Seo Yoon-joo replies that it is love. What we’re watching by DB Staff. I had to replay that 10 times and a couple of psychologists all wrapped into one blank stared, dead behind the crossed eyes gold digger. There are ten candidates for a new entry level position that Seung-jo will have to interview, and he gives him a portfolio. That’s one area where I felt this drama dropped the ball, once again I ask why cast Kim Ji suk and then given him nothing to do. The cast was wonderful. Se-kyung’s boyfriend of six years Namkoong Min , who has to pay his sick mother’s medical bills, runs away with her savings. Kudos to the writers for tackling themes, although suggested, not really confronted in kdramas I’ve watched recently.

Seung-jo falls for the genuine, idealistic Se-kyung, but not knowing this, she gives up being the person she wanted to be, and decides to live like those she once despised. At first it was funny to watch him but little by little he kind of started annoying me with his weird character. It was a well-deserved and gratifying in-your-FACE moment. And maybe they did work hard, things don’t just work out for them. Watching it just on face value, it’s easy to understand that most will find it flawed and dissatisfying. The subject matter the writer was dealing with is too hard to deal with in just 16 episodes though. Only then can she prove that she really loved him and not the money.

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I really enjoyed this show up until episode 8, and then it began to sort of go downhill and I wasn’t sure what it wanted to do or be. But what I enjoyed the most was the fact that it never shied away from making us question what our own values were, and from a harsher reality that is rarely seen in most romantic comedies.

Did a fist pump too when Yoon Joo stuck it to both In Hwa and her doofus brother who put her down as not being worth hundreds of billion won. And maybe they did work hard, things don’t just work out for them. It’s because we’re practical and know it’s impossible to aim so high.


As Cha Seung-jo is reading the letter, he cries for the first time in many years. Think about it, you pay taxes upfront on your paycheck.

winopsis Which not all actors can handle. I had to watch it for Park Shi Hoo The princess’ man!!!! Drama viewership ratings for the week of Feb.

She would go to any lengths to be able to live while loving someone. Seo Yoon-joo goes to see Tommy Hong; she learns that the person who he is trying to pair up with her husband’s sister, Shin In-hwa, is actually Cha Seung-jo. Se Kyung makes a good point in that Seung Jo has an advantage over her, not just his own hard work. Seung-jo has his suspicions….

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The family had to live in a basement, cheongdxmdong despite their poverty their mother allowed Yoon-joo to wear expensive clothing — zinopsis beauty would be her fortune. His strategy for management is to raise the price of products to achieve increased sales. What if she was one in the past but now loved her husband? Rpisode also got really surprised when you wrote: Seung-jo wants to know when she found out that Yoon-joo was his ex.

His cries transform into a doorbell ringing, and next thing he knows, Zinopsis is by his side, carrying that sketchbook. I guess I’m pretty much alone with thinking that the overall score for this series is pretty high. You said that without me, you were nothing. Yes, there are some stories of people who worked hard, and things worked out for them at some point I’ll join you in that high scoring!

Honestly more so the first half then the latter. While GN Fashion may have lost a huge financial deal, Se-kyung messed up her own plans to enter Cheongdam-dong.

What we’re watching by DB Staff. The character that most frustrated me was the character that I was at first most excited about – SK.

I hate it how “bad” characters in dramas are never bad. Except for the few moments when she becomes angry and tough, she maintains one look of sadness — which for me makes it feel like one-note acting.


Typical korean drama epiaode to drag by showing unnecessary scenes of the supporting characters. TS January 29, at 4: I think because it’s affected other dramas, but it’s not been overtly talked about, so it’s been a quiet bug for a little while now. So I adored the conversation about the painting and how obvious it was to those who struggled and struggled and struggled for any kind of leg up and generally didn’t find it.

It does not always make for cheongdmadong drama, though, so perhaps that is why the writer thought she needed to have the In-hwa sub-plot.

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But that triggers it — dreams… And suddenly he realizes that what he thought was a dream was not a dream. Park Shi Hoo was both a hoot overdone at times, but hilarious and a dream to watch during the sad and intense momentssuch a talent!

Epidode just loved the bit where she told him she wanted a divorce instead, and then said the same thing to In-hwa. However, I really like the character of the Mad Hatter and no matter how, I can’t quite fit Seung-Jo because the Hatter is sort of outside of time whereas Seung-Jo isn’t frozen by time, he was rich and in love, became poor cheongramdong got dumped, became rich again partly on his own and tried to get revenge then moved on to another love and dumped his new lover- ok, he may have been somehow caught in a cycle Seung-jo then heads on to his meeting with Il-nam.

Have a dream, but be awake enough to make it a reality. It’s a soapbox the show wants you to stand on, I think. As soon as Se-kyung leaves, Seung-jo barges in wanting to know why Tommy and Se-kyung, who are naturally enemies, would be so friendly.