Our artist practices harmony and balance as if it were a respiratory rite. Tuesday, December 18 at Bodies made of Indian ink, bodies of a very Italian and geolocalized Made in China. Distribuzione Warner Bros Italia. Un film di Mike Mitchell , Trisha Gum. Tuesday 2 May, h A beauty that speaks to us of religions and syncretism, that enters the warm heart of the planet through a door of liberation of contents.

The meeting, scheduled at Un artista geniale, attaccato alla sua terra natia. Her reputation makes her an excellent Ambassador of the mountain. So Quinn became one of the few photographers who was allowed to photograph him at work and who was accepted in his private life. They are collective patterns that come, in particular, from the religious assembly outside, from the places of aggregation of the most widespread monotheistic cults. Presentation of the book Spoleto Cinema Apr 22 — May 20 all-day. In provincia di Pesaro e Urbino anche a:

Stagione di Prosa del Teatro di Fermo Da ottobre ad aprile programmazuone Teatro dell’Aquila di Fermo offre un cartellone capace di intercettare i desideri e i gusti di un pubblico attento e curioso! Ti abbiamo appena inviato un messaggio al tuo indirizzo di posta elettronica.

The 15 exhibitions will all be inaugurated by the end of January and will be collected in a single printed catalogue and in a single virtual exhibition created with MOVIO, the multifunctional open source platform promoted by MiBAC, used to create and publish exhibition guides, digital extensions of real and virtual exhibitions.

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It is located partly under the Town Hall Square and partly under the Town Hall of which it occupies the foundations. The objective was unconventional, credible, authentic, documentary photography.


Jun 26 — Oct 9 all-day. The video was realized by Sintesi Visiva. Quello che veramente importa.

The three chosen areas represent the apotheosis of the Italic genius, the archaeological peak of ancient lustres of human genius.

Fabric-Action combines design and digital production through multiple experimentations on hemp, across digital technologies and new production techniques.

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Via Braccio da Montone: Fifteen works will be inserted with camouflage and respect for the environment, almost to blend the living nature of stones with the controlled nature of natural mould. A unique project, conceived with an artistic approach, to give the jewel the universal character of a small-sized, pure sculpture. La paranza dei bambini. These objects were created with different techniques: Tintoretto – Un Ribelle a Venezia.

Here the soul of an architect comes out, his past at university and his mental disposition; the angle of view that emerges certifies an imprinting but also its short-circuit, thanks to a language, painting, that redefines the deep feeling of architecture. Oggi tra i Film al cinema in sale. In he had a solo exhibition at the Galleria Valentina Bonomo in Rome. A special section of cjnema exhibition features some jewels icnema by great XXth-century artists. His last publication is Chi ha paura dei vaccini?

Dec 22 — Jun 4 all-day. Chiudi Ti abbiamo appena inviato una email. Together they will be able to pass through the tragedy. Nov 29 — Dec 16 all-day. Here we speak of harmony and freedom, of men and women who walk on the same planet, breathing the same oxygen, pursuing the same dreams, in search of that indestructible thing that everywhere is called Love. His major solo exhibitions have included: In a new solo show at Drummonds, then a large exhibition at the Pinacoteca di Macerata.


An appendix that summarizes the narrative of a unique journey in the city that does not sleep, in the neighborhoods with high human temperatures, in the private worlds of an artist who architect, day by day, his inner rooms. Phantoms, witnesses, shadows… it is them who guide us ideally along the stations of the Piano Nobile, we feel them inside the paintings, beyond the frames, among the false bombs of an installation, inside the pictorial impasto, in the monochrome backgrounds of the surfaces… Lemay crosses the evil of humanity with the metaphorical pace of art, avoiding the blackmail of realism, preferring the suspended pace of allegorical rites, of archetypal figures, of the dissolving black, of the clouding grey.

Dec 18 — Oct 6 all-day. Painting is defining new relationships with technological media, confirming itself as the most attractive, absorbing and intense visual code of mqsetti new millennium. Il colpevole – The Guilty. You will remember the images that usually make up the mosaic: It teaches how to survive while waiting for the recovery.

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One of the most influential Italian intellectuals, Goffredo Fofi, a film, literary and theater critic, will be a guest cine,a Sala Pegasus, Monday 9 October at 6 p. Two appointments to elaborate on the Internet, social media, communication and web marketing, organized with the support of the City of Spoleto. Often Picasso gave the order not to be disturbed.