Dance with Devils Japanese: It was released on November 4, , with the staff and cast from the anime series returning to reprise their roles in the film. Animation – Mekaku City Actors Vol. Animation – Saki – Zenkoku Hen Vol. Lindo is forced to transform, but Jek snatches Ritsuka. Lord Nesta suddenly recognises Lindo as his estranged son and hypnotises him in order to make him his ally, but Lindo is quick to snap out of his spell and he stabs his father through the heart with his claws.

As Shiki begins to leave, Ritsuka asks him if he lied about knowing where her mother is, but he only replies by saying that lies are truth before disappearing. The two battle with magic, forcing Ritsuka to jump between them. Dansu Wizu Debirusu is a Japanese anime television series. Lord Nesta tries to bite Ritsuka again, but Loewen interferes allowing Ritsuka to escape and she is saved by Lindo who leaves her in Rem’s care. Black wings sprout from his back and he attacks the girls, wounding Azuna in the process. Just before Lord Nesta could bite her, Loewen interferes followed by the other devils and Lindo. As she runs, she is found by Rem, who brings her to a helipad to send her back home. Frightened, she calls her brother, who tells her to stay at her friend’s home.

Lindo is forced to transform, but Jek snatches Ritsuka. Ritsuka is summoned to the student council room again, where Urie, Mage, and Shiki attempt to make advances on her before Rem arrives. As Shiki animepremiun to leave, Ritsuka asks him if he lied about knowing where her mother is, but he only replies by saying that lies are truth before disappearing.

He finds Ritsuka just as she is attacked by a fra of Rem duplicates. Retrieved 17 July RomanceMusicalHarem.

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Animation – Robot Girls Z Vol. Shiki allows Azuna to accompany them. Views Read Edit View history. In a back alley, she is threatened by a gang of thugs, but Mage catches up with her, allowing her to escape while he fights the thugs, devouring their souls. Meanwhile, Urie, Mage and Shiki realise that Ritsuka was the grimoire all along and they start to search for animepremiu. Meanwhile, Lindo and Azuna decide to place Ritsuka under constant protection, with one of them accompanying her wherever she goes.


Arriving at the student council room, she encounters a mysterious person before meeting Rem, who brushes her off. Animation – Wake Up, Girls! Copyright JpopHelp Music and Books – jpophelp episide. Ritsuka happily rushes to them, but Jek grabs her and holds her at knifepoint with the pair of scissors. He informs her that the police have tracked the signal from her mother’s phone to the house of her grandfather, a student of magic animeprwmium magical lore.

As they sit down for tea, Jek reveals to Ritsuka that she is, in fact, the daughter of the Demon King, Lord Maksis, thus making Ritsuka half-devil, half-human. The Exorcist Association then betray Lindo’s trust, by deciding to kill Ritsuka in order to get rid of the grimoire, but Lindo interferes. She stops him and Shiki tells her that he was doing so because he thought animepreimum she might want to help him. Ritsuka declines and they go their separate ways. Rem arrives and saves her, taking her home with him.

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Murakami Sensei no Kokuhaku. Still believing that animepremiu, helped her out of kindness, she confronts him, and he reluctantly admits that he only needs her as a pawn in his game for power. He tells her to become his, but Ritsuka pushes him away, prompting Shiki to use his powers to freeze her.

Episode 7 in Japanese.

Suddenly realizing what he is doing, he reverts to his normal self and Rem disappears. Dance with Devils Promotional artwork for the anime series. Dance with Devils Japanese: Animation – Date A Live 2 Vol. She is attacked by the men while on the way there, and they demand that she reveal the location of the “Forbidden Grimoire”.

The locks on the book unlock itself and the pages fly open until a pair of black pages are shown, and Loewen welcomes Lord Maksis back, implying that the story is unfinished.

Once he leaves, Ritsuka breaks out and heads to school to verify his story. It was released on November 4,with the staff and cast from the anime series returning to reprise their roles in the film.

An anime theatrical film was announced at a Dance with Devils concert event on 29 Januarytitled Dance with Devils: That night, Lindo tells Ritsuka that both he and their mother knew that she was the grimoire; the pendant that their mother gave her contained holy potpourri meant to mask the grimoire’s scent. The dd song, composed by Elements Garden, will be performed by Wataru Hatano.


Yumekui Kenbun Nil Admirari no Tenbin: Animation – Yowamushi Pedal Vol. He then tells her with the grimoire gone, he has no need to remain in the human world and he epsode her to aniepremium with him in the devil world. While wandering around the museum, Ritsuka catches glimpses of znimepremium family’s past until Shiki grabs her from behind.

As they dance, the two realize that they have feelings for each other.

Just before Rem disappears, he gives Ritsuka his crown from the evening party and they share a kiss as he fades away. As the school prepares for the culture festival, Rem lies to the student council about the location of the grimoire, claiming it is in Vienna.

Kids – Wanwan to Issho! Life returns animeepremium normal in the Tachibana family and Ritsuka wears Rem’s crown around her neck at all times signifying her unending love for him with hopes of meeting him again someday. The Bonds of Reasoning Star Ocean: She calls him out on his stoic, icy front before yelling that she hates him, despises him and never wants to see him again.

Loewen seizes her and threatens to rip her heart out if she doesn’t come with him, but she repels him with the ring of the Sacred Lux. He reveals to her more about her family’s past then has her taken away to be prepared for the ceremony. This page was last edited on 4 Februaryat Rem ffag arrives and rescues her, and she flees. Lindo defeats Jek causing him to plummet and get impaled to death on a statue. Meanwhile, Jek visits his master, Lord Nesta to inform him that he has found the grimoire.