July 30, Salt Mavericks. Il colpevole – The Guilty. In his isolation he began to pen semi autobiographical novels, starting with The Conquest in and The Homesteade r in And I will again publicly state in addition to Charlie it was my high honor to share those European stages with bassist Ron Johnson and drummer Dane Spalt. I know some of our alt-country fans will question this move, just like our Slave House adventure, but I can simply say there is no more American music being played right now than Chittlin’ Circuit soul. See his recent entry here.

See Nightlife’s review here. January 8, “We’re gonna need a montage, even Rocky had a montage. One of the nice things about having a great band The Salt Kings and a flexible record label Rankoutsider is that you can pretty much indulge about any creative whim that strikes you. Program Coordinator Kevin Schraer invited me down and it was a pleasure spending some time with these great kids. You can find both articles by clicking the link on their names above. July 21, Well folks, as much as we love Cairo, Illinois and as much has we have enjoyed performing this show any musician will tell you they get bored after awhile with the material and are ready to move on. La Casa di Jack.

And family patriarch Gary DeNeal gives us the skinny on the band name at his Springhouse Magazine site, always figured it was something like this and nice to casaranoo the story.

Bush does not have the intellectual capacity to recognize a kindred spirit. Others will have to judge whether this CD passes that simple test.

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We also want to thank our European agent Bas Flesseman at Belmont for casarxno efforts in securing a show at Crossing Borders this year in The Hague and nice mention on his website, see it here.

On night five it was on to Roding to play Grammaphon in the lower eastern part of Germany. This casaranl particularly sweet news as Bunge debated the idea some years ago of closing all operations in Cairo.

As for Lacy and all his brothers and sisters in arms no longer with us, God rest your heroic souls. Much activity to report in the last two months or so including our first film festival performance at the Rome International Film Festival in Rome, Georgia on September 5.


August 14, A Job Well Done. Our enormous thanks to Mike Lescelius the 5th Salt King at Misunderstudio in Cinnema, Illinois who engineered and produced the CD along with the band and Heather Smith for extraordinary artwork in another 16 page booklet, which has now become our trademark. The world, especially the Mideast, is full of evangelicals in many flavors.

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A good time as had by all, and we saw some remarkable music from Pat and his band, other Rankoutsider acts like Gravy Cibema and the Born LiarsBuddy Miller over at the New West Records showcase, Peter Case and one diva train wreck, Rickie Lee Jones who was probably the most ungracious, unprofessional performer I’ve ever seen.

I was struck by two things during the evening – the kids’ lack of knowledge about their history and heritage, and more importantly, their desire ccinema learn. We say deal with racial inequality head on, in the full light of day, no hedging or rationalizing, no quarter.

I literally had an Elaine from Seinfield moment, from the Soup Nazi episode, having to sit down after taking a sip. We leave on Casarzno 14 and look forward to a productive trip. GFCI listeners will recall Jason’s vocal on a storming Prosperity Train, but this particular track will be much more delicate and show that side of his talent. And to adventurous listeners everywhere we say, thanks for hanging with us!

Mayor Farris and members of the City Council — give these kids a safe building and turn ’em loose; let them build a Cairo African American Heritage Museum or other appropriate enterprise.

The stories surrounding the home, which is still standing, are important and remarkable. Dane has brought in percussion devices I have never heard or heard of, Ron’s harmonies are incredible and Charlie’s arrangements and guitar work have raised his own bar, something I did not think was possible. Our enormous thanks to everyone at the Salento International Film Festival in Casarano, Italy for their invitation to play the festival and warm welcome upon arrival. Well, it goes without saying that we’re delighted about this; alt-country legend and all around good cinemw Jason Casarabo will officially sing a track on the new CD.


He called me one day out of the blue after getting a copy of GFCI and after introducing himself on the phone said, “you absolutely nailed the story of my hometown.

It is safe to say a great time was had by all. Many people are asking us what our next CD will be about. September 14, No Lights, Camera, Action.

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There is a 14 day free trial and it is well worth doing to view the multimedia content, which includes photos and an audio clip from our version of Cairo Blues. C’era una volta dasarano Principe Azzurro. The evening was a rare Scorchers performance; Perry is in need of a kidney transplant and the night was a benefit to help defray medical costs.

Our enormous thanks to all our friends overseas for their remarkable support. I’ve been playing and recording music for over twenty years and cannot remember a more pleasant musical experience than this project.

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Many had great questions and at times seemed transfixed by the photos I displayed during the performance. The Sullivan family, in the depths of their grief had sent a message to future generations: The itinerary presents some interesting possibilities including a side trip to the Czech Republic.

This is a song worthy story for sure, see it here. I particularly enjoyed a song about his father – writing such a thing is almost impossible to do properly and his seemed effortless. This is probably the best article written about the project to date, and in one of the America’s great newspapers.