Only small changes were made to daily practice, yet the outcome was significant – the incidence of pressure ulcers was eliminated during the study period. This results in the skin becoming more fragile and easily damaged Figure 1. Nursing Times 5: Click here to view your reading list. Activated carbon powder was used as a marker of the efficacy of the barrier films at preventing wash-off and wear-off. A study by Bliss et al on the implementation of a skin care regimen that included a cleanser and a moisture barrier for preventing IAD resulted in significant cost savings for nursing homes in the USA.

Measuring sting potential of various film forming skin protectants. Clinical and economic evidence supporting a transparent barrier film dressing in incontinence-associated dermatitis and peri-wound protection. However, in the rare circumstances where removal is required, standard medical adhesive removers may be used. This may be when incontinence ceases to be a problem or when wound exudate levels or periwound protection is no longer required. A comparison of the durability of four barrier film products over a hour period on human volunteers. Other barrier films contain only one polymer and some utilise alcohol as a solvent. Click here to download Specifications PDF.

The Terpolymer is derived from three distinct monomers, that provides a protective coating on the skin, creating a highly effective barrier.

The unit of issue that Independence Australia sells this product. J WOCN ; 34 2: Like Cavilon no sting barrier film, the cream will not transfer to underwear or incontinence pads, and is resistant to washing off, eliminating the need for frequent reapplication.


Other barrier cavilpn contain only one polymer and some utilise alcohol as a solvent. The benefits of introducing a new skin care protocol in patients cared for in nursing homes. Principles of best practice: Practical prevention and treatment of incontinence-associated dermatitis – a risk factor for pressure ulcers. Cost-effectiveness data have also indicated that the Cavilon range can reduce costs when compared with traditional barrier products and can contribute to achievement of CQUIN targets.


Unusually for a cream, it allows tapes and dressings to adhere and, as with all Cavilon skin care products, it has been tested for hypoallergenicity. Please login to make use of our reading list feature. Evidence for Cavilon products Cavilon no sting barrier film and Cavilon durable barrier cream are established skin protectants that have caviloh investigated in a number of key clinical studies over the years Table 3.

The main indications are fipm breakdown due to IAD and periwound skin protection see Table 2.

J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs 34 2: Wound exudate and the role of dressings. The benefits of implementing a new skin care protocol in nursing homes. Summary The Cavilon range of skin care products provides safe, easy to use, and effective skin protection that can help to reduce incontinence-associated dermatitis, peri-wound skin breakdown and pressure ulcer development. Excessive moisture on the skin surface and dryness of the skin are among the most common factors Gray et al, ; White-Chu et al, Supported by 3M Health Care For further information go to http: Complexities of a common problem.

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How to apply Cavilon products Cavilon no sting barrier film Cavilon no sting barrier film comes in a variety of easy ffilm apply formats, including impregnated foam applicators wandspump spray and stoma wipes. A wide range of factors can increase the vulnerability of skin to damage.

Ffilm benefits of a skin care protocol A number of studies have reviewed the cost-effectiveness of using periwound skin protectants in patients with venous ingredinets ulcers Cameron et al, and in incontinent patients in nursing homes Bale et al, Nursing ScotlandIssue: J Wound Care 14 5: A liquid film-forming acrylate for peri-wound protection: You need to be logged in to subscribe to a journal.


This also led to a reduction in the costs for ongoing wound care.


Cavilon skin care products should not be used on patients who are sensitive to any of the ingredients. More recently, Tavadia et al found that many leg ulcer patients were allergic to fragrances and also to creams containing preservatives.

The study indicated that Cavilon no sting barrier film was more than twice as barrie at preventing wash-off and wear-off of a marker substance than the other barrier films tested Houser et al, The skin and periwound skin disorders and management.

A recent review found Cavilon no sting barrier film was at least as clinically effective and potentially more cost-effective in IAD prophylaxis and periwound skin protection than petroleum ointments or zinc oxide formulations Guest et al, Allergic contact dermatitis in venous leg ulcer patients.

Wound Healing Southern Africa 2 2: The products unique 3M formulation contains a blend barier not one but two polymers, including a Terpolymer and a Homopolymer plasticiser. Parnum J et al Evaluation of a durable barrier cream in relation to pressure ulcer prevention in incontinent patients, an economic argument.

J Wound Ostomy Continence Nurs 38 3: What are the causes of moisture lesions and the strategies for treatment? It contains unique ingredients called polymers that form a waterproof, protective coating on the skin.