Stanislav Semerdjiev A, Rakovski Str. It should be noted though that the most eagerly anticipated Bulgarian productions also take advantage in the increased number of screens. In , the first multiplex of the Arena Cinemas chain opened doors, Arena Zapad West in Sofia seats and in the following years Arena Cinemas chain, part of Alexandra Group, established in , evolved into the biggest 37 exhibitor in Bulgaria. Chavdar Gagov 2, Serdika str. According to the same data as well which failed to cover all the TV broadcasters , it could be assumed that the best part of programmes 28 from 54 , do meet the quota of 50 percent of the share of European productions per annual programme time. Emil Simeonov 29A, Slavianska str. A Sofia, Bulgaria tel.: In doing so, it encourages cooperation between professionals established in different European countries.

Yet another factor important to 27 cinema attendance, is the average ticket price to GDP per capita ratio. Vania Raynova , Evlogi Georgiev blvd. The project was conceived by a team of a design company as an innovative form in a new advanced format. The multiplex at Strand Mall Burgas, opened doors in spring to close down in mere six month having a seating capacity of across 8 screens equipped with 3D digital systems. A decade ago, in the number of cinema theatres reached a historical low of 56 screens seating 19 Stoyan Stoyanov , Krum Popov Str. Chavdar Gagov 2, Serdika str. B Sofia, Bulgaria tel.:

Pavlina Angelova 40, Philip Totyu str. It placed under the supervision of the MPE not only the educational affairs of the state, but also the development of cultural institutes.

Atanas Marinov Mladost 1 Comlex, bl. They vibrate or tilt and the viewers are pushed in the back eg when there is fight on the screentouched suddenly surprising action or tense momentand the flyby of bullets in the action is felt by whizzing of rapid air streams near the ears.

Odeon is the one cult cinema in Bulgaria, or rather in Sofia still running. Hristo Hristov 77, Dimitar Hadjikotsev Str.


The Charter of Fundamental Rights of the European Union provides for both freedom of information cit pluralism of the media and freedom of the arts and freedom to conduct a business. A small museum of cinema is supposed to be established in the area putting on display equipment, posters and cinematic artefacts. A pllovdiv condition for obtaining Eurimages support is the project to be an international coproduction between at least two member states.

Kamen Balkanski 2-A, Dondukov blvd.

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In a number of cities, the resources needed to maintain a cinema theatre have slumped drastically with the shortage of funds including for re-equipment and advertising resulting in a decreasing number of cinemagoers and revenues.

Vladimir Ystreba Msll vrata Str. Along with the Diplomatic Institute, the Institute delivers training in the area of cultural diplomacy for young diplomats. Cinema City Mall Plovdiv opened in March In3 independently financed feature films were made and released across the country.

BNT has the commitment to produce a broad spectrum of national and regional programmes including ones about other countries, societies and cultures around the world; programmes that meet the needs of Bulgarian citizens whose mother-tongue is not Bulgarian, by the inclusion of original content in their own language; and programmes that keep Bulgarians living abroad up-to date with events in their home country.

These, however, have to adhere to the successful formula for popular film genres, adeptly balancing between topicality, social commitment and entertainment.

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Competitive programme in 4 genres: Under the Film Industry Act: Christopher Bojilov B, Slavovitsa Str. BNT caters for the diverse ideas and beliefs within society by reflecting the many different points of view and encouraging mutual understanding and tolerance in the relations between people. The last one, Cinema City Paradise opened doors in spring In three cinema theatres received funding for exhibiting national 41 and European productions: An exhibition commemorating the great actor is on display in the lobby.

The Cine Grand chain has presently seats, seeking though to mount 70 or 80 screens in smaller towns with single-screen cinema theatres estimated at EUR 10 to 15m. Between andthe number of multiplexes went up by over 50 percent, from 6 to 15, and the number of seats in them in totalled 25compared with 12 in Bilyana Tomova 65, Iskar Str.


Rumen Barosov 25 Vitosha blvd. The Cine Grand chain has two more multiplexes, one in Pleven and one in the coastal city of Burgas. Optimistically, it may be noted that the process of bringing back to life small cinema theatres continues in The unique and luxurious cinema with 1, seats offers viewing experience guaranteed by the best in its class service introduced by Cine Grand. Though the ambitious programme of the company to expand in other cities apart from the capital has not been carried out as yet, with its 8 halls that have opened doors in in two of their locations, Cine Grand contributed a lot to the increase in both cinema admissions and box office receipts.

Pavel Stanchev 1, Bulgaria sq. Lachezar Velinov 27, Svetoslav Terter str.

Given a slight decrease in the average ticket price by 1. Andrey Slabakoff 5, Momina mogila str. The main purpose of the Festival is pfograma present contemporary film art from Bulgaria, Europe and the whole world. Ivan Tonev 19, Popova shapka Str. Ivaylo Kotsev protrama, Tsar Simeon str. In compliance with the amendments to the Electronic Communications Act ofBulgaria switched to digital television as of 30 September Clavdia Kamburova room ; 66, Ivan Michailov Str.

Mina Mileva B, Rakovski str.

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The DVD technology made a great deal of difference in distribution too. The Radio and Television Law is applied by a media regulator: MPE prepared and carried out policies, practically including all ciity of cultural development.

Miroslav Borshosh 1, Bulgaria sq.