And the routine which defeated the ungentlemanly General Bonaparte was good enough to defeat anyone else. Her daughter also had a roving eye, and looked as if she was ready to have a fling at any moment. He was a brilliant critic, a vile editor, and a superb luncher-out. He had breakfasted much too early, so as not to be late for the appointment, and he [Pg 31] had spent a cold half-hour in a dark, stone-flagged waiting-room at the office of the Illustrated Planet between 8 o’clock and half-past, his courage sinking with his temperature, and a hungry feeling competing with a nervous feeling for supremacy in the neighbourhood of his lower waistcoat buttons. Because the English soldier, the chap who actually does the fighting, is amazingly good. After these two routine preliminaries, the scene automatically moves in these books to the week-end party, and there the hero, his contempt for cricket having been duly flaunted and his injured posterior healed, finds himself in surroundings that are worthy of him and his brilliance.

The room in which he found himself was long and narrow, uncarpeted and unfurnished except for a desk at the far end and three chairs. He rushed out of the house and roared [Pg 61] at a passing taxi so that the windows shook, and rushed back in ten minutes with twelve second-hand suitcases that he had bought at a shop in Sloane Square, and a bundle of enormous labels and a pot of red paint, and started to pack all Donald’s belongings into them. For his particular purpose—the first-hand study of the English people—no set of guests could have been more suitably chosen. Cameron naturally gravitated towards each other in the corner of the pill-box furthest from the door—artillery officers always seemed to drift into the corner of the pill-box furthest from the door—and in a short time were deep in conversation. Income-tax was to be deducted at the source. Ivor Novello has just telephoned from Hollywood to say that he quite agrees with you, but you’re to say nothing now. Ewan Cameron had not always been a farmer.

She shot a dark glance from under her lashes at Donald.

Major-General knew a thing or two about her warrior’s character and she did not trust him an inch. You can get synthetic Burgundy out of penny-in-the-slot machines in all tunnels under the Thames, but not synthetic Bordeaux. He was nervous partly because he thought the man looked positively ferocious, and partly because, for the first time since he had acquired the Fleet Street habit, Donald saw that he would have to bear a responsible part in the conversation.

It was of some considerable importance to them, therefore, that the rockets should be observed. For his conversation was not only easy, witty, learned, universal; it was enchanting as well. Hodge’s grey bowler hat and flocked downstairs. Once he had done so, he had only to perch himself unobtrusively upon a high stool on the outskirts of the group, and he could listen as long as he liked to the conversation of a brilliant circle of Englishmen.


Harcourt, with immense dignity, “but to an old Giggleswickian a woman is sacred. And look here,” added the publisher, “I’ve got a small dinner-party to-night—just the sort of people who might be useful. He went to a lunch-party every day of the week, was always the first to arrive and the last to leave, and was always welcome.

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Such was the mathematical exactitude of prophecy with which the Ministry of Pensions was endowed in those years that immediately followed the War, and it is believed to be the first successful ctrano by Aesculapius upon the preserves of the Delphian Apollo. Donald was not among the fortunate two per cent. Balspindie is for old men. Greig of the College Library tells me that you want to enter upon a literary career.

Go to the Gordon barracks in Aberdeen to-morrow and bring a piper who can play a Cameron lament. Donald’s warm retort was fortunately never uttered, as Mr. But then, as Donald reflected, that was not at all surprising, for the missing Rupert was none other than his friend of the Fleet Street pubs—Mr.

Donald Cameron travelled this route, and ended in a monster hydropathic in Scotland, where the chief, indeed, the only, qualification of the Commandant for solving the three hundred separate psychological problems entrusted to him by the War Office was an unrivalled knowledge of the drainage system of the insalubrious port of Leith.

England, Their England, by A. G. Macdonell

Cameron,” he said, beaming at him through his colossal glasses. Montagu and Lord Chelmsford years ago had been irrevocably committed, was to let the natives try another Mutiny and then show them what was what. Huggins as a freak and made up his mind to see as little as possible of him in the future.

Ewan Cameron made as little fuss about dying as he had made about living. So far from arriving at a clear notion of Mr. This glance gave him a profound surprise, for he had imagined at first that the hugeness of the little man’s head was his most important feature.

Green alone would not be enough. And, for he had not neglected the recreational side of a warrior’s life, he knew how to flirt with rcecy pretty girl. He was a cavalry major who had trans [Pg 13] ferred into the infantry for the sake of promotion—a neat, dapper little man who ate sparingly in order to keep his weight down for post-war polo. The events which are described in this book had their real origin in crevy conversation which took place between two artillery subalterns on the Crexy Front in the beginning of October For the lecturer in Italian had warmly recommended Chelsea as the only possible region in which a literary man could live, whereas the librarian had repeatedly affirmed that no one who was anyone lived further away from the British Museum than an average athlete at the Aboyne Games could throw a [Pg 27] stone.


Lady Ormerode had the [Pg 84] ex-Secretary of State on her right, and on her left, on the strength of the invitation to Chatsworth, Donald.

Cinema Gouy-saint-andre

You must start on the lowest rung. Smith and they all laughed again. By tea-time a good deal of Donald’s shyness had worn off, and he had been able to disentangle the identities of dinema fellow-guests from one another.

Hodge would have none of it. Southcott, life from Saturday to Monday in great country mansions was quite another affair. He banged the table with his fist and exclaimed, “The Portuguese are damned bad governors!

Poop, showing faint traces of animation for the first time that evening. Donald, by now a-twitter with nervous palpitations, wondered if the little man’s first words would be a rasping command to Marshal Soult to attack the Russian centre, or a single word which would unleash the Old Guard up the slopes of St.

Though it was the first time he had actually cibema in one of these superb lounge-halls with their sofas and [Pg 72] divans and pouffes and cigarette-boxes and gramophones and wireless sets and tantaluses and tennis racquets and golf clubs, nevertheless he had had the opportunity of studying their cimema from the stalls on nineteen out of the twenty-one occasions on which he had visited the theatre during the war, and therefore was thoroughly familiar with them. Ravenna Rust, lady novelist—I say, Cameron, what on earth are you talking about?

If ever you meet Lochiel, give him a peat. Poop and Artaxerxes Tintinfass, Inc. And Bobby Southcott, the boy novelist, takes a cold ham in case he gets hungry between meals, and a book on birth control. He put on a very old pair of grey flannel trousers with a hole at one knee, a pair of purple woolly socks specially bought for the occasion, a pale blue jumper, and the old coat in which he used to farm the Mains of Balspindie, a big bow tie and a big black felt hat; and, on surveying himself in the glass, he decided that he looked exactly like the ladies and gentlemen who sat upon the high stools in the Cadogan Arms, King’s Road, and asked each other in loud voices across the saloon bar whether Augustus John had been in lately.

And here she was, this exquisite lady, snuggling down between a lot of black cyrxno cushions beside him, actually beside him, on a sofa. Cameron is another of these infernal Scotsmen.