A time of commemoration. Tom Kelly, director of oper- ations in the Gulf theater during the war. Simply turn the handle; the more you turn, the finer it will chop. He gave me the coordinates. The political systems of other nations became a mat- ter of deep concern because, in the tra- ditional American view, a nation’s pol- itics dictates its foreign policy. Gene Blackburn Rome, N. WWII th Ftr. Rocks, roots, stumps, etc.

Ridiculed by the public as the “Carter Quarter” the mini-dollar is fast becoming a prized collectible. Harrington before the National Executive Com- mittee in May. After that was all over we had the complete comer on the know-how of atomic energy. Camp Perry, Ohio 38th inf. Hitler felt the effort would be too costly in time, money and materials, even if it could be accomplished. Nor does the United Nations ban ballistic weapons with a range of less than kilome- ters—a sufficient range to hit Kuwait and Saudi Arabia.

Vidfo can be defended only when clear national interests are at stake. And now, to answer these allegations about the atom bombing of Hiroshima and the American policy of nuclear arms and peace— Mr. With shaking hands, I called base to divert our own fighters. According to National Commander William M. This is wrong and must be modified to provide a work training incentive.

The jury should be paid at a rate com- parable to the lawyers and judges. They will add a certain charm and beauty to your home.

The VA needs to exist, but not in its present form. Make sure, John, make sure. Recovery, Ohio, is alive and participated in the flag raising. Indeed, the public response has been such that Newhouse took a leave of absence from his job as a real estate broker to market WWII memorabilia. They have incurred fewer casualties, and con- cluded more quickly and decisively, than previous conflicts.

The main gripe from ci is that in failing to remove Saddam and finish off his army, we wpisode loose ends that may come back to haunt us.


For many, the solution to finding employment is more educa- tion. The result left no doubt about the awe- some potential of atomic fission. My plane shuddered into a steep bank and stalled.

Considering the enormous popularity of Western-theme sculptures, along with the power of Stephen Douglas’ art — this series is expected to attract intense demand. Our amazing chopper is not only easy to clean and safe to use, but it actually replaces your time consuming large electronic processor and the mess it creates.

At the Kremlin and the Pentagon, mili- tary strategists busily plot first-strike scenarios; in Siberia and middle- America, secret factories crank out nuclear war- heads at production-line pace.

Humanitarian relief is a reason for a brief use of the military, as we sometimes do in disaster relief situa- tions, but slipping into the endless task of “nation building” is a costly error. Later, Oppenheimer would say the fearsome majesty of the explosion brought to mind a line from ancient Hindu scripture: WWII th Sig.

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Terrorist actions that injure or risk American safety here or overseas are chaskx, justifying mili- tary action that is at once punitive and deterrent. The air war was a Cakewalk; the ground war was one of the shortest in history, lasting only three days. Stafford, Post 60 of Pulaski, Tenn. Requires a 9 volt battery. The administration is in its third year in office without a cogent approach to national security policy— one that tells us when we can safely avoid a foreign crisis, and when we must intervene.

The American Legion views many of its roles as part of the lingering cost of war. Today, prostate cdi is the second most commonly performed surgery in epispde over age 65! I only hope we will be granted that, at least. It is our posi- tion that Enola Gay be displayed in its entirety, fully restored and reassembled, without controversy and without bias.


Today, like Father Mulroy, I teach school. George Grenlee Dulzura, Calif. Many of these “oddball U’s” don’t require an undergraduate degree. Then I saw them.

Bn th Sig. Meanwhile, African- Americans, men in particular, ccid benefited the least of any group from affirmative action. Rest in Peace The federally funded U.

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Although most military insiders agree that the allied bombings set back Iraq’s nuclear program by perhaps a decade, there is still Saddam’s obses- sion with completing the program. It is a place of prepara- tion. We asked them to surrender They did not do it. The United States faced down these tyrants, successfully prose- cuting the war to the amazement of the world — and in the process sacrificedof its young men and women.

Oppenheimer was as cadaver- ous as Groves was paunchy, as diplo- matic as Groves was blunt, as broad-minded as Groves was pragmat- ic. VETS also will maintain reunion coordinators’ mailing lists and unit archives, and handle all reunion publicity needs. If so, for what purpose?

Calvin Epsode of Celina, Ohio, formerly of Ft. Somebody made a mistake, I thought. This spring and summer, America will celebrate the final victory over Fascist Ger- many and Imperial Japan.

One -Stop Shopping Already a tense chska on Capitol Hill, aid to Russia is growing even more controversial now that evidence has surfaced linking Moscow to the Japanese religious sect suspected in the nerve gas attack on the Tokyo subway. To virtually all Americans, Europe was a source of danger, com- posed of what Jefferson called “nations of eternal war.