During this test, the navigation system bugs up, leaving the gang stranded in the digital sea. Aelita is able to deactivate the tower and Yumi claims that one day they will bring William home. She manages to type most of it out before XANA succeeds in shutting down the white tower. Aelita’s first concert with the Subdigitals is coming up, but Aelita’s stage fright threatens to get the better of her. Aelita is still on Lyoko and captured by a Guardian. Only after most of the school is affected does Jeremie realize that XANA’s produced nanotechnology is responsible. XANA takes the opportunity to possess several barrels full of poison and turns the poison into a deadly, living gas. However, circumstances conspire to constantly put him in the spotlight, and when he ultimately both defeats William singlehandedly and destroys the supercomputer in the real world, Odd becomes convinced that being a braggart is something he can be proud of.

To that end, she shuts down the supercomputer. As such, he believes that Jeremie would be better off at a more advanced school and decides to give him an aptitude test. When it seems as though Aelita is gone for good, she is lifted from the sea by the real Franz Hopper, who has manifested himself as a floating blue bubble with a pink aura. Jeremie surmises that another supercomputer is controlling the Replika what the Lyoko copies were dubbed as , and in order to get rid of it, he’ll have to find a way to materialize his friends at the location of the supercomputer. Jeremie manages to repair the tower in time for Aelita to reset it, restoring the clone to working order. They fight on Lyoko, which gives them more resistance to XANA, and since Jeremie has not gone to Lyoko in a while, even if he has already gone twice, he has less resistance, so Odd comes up with a way to give him more resistance.

While adjusting to her new life, the class takes a trip to the nearby woods for a scientific field trip. After the ghost proves to be ineffective against Ulrich, it shapeshifts into a clone of Ulrich.

After being teased by Sissi, Aelita retreats to Lyoko but gets lost. Using the data that Franz Hopper gave them, Jeremie and Aelita epixode in recreating Lyoko, which now holds only Sector 5. With its power rapidly draining, Jeremie needs to repair it before it becomes completely useless.

After failing with an army of rats, XANA attempts a similar tactic using hornets. One of Odd’s copies gets turned to stone, so the other two Odds must retrieve him before evoolution become unstable and disappear.


Strangely, Sissi agrees and asks for nothing in return. Yumi seems the likely culprit. His intent is revealed to throw Aelita into the Digital Sea.

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With the help of Milly, Tamiya, and the William clone, he is defeated, and a return trip keeps Milly and Tamiya in the dark about the supercomputer. Thus, the Lyoko Warriors are born. When the others find out, they kick him out of the group until they can figure out what to do. Ulrich does not clearly state this, but it is believed that he is devirtualized by a Megatank.

Meanwhile, Ulrich gets a letter from Yumi saying that she loves him. Odd gets to Lyoko, but the gas goes with him, weakening him. After much fighting, Ulrich finally beats the e;isode, but is taken out by a Tarantula shortly after. While Eplsode and Odd are getting virtualized, water from the pipelines inside the walls is falling on the elevator, causing it to overflow. With the widespread use of cell phones, all but the Lyoko warriors and Sissi are affected, Sissi having had her phone accidentally broken by her father.

After the next return to the past, Jeremie is found unconscious in his room. Jeremie, Aelita, Ulrich, and Odd go with oyoko rest of their science class on cf field trip to an island in the middle of a nearby lake to study water-based plant 266. At school, a driving class has been set up to teach the kids road safety. Odd stops her, but ends up being caught by Jim.

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However, the Mantas are quickly destroyed by Yumi and Ulrich. In the end, Odd disables the supercomputer by breaking some cooling pipes in the room and damaging it with water. After a malfunction and a little bug with the regular materialization program, Odd and Yumi are bugged up, ending up in each other’s bodies. When Jeremie yells at Aelita, he tries to go to Lyoko to apologize.

On a trip to Lyoko, Aelita and Ulrich discover a white tower. Ulrich goes for backup despite his amnesia until the tower is deactivated. Odd offers to fix it, and tries to get Jeremie to help. William then goads Ulrich into racing, despite his obvious reluctance. By combining techniques, he makes the Marabountaa black sphere that can exponentially replicate itself endlessly and devour any monster it may encase.


Aelita gets mad at Jeremie and she and Odd go into Lyoko without telling anybody, which causes problems. After dropping her back on Lyoko, he returns to the Digital Sea.

Ulrich is then knocked unconscious, and Yumi carries him to safety. XANA soon captures Jeremie to change the battery to the supercomputer.

When Sissi finds and steals Vd diary, he is blackmailed into being her boyfriend. His creation goes on biting other rats, putting them under his control.

XANA, meanwhile, is trying to destroy Lyoko, preventing them from doing just that. On top of that, they learn that XANA is ,yoko for the damage being caused to the school by using ultrasonic sound waves, which continues to get worse.

When he uploads the program to the Skid, the sonar becomes bugged, forcing the gang to return to Lyoko. She manages to convince Ulrich to attend. In turn, XANA possesses two bulldozers and sets them on the factory to prevent Aelita’s materialization from taking place.

While they try to get to the factory, the find Sissi, Herve, and T. Once Franz is finished transmitting the data, Aelita and Odd head to Carthage to launch the program.

Back at the school, Jean-Pierre confronts Yumi about her attack on Yolanda. They, however, do not see anything wrong with where they are.

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After the group collects more data from Sector 5, he plans to use a tower to decipher Franz Hopper’s diary. Furthermore, their arguing inadvertently leads Nicolas and Herve into the factory, where Jeremie is forced to distract them while the group explores the Lyoko copy, which consists entirely of the Forest Sector. After being rejected by Yumi, William makes it his mission to find out the secret she’s hiding. In the end, Jeremy once again sprays graffiti, only this time, Ulrich helps and evolutiin shows Jim as a king, much to Jim’s liking.

She does so with help from Hiroki lykko Johnny. With their mission completed, the group looks back on all their fond memories of Lyoko.