Lauren walked into the room and started to fight with her friends. See 1 question about Chosen…. Paperback , pages. But I think Sasha’s time as main character was a lot more drama filled. Oh, and remember my complaints about the writing earlier? I’d get fired after one night! I’m not saying she’s unlikable for freaking out, I’m saying that it isn’t a recognizably human thing to do. These books have gone so downhill.

Want to Read Currently Reading Read. The riding instructor, Kim, asked Lauren to run the jumping course. Oct 02, Annika rated it liked it. I had a lot of fun judging it by my standards, but the fact that I gave it one star doesn’t really mean it doesn’t accomplish its goal – it seems to have a lot of success in its target audience at least. Chosen gives young readers a solid background on Lauren, what her life is like at her old school and the preparations for her arrival at Canterwood Crest. But not once in reading those books did I ever feel a disconnect between the fact that I’m a boy and the fact that they’re written by women about girls. Take the Reins by Jessica Burkhart. Lauren wears clothes from VS Victoria’s Secret.

No one here had ever written down an order. But not once in reading those frest did I ever feel a disconnect between the fact that I’m a boy and the fact that they’re written by women about girls. Jun 02, Caroline rated it it was amazing Shelves: I would recommend that people read this one first, before reading the Comebaxk books. Thinking about popularity and all that, it just didn’t match. I loved Canrerwood by Jessica Burkhart.

Lauren was always good at dressage but it made her nervous training infront of her teammates. It wouldn’t be Canterwood without a healthy dose… More. My favorite part is when she goes to the dance, I’m a party girl so it sounded kind of fun. Now all that’s left is to do the fun part!


Crrest a fun tale that followers of this series will love. Before you accuse me of stereotyping, I’m just identifying the audience that Burkhart has clearly been writing for.

The book e Lauren Towers is the subject for this book. She looked and looked until she found the perfect horse! I guess maybe I just can’t enjoy the shallowness of it all anymore. She fell off a horse and got a boo-boo, and suddenly she can’t do jumps again? She participated cantwrwood cross country and dressage. I can’t wait to see what happens for her in the other books! Aug 09, Mackenzie rated it it was amazing.

Canterwood Crest Series by Jessica Burkhart

The book ends with it telling you that Lauren Towers will be the new main character for the Serjes Crest series. Lauren had applied to Canterwood and was waiting to hear back from them. Oct 14, Jocelyn Vanterwood rated it it was amazing. Brielle’s cool black hair was pulled up into a high, shiny ponytail. Unnecessary passages weren’t the worst part of the prose. The extended description serves no purpose in the text, and it just serves to interrupt the flow of the scene.

Shelve Little White Lies. Like people can relate to it.

That is fucking ridiculous! Chosen took place in July, because school had just gotten out and now the kids had more time to spend time with friends and also go to the barn more often. Dec 31, Sarah rated it it was ok. Oct 29, Lori Harris rated it liked it Shelves: May 05, Pearl Bensimoun rated it it was amazing. The series is sort of a package deal: Her fair, freckle-free, never-left-the-house-without-SPF-fifty complexion showed just enough makeup to not get her in trouble with her parents.


Canterwood Crest Series

After a couple of chapters, the book talked about how Lauren worked on getting ready for a lesson when she heard her friends talking about letting Hannah into their group. Home Sweet Drama by Jessica Burkhart. In Rival Revengethe truth is out about whether… More. She’s intentionally alienating everyone that’s not like Lauren and her friends, and that’s just not a good way to write. Jealousy by Jessica Burkhart. Bri might never get over it if we miss our last chance to go school dress shopping with our most fashionable bestie.

Danterwood a pleasant place to be.

Kim talked about how she was a great rider and how she had a lot of potential. Since when do sixth grade girls fit into Seroes Jacobs or J. I wish, badly that they were, but they weren’t.

I would recommend this book to people who have been reading the Canterwood Crest series and people who like gossip and horses! Review first posted at http: Jan 02, Sarah H rated it really liked it. I liked how their riding instructor always changed things up instead of keeping it the same all the time.

The dialogue is pretty weak, with the characters mostly having extremely superficial conversations about their absurdly superficial lives. I liked the Sasha but I Love Laurin. Without pen or notepad, I’d never stay organized enough to do my job. GREAT new cast and story!