Meanwhile, Camryn gets a chance to lead the Dancing Dolls during a parade and show Miss Dianna that she has what it takes to be captain. Retrieved August 17, This episode of Bring It! Stay tuned on that one. And who knew that Mimi and Rittany both participated in cheerleading back in the day? The Dolls got their trophies.

Booty kinda sorta going. Retrieved May 1, Retrieved February 13, And by the time Tina did a somersault into a MamaSplit, I was all like…game over. Bring it dance digest – stand battle vs the prancing tigerettes season 1 lifetime. Not very well, actually.

Retrieved December 4, Retrieved April 29, Meanwhile, Miss D takes a risky gamble on the Baby Dancing Dolls and the race to replace Kayla as head captain next year heats up as Camryn and Tamia begin to bump heads. Archived from the original on September 27, From the first episode Miss D has always said that she wants her girls to experience all the things in life that she did not get to experience.

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So big that Dianna even momentarily deactivated the DDP Electric fence that normally prevents any of the Mamas from making it inside the building sesson routine practices. And finally, we took it to church. Atlanta since Little Women: And leaving the rest of us in denial.

Miss D does not allow parents inside the studio during practices, believing that the dancers need to have only one person — Miss D — leading them at those times. A good time to fine tune any issues with the routines, but probably not the best time for Sunjai to decide that she wanted to go to her prom instead of the Bay Area Battle.


The troupe has over 15 Grand Champion titles and more than trophies, and consists of children aged 10 to Ycdr January 22, The event soon gets out of hand, however, when tension on the dance vd sparks a clash between dancers and spectators.


Hubba Hubba, Miss D. Miss D will share some secrets and give us the history of hip hop majorettes She gets a little anxious.

Archived from the original on September 20, Retrieved February 13, TV by the Numbers Press release. It was probably allergies. Back inside, rehearsals were kind of all over the place.

Dang, that is some fine British meat on that boy. How much do we love these Mamas?

Stand Battle: Dancing Dolls vs. YCDT Supastarz Fast Stands

After a snooze and some more rehearsing, it was the night before competition. Retrieved September 19, The Twitterverse noticed it too, but not as vocally vd the first episode. The Moms hatch a master plan to spy on Miss D in the dance studio and decide to hold a bake sale to fund their scheme. Just outside moving cars.

Watch Stand Battle: Dancing Dolls vs. YCDT Supastarz Slow Stands Clip – Bring It! | Lifetime

Retrieved March 6, Meanwhile, in a surprising twist, teammates Kayla, Camryn, Crystianna and Sunjai dancijg pitted against each other in stand battle for the very first time, causing things to get heated as they compete for a special featured role in the upcoming competition season. The Dirt’, ‘Bring It! Retrieved September 26, Retrieved March 16, Or had a panic attack.


Retrieved January 8, If I had known that there was only one emcee in the entire hip hop majorette network, I probably would have sent Lifetime my LinkedIn url, because that same dude was back again hosting the Battle Royale.

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Turns out Charkeitha had laryngitis or CheerMouth or something and needed to talk thru a bullhorn the whole time like Navy guys do when they land planes on aircraft carriers in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Retrieved August 24, Kayla comes to Sunjai’s aid as she struggles to finally make the stand battle squad before time runs out and the competition season comes to an end. As we noted last week, the producers kept cutting to shots of that one lone white girl so often that I felt they were stockpiling CNN visuals in case she ran away later in the season.

Retrieved March 21, Bonus Points were immediately given to whoever that little minion guy is who always follows Neva around.

Meanwhile, Camryn gets a chance to lead the Dancing Dolls during a parade and show Miss Dianna that she has what it takes to be captain. Veteran Doll Tamia challenges Camryn for the coveted “head co-captain” position and Crystianna battles her nerves as dools attempts to perform her very first solo.