My story is highly atypical, but I feel I need to tell you where I am coming from in every sense of the word. It is morally puzzling to me why the gallery owner did not offer a joint sale of the painting in the first place. Find many more blog posts on my three different blog surfaces in a multitude of subject areas! See images below for a better understanding. At one point I called it: During writing your limited consciousness stops being a small mental container and turns into a portal for your deep mind… and the deep mind of sophisticated internet users is different from the mind of unconnected individuals who are not mindful.

The biopsy reinforced the blood test based results. The broad potential for a clinical cure is now being extensively explored by both mono and combination cancer immunotherapy. It is not easy for me to write about my experiences under communism, but not for the reasons you would assume. Look at them as former and present day hostages of a politically sociopathological system. Humanistic, inclusive and constructive idealism in action is the highest and most noble form of futuristic realism in any society. If you look closely, even the characteristic glass bricks are visible from space.

VIRTUAL HUMANISM in INTERNET EXILE | The Virtual Human’s Long-Form Blogs Written in Internet Exile.

It is like playing with idea Lego. Therefore the right questions are these: It is interesting, because I have msgyarul female friends. I say, it is the personal neurology that matters. I only research, list the options and explain them and their possible combinations.

Writers are even able to converse with people in the distant future and with people in the past, when reading. This is the local culture and this happened in the capital, in one of the best districts. Of course he is lucky that he has helpers dealing with the printing and mounting process. Heavy ions are positively charged nuclei of atoms with a greater mass at HIT, carbon, oxygen and helium ions are used. The European Union must stop giving free money to the corrupt Hungarian leadership in the form of EU grants.

And I could go on and on about how it is a good idea to build this technology into existing homes and institutions as well… And we would have cleaner air as well… because heating homes with fossil fuels is one of the major sources of pollution… as are exploding and burning nuclear power plants… And how about finally running air conditioners with Solar energy day and night.


Atrani in the valley of the River Dragon is a particularly lucky village that mostly maintained its original charme and is also enriched by artistic creativity. Also, many of his paintings would still be visible instead of being under another painting because he had no money for a new canvas. I am looking forward to the day when I am going to have my own medical AI to prevent, treat or even cure illness without having to see a human doctor.

Focused Ultrasound Foundation in the US And their website has the most comprehensive search tool if you would like to search for a HIFU treatment in a country by organ treated! So, we have belief and narrative behind the artistic and the market value.

I even suspect that hospitals will one day be completely obsolete. Humanity as The Borg…? I was getting closer and closer and suddenly I had the exact place. Is it possible that we are becoming The Borg… a community of minds directly connected?

The Starry Night … I added his brush stroke details at the top and bottom of his painting. Please, request a lab test, including genetic testing.

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Have we lived up to Fred’s ideal of good neighbors? What are her doctors doing??? CARs are under investigation as a therapy for cancer, using a technique called adoptive cell transfer.

Here is where you can start registering for treatments.

Sitting in your office and administering medication and ordering lab tests is not what I consider the job of a good doctor. Seeing the big picture requires intelligence, intuition, effort, knowledge, insight, analysis, etc.

The standard cytotoxic chemotherapy has long since been overtaken by the intelligent, personalized targeted therapies that are now at the heart of scientific magyaeul.

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I like to start painting when I can no longer wait to create because I so clearly see what I want to realize. People were locked into a bizarre, paranoid and isolated society. You might think that Csillagpot just grab my stylus and tablet, start ArtRage and begin to paint as if in a trans state.


Live long and prosper! It might be a function of the relative poverty of East Germans, for example. Yet today, his impact is unclear. News and knowledge from the West did not really make it to Hungary. This then allows creating absolutely personal vaccinations which are as individual as a fingerprint.

We tell you to expect more. Much harder to treat and cure. How many paintings have the wrong location, the wrong title or no known and specified location at all that could be discovered?

I do my own things. Nobody even attempts to tell me what I can or magyaruul not say and I am able to speak my mind freely. Please, watch this video regarding the risks involved and here is the explanation how this is a safer method compared to another.

The more I experienced in life, the more I observed the human rituals of leading, following, marriage, religion and politics, the more bizarre human behavior appeared to me. This is something we learn.

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I painted a street approximately meters from this location in August Supposedly this has always been the title of the painting and that is really bizarre to me. Turbine identifies complex biomarkers and designs effective combinations by simulating millions of experiments each day. Healthy ideals are resurfacing again! This is the road that takes someone from active, inclusive, constructive idealism humanism to reactive, exclusive, destructive skepticism dictatorship along the full spectrum of human attitudes and perceptions of social realities.

In fact the legal profession is very popular among sociopaths and among psychopaths.