phalanx against these, and ordering the cavalry to fall upon them from all sides in the midst, he soon cut them up, so that none of them escaped except such as might have concealed themselves among the dead bodies.

Crawford contacts Kraven the Hunter. And indeed as long as there was only skirmishing on both sides, the Triballians did not get the worst of it ; but as soon as the phalanx in dense array attacked them with vigour, and the cavalry fell upon them in various quarters, no longer merely striking them with the javelin, bat pushing them with their very horses, then at length they turned and fled through the.

He heard from two local traders that Perrhaebia where the Pythian mountain range was was poorly guarded. This artillery was at once made use of by Alexander in this campaign against the Illyrians.

He induced the tragic poets, Euripides and Agathon, as well as the epic poet Choerilus, to visit him ; and treated Euripides especially ccassandrea favour. Figulus sent part of the fleet to winter at Sciatus and went to Oreum in Euboea with the rest of the fleet because it was a better base from which to send supplies to Macedon and Thessaly.


Here he summoned the leaders from all around Illyria to a conference. AIt”xander’s Wars with the Thracians.

In conjunction with the Quadi, they were cassanndrea formidable to the Bomans until Commodus purchased peace from them. Cyna was put to death by Alcetas, at the order of Ferdiccas, the regent after Alexander’s death. As to the practice of shouting the war-cry to Mars before battle, see Xenophon Anab.

He appointed Ada to act as his viceroy of the whole of Caria. No sooner did the men in the five Persian ships see the Macedonians bearing up against them, contrary to their expectation, than they immediately tacked about, though far off, and fled cassahdrea the rest of their fleet.

As they were nimble and well-acquainted with the locality, they effected their retreat without difficulty ; whereas the Macedonians, on account alxander the heaviness of their arms and their ignorance of the roads, durst not pursue them vigorously. With his withdrawal Perseus marched back to Dium, rebuilt the fortifications the Romans had pulled down, and encamped on bank of the Enipeus to use this difficult-to-cross river as a cassandrra.

Nightmares in Red, White and Blue: A complete index of Proper Names has been added, and the quantities of the vowels marked for the aid of the English Reader.

Arsinoe II, Queen of Thrace and Egypt

Magarsus, of Megarsa, was the port of Mallus. Please help improve this article by adding citations to reliable sources.

Perseus hid cassandre the temple of Demetrius. And it turned out just as Alexander had conjectured and exhorted. The main Boeotian cities, though divided between a pro-Roman and a pro-Perseus faction, decided to break the treaty with Perseus and sided with Rome.

alexaander Three only of his reputed accomplices are known by name, and they were Alexander, Heromenes, and Arrhabaeus, sons of Aeropus. Alexander and Porus at the Hydaspes. It is entitled Gynegeticus of Arrian or the second Xenophon the Athenian.

The defending commanders soon capitulated, and asked to be allowed to leave with their weapons. Plutarch Life of Alex.

Alexander the Great – the Persian Invasion

However, he got his men to carry the money and told them to proceed slowly alesander to wait for his instructions when they reached the border. Zlexander Plutarch’s account they went to occupy the mountain passes. Three days after this, Alexander discovered that Clitus and Glaucias lay carelessly encamped ; that neither were ‘ their sentinels on guard in military order, nor had they protected themselves with a rampart or ditch, as if they imagined he had withdrawn through fear; and that they had extended their line to a disadvantageous length.

He reached Thessaly and encamped at Tripolis Larisaiafive kilometres north of Larissa the capital of Thessaly and further up the River Peneus.


Alexander the Great – the Persian Invasion

In the time of Alexander the country was named Great Phrygia, the term Galatia being afterwards applied to it, from the fact that it was conquered by the Gauls in the 3rd century B. He besieged the city, but then lifted the siege due to a report that Perseus was marching there. The statue is made of limestone and was probably created after her death. Aemilius left Pydna for Pella.

Alexander’s Wars with the Thracians. Livy wrote that the consul Publius Licinius, frustrated with his lack of success against Perseus, had turned against the Boeotians, mercilessly plundering several cities there, where he was wintering. A married Wisconsin teacher fears a Los Angeles lawyer who has mistaken her for his long-lost wife. In historical times they inhabited the country on the northern border of Macedonia. There, she married her half-brother, Ptolemy Ceraunus, to ensure her own safety and that of her sons.

Rome’s victory ended the Antigonid dynasty and brought an effective end to the independence of the Hellenistic kingdom of Macedon, although formal annexation was still some years away.

He hoped that this would draw the Romans forward, but they did not respond. Those who had made the sally from the city were driven back, and again shut up within the gates by the Macedonians.

Then, having taken three regiments of Macedonian in- fantry, all the archers, and the Agrianians, he marched away thence against the Cilicians, who were holding the mountains ; and in seven days in all, having expelled some by force, and having brought the rest over by composition, he marched back to Soli.

Perseus sent cavalry to guard the sea and ordered targeteers in Thessalonica to encamp close to the naval arsenal. It is said by some that when Alexander could find out no way to loosen the cord and yet was unwilling to allow it to remain unloosened, lest it should exercise some disturbing influence uponj the multitude, he struck the cord with his sword and cut it through, saying that it had been untied by him.

Alexander here- upon sent forth a party of his light-armed infantry and archers to repel their sortie; and these men repelled them with ease, just as they were approaching the very camp.