My Dad played ballhere. The film will give this timely political debate about the U. Liliana, your story is identical to mine! June -First stop Florida then onto New York. He explains he always knew he wanted to compose music for films, because he had always been in love with cinema, as well as music, and it was a perfect marriage of both of his passions. Three hundred and fifty three people drowned. I remember Miami seemed like Cuba and when we arrived in Chicago I was very disappointed.

A year later flew to NY, then to Miami. My mother and I arrived March 2, Gracias for the giveaway mujer. Miami, came here as a 7 month old infant. June 11, landed in Miami, Fl via Costa Rica changing life as we knew it. I have memories of the mariel boat lift, and I will never forget the closeness of Cuban families, and the commitment to take care of their elders. My Dad played ballhere. Pardo spent several years teaching law, and at one point was supervising third-year Seton Hall University students handling cases for impoverished Hispanics.

We had family that lived in Baltimore and we eventually moved to Brooklyn, NY. Precisely the day you fell in love with the USA! This film, a modern day “Grapes of Wrath,” follows Jairo and his extended family of undocumented immigrants from their home in Mexico to a dairy farm in the USA in search of a better life and a means to send money home to their struggling families.

Freedom Tower, Miami, Florida.

She was a musical voice in our family. This short documentary follows several refugee families during their first 19 days in Canada, as they navigate an unfamiliar terrain that has suddenly become their home. Later back to Florida different cities. Whereas “Cubamerican” deals with the earlier migrations, the more recent exiles are those who have grown up exclusively in the Thank you for your comment and watching my film, “Cubamerican”.


My Grandfather, Poet, Composer, and song writer Urbano Gomez Montiel came in to Brooklyn New York, my grandmother his wife stayed behind as she was a fugitive in Cuba for helping counter revolutionist in breaking out political prisoners, planting bombs, and stealing arms.

Spanning the past 60 years of Cuban history, the film evokes this tragedy and its universal themes of loss, freedom, assimilation, struggle and triumph through the stories of Cuban exiles that have achieved acclaim in diverse fields in the U.

June -First stop Florida then onto New York. Chef Patricia Jinich on being Mexican-Jewish and reflecting her culture in the kitchen. Pardo has several ideas for new projects, but for now, he is devoting his full attention to Cubamerican. She was a teacher in Cuba and spoke and wrote fluent English.

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I came with my mvie December To enter this drawing for a chance to win a DVD of the documentary, Cubamerican, please leave a comment on this post and tell me:. My first stop was New Orleans, Louisiana.

Then, he begins writing the music by himself. My father fled the Cultural Revolution in We stayed in Miami for almost a month and were relocated to Torrance, California where my dad a Pastor started a Spanish speaking department at the First Baptist Church of Torrance. Maid in America Impacto Films.

It was very scary. He was a Pastor in Cuba and also here until he died at age 85 on Sept 11,same day as the twin towers attack. Instructional Films and Lessons. Full Cast and Crew.

Speaking of great “Cuando sali de Cuba” stories, I know many of you have already seen the documentary, Cubamerican. Gracias for the mkvie mujer. Big Business and Family Detention” by filmmaker Matthew Gossage chronicles the return of immigrant family detention in the United States. The Immigration Paradox takes a critical and in depth look at one of the most divisive issues in human global history-immigration.


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Georgia man kills young latino. My mom came to the US from Cuba via Spain. Mother of Texas teen speaks out. I was 13 when we arrived in Miami in 29 August, They clean other people’s homes cubamercian raise other families’ children — often leaving their own families behind.

Along the way, they…. Read more Thank you for your comment and watching my film, “Cubamerican”. It was fate that we met and fell in love.

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Was lucky to leave on one if the few last flights out. You might cbuamerican like: I always try to do their journey justice.

Page 13 The Great Outdoors. Miami, came here as a 7 month old infant. You must be a registered user to use cjbamerican IMDb rating plugin. Cubans fleeing in exile, political turmoil, and economic hardship not only made a mark on a cosmopolitan region but an explosion. Principal bans mom from school. One trip to disney land was all cubmerican needed to file for asylum. NBC Latino on Facebook. I lived in West New York for over 20 years and consider it my home. Amal Basry was one of those survivors, spending 22 hours in the ocean….

I was six years old at the time.