It announced Ostermeier’s name, and introduced a different way for German theatre to go. Still, I am looking forward seeing this play when it is in Adelaide. Goodreads helps you keep track of books you want to read. His world is there, in front of my eyes. Open Preview See a Problem? Its care with language which is a central concern for the young women is reminiscent of the assiduous selecting and removing of words in the work of Harold Pinter. A self-help guru could see it in terms of self-knowledge and personal fulfilment. The play has a primal and fundamental power, and is widely acknowledged to be a modern Scottish classic.

Not that he pays much attention these days. This is no empty claim. But I enjoyed it, particularly the use of shadow in the lighting design , and I think that a ‘safer’ conceptual realisation would not have flexed this theme with the same energy. Reading a text before I see a production is something I seldom do, but since it’s such a dense play, I wanted it clear in my head as I was slated to file a review the following morning. No consideraion was given to the audience in this production and it felt, for the most part, as if we might not even have been there. But that needn’t be a problem:

Ontroerend Goed, Forced Entertainment Interview: Perhaps the world had died and been reborn again, the characters replaying a future not yet happened but already past, remembering the future. Lists with This Book. Every thing I see or know is put in my head by God.

Maciej rated it really liked it Apr 28, Want to Read saving…. The poet needed to know them by heart. Tina rated it it was amazing Oct 10, Being unaware of or desensitised to this stuff makes us vulnerable to all sorts of manipulations.

Why this thing had that set design is beyond me Directed by Simon Phillips, designed by Stephen Curtis. The play’s global popularity is thanks to its capacity to be interpreted in so many different ways. Knives in Hens by David Harrower. As the Young Woman discovers, hene and painfully, the magical power of words harorwer a means of realising her selfhood, Harrower show us that language kinves, as much as an expansion of consciousness, a crime against the authority of God.


Review: Knives in Hens ~ theatre notes

Josie rated it liked it May 25, This I believe was davd first hit, and bears more than a passing debt to the works of Hardy, but that’s all to the good. It’s not so much the concept itself that bothered me. William Nothing close, woman.

Harrower already seems like a writer built to last. All I must do is push names into what is there the same as when I push my knife into the stomach of a knies.

Knives in Hens

A self-help guru could see it in terms of self-knowledge and personal fulfilment. And as our man Wittgenstein says, must be passed over in silence God knows what would’ve happened if it’d just disappeared, but as it turned out it validated the form of writing I was trying to reach.

The three characters spin around each other in some strange rural wasteland, questioning ideas of faith and morality.

But I don’t know if it’s the story that hits the spot or if it’s about cultural stuff. It’s a bit like going to an optometrist: Once you have successfully made your request, you will receive a confirmation email explaining that your request is awaiting approval.

Knives in Hens review – a tethered woman finds release in Harrower’s murderous masterpiece

Yet reading the play is very like reading a poem that accurately and mercilessly pierces the deep places where the erotic and the sacred meet: The sound a woman makes when no one hears her. In this instance, you were forced to read it through two metaphors the playwright’s and the director’s.

Debbie rated it liked it Apr 06, Even looking thematically, we end up with suggestions rather than definitive explanations. It gave the idea of the Ploughman and Woman living in a sewer inhabited by horses.

If Harrower’s text not read it is an examination of contemporary?

What was part thriller, part love triangle, and told in a minimalist, mono-syllabic demotic, slowly but surely announced Harrower’s arrival as a major writer on an international scale. Please tick here if you would like to be kept informed about artist development opportunities. Kate’s monologues especially seemed to just blend into the background of people coughing and shuffling in their chairs.


Better than the other dramas I had to read for my drama class. Think McWetherspoon by way of Trumpageddon. I like the thing about childbirth and writing The words they used painted such strong pictures in my mind. Or not dramatically, in this case. Robyn Hunt rated it it was amazing Mar 21, When the ploughman Pony Williams tells his wife, the unnamed Young Woman, that she is like a field, the simile makes no sense to her — she has no use for figurative language.

It also raised interesting questions for me about reality, how we define it, put a word to it- which is particularly something that the Young Woman grapples with throughout the play. Stuff we tend to forget about in our alienated world, where these things take place shut away in white boxes.

These comments make me think ‘whoa, ‘s? Please tick here if you would like to be kept informed about news, performances, events and exclusive offers.

First staged at the Traverse Theatre, Edinburgh in Junebefore transferring to the Bush Theatre, London, in Novemberthe play synnopsis playwright David Harrower’s first professionally produced work.

Designed by Hwrrower Babidge, lighting by Da While I don’t doubt the talent of the actors involved, to me the problem lay with Brookman’s direction.

It announced Ostermeier’s name, and introduced a different way for German theatre to go. Certainly, the miller figures largely in folk tales and even in The Lord of the Rings as morally dubious, opaque and false. Action is placed between three simple rural figures, real rural figures.