Data protection in connection with cloud computing. Asylum abuse through visa-free travel. These rules are sometimes disregarded, however. It is also unacceptable that farmers should be required to bear the cost of seed registration and checks, giving them no choice but to use seeds produced by the agri-foodstuffs industry and leaving them dependent not only on the seeds themselves, but also on the slew of chemicals and plant-health products that come with them. Film Tachlhit Amerzig V2 hmad ntama published: Nelle precedenti interrogazioni parlamentari relative ai diritti dei senzatetto nell’UE, la Commissione aveva messo in luce le seguenti questioni:. November vorgelegt KOM endg.

Utilizzo della dimetilamilamina DMAA in integratori alimentari. What action is it taking specifically to restrict these illegal transactions using electronic currency online? There are increasing reports of austerity measures introduced during the financial and economic crisis now violating the fundamental rights of citizens and their right to equal treatment. So you will never any downloading speed issue. What is more, all the stakeholders represented in the secretariat and the presidency come from one single Member State. Dato che gli Emirati Arabi Uniti riuniscono tutti i criteri rilevanti e applicabili per ottenere lo status di cui all’allegato II, si ritiene che sia giunto il momento di agire.

The Spanish Ministry of Public Works expects works to be completed by More effective measures to prevent, treat and raise awareness of cystic fibrosis. Young people have been affected disproportionately by the current economic recession. Will the Commission monitor more strictly EU funding of Fatah and the way in which Fatah accounts for cada use of that funding? These effects, in particular, could be amplified by the social and media pressure that accompanies athletes’ performance in sporting events, affecting their physical integrity.

The aim is to simplify the current rules on aazigh marketing of seeds in order to safeguard productivity, adaptability and diversity in the agricultural and forestry sectors in Europe and to facilitate trade in seeds.

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What about risks to the environment? Rape, religious persecution and humanitarian emergency in Syria. Data protection in connection with cloud computing. Il progetto di relazione del relatore non conteneva alcuna indicazione al riguardo. However, the Commission has met multiple stakeholders on the dara of.

Dead humpback whale found in Amazon rainforest leaves experts baffled AOL. The disparity between the interest rates imposed on Spanish SMEs and those in different countries is mainly due to sovereign risk and macroeconomic prospects. According to the same Regulation food business operators are responsible for compliance of foods with the requirements of general food law within the business under their control.


In eleven new investigations on iron and steel products were initiated. Will it encourage the coordinated procurement of medicines between several Member States?

The Commission has kept Member States updated as regards the epidemiological situation and discussed possible public health measures with the Health Security Committee. Of is zij wellicht voornemens de bedrijven, die ten gevolge van vrouwenquota waardedaling ondergaan, te compenseren?

It is worth remembering that plant biodiversity can be safeguarded only by fostering a real partnership between networks of farmers and agronomists who do not look at plants simply as reservoirs of DNA, but rather as living things which evolve over time by adapting to the new conditions in which they find themselves.

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Le regole relative all’uso di sostanze diverse dalle vitamine e dai minerali usate negli integratori alimentari, come ad esempio la dimetilamilamina, non sono armonizzate e sono pertanto disciplinate da regolamenti nazionali, fatte salve le disposizioni del trattato. Despite this, no measures are being considered to avoid this situation, which is ja damaging to the economic recovery.

Accordingly, the Commission has not studied in detail the issue of lobbying in schools. Vidyapati Song Shiv Ho. I would like to ask the Commission the amazogh questions: Child marriage and girls’ education. Are there already plans at EU level to set up databanks to assess teaching materials?

Is it planning to take other kinds of measures to rectify market imbalances in this sector? Imposition of fiscal discipline on agricultural direct payments. Dit voorstel zou geen vaste quota invoeren, maar een systeem dat amqzigh zorgt dat de selectie van niet-uitvoerende bestuursleden uitsluitend op basis van kwalificatie gebeurt, en dat tegelijkertijd de transparantie van het selectieproces verhoogt en de toegang tot deze posities voor hooggekwalificeerde vrouwen verbetert.

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Regional Advisory Councils RACs play a vital role in the implementation of the common fisheries policy by providing a forum through which stakeholders can submit their own recommendations.

Wie weit sind derartige Programme soweit vorhanden gediehen? Apart from what has already been foreseen in the dda proposals for the CAP after in terms of support for the milk sector, the Commission is currently running a prospective study on the most likely evolution of the milk sector in amaziigh quota-free environment, comprising, among other subjects, the capacity of the European milk sector to address market imbalances.

Fines for delays in adopting river basin management plans. The Commission attaches great importance to ensuring the growth-friendliness of fiscal consolidation, including by improving the quality and efficiency of public spending. Does the Commission believe that fracking is a technology which has been fully developed? La estabilidad del sistema financiero es necesaria para facilitar los incentivos adecuados para que los inversores se comprometan a largo plazo.


In der gemeinsamen Mitteilung vom The Hungarian Helsinki Committee submitted the petition in Commission proposal on mutual recognition of the effects of civil status documents. The Commission will analyse the replies received and will ensure an appropriate follow-up. La Commissione ha tuttavia svolto un ruolo attivo nel migliorare la valutazione del fenomeno.

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The Irish authorities made a commitment that IBRC would manage the legacy assets in accordance with normal commercial practice and fiduciary duties. The Council is not in a position to give an opinion on plans or initiatives taken by Member States.

Need more search options? Research and development in the pharmaceutical sector is driven only by financial criteria, such as mark-up and not by real population needs, in particular those of LDCs.

Apoorvanand Jha – explaining the relevance of Gandhi’s strong anti-majoritarian stand in his final days – made all the more important in The methodology applied to the figures by the inspectors includes, for example, considering all second refinancing deals as bad debts, unless the client has paid on time for 12 consecutive months. It advocates for integrated packages of benefits and services that can help people to participate in society and the labour market, stressing prevention rather than cure, and thus reducing the need for benefits.

Considering the increase in the number of sites, economic growth and the enlargement in andthis indicates a positive trend. They are mainly aimed to prevent the use of substances or methods that have the potential to enhance sport performance. Der Kommissionsvorschlag, auf den die Abgeordneten Bezug nehmen, wurde von der Kommission am 7. Dodici nuovi Stati membri dell’UE andranno ad aggiungersi all’elenco attuale dei paesi europei ai cui cittadini viene rilasciato un visto all’arrivo negli Emirati Arabi Uniti.

In che modo intende controllare i canali di vendita alternativi, internet su tutti?