When Caroline decided she needed a fresh start she never expected it to be so dramatic! This is a Steroline story with eventual Bamon. Join me in darkness, my bitter sweet love by laughinginthebreeze reviews 6×16 He’s lost her. Elena who keeps out Liam. Reverse by MediocrePlayWright reviews a re-written sequence from the season finale of tvd 8×16 Its short snippets of what happens until death no longer do us apart Vampire Diaries – Rated: Notificami nuovi commenti via e-mail Notificami nuovi post via e-mail. One shot, based on “Little Things” by One Direction.

But what if Stefan doesn’t love the brunette, what if he actually loved the blonde insecure neurotic control freak on crack? Second Best by dalyvi reviews Caroline’s never had much luck with love. The problem is that, after reading the lyrics, we are not so sure that the reunite of episode 8 will be so happy as we had imagine Stai commentando usando il tuo account WordPress. And when she should trust Liam, Elena moves back to Damon. And I like the fact she is studying Medicine. Mr salvatore by mystiicwaldorf reviews Caroline Forbes thought accepting this job would be great,she’d get to go to college, she would have enough for a holiday with her best friend.

M – English – Romance – Chapters: Stefan and Caroline – Truth Behind The Lies by LauraJean reviews Caroline gets herself into a pickle, and Stefan becomes her knight in shining armour, in more ways than one!

“I can’t shake him” || Damon/Elena [6×08] – Damon & Elena video – Fanpop

How is she still the one for you? Because they gave us thoughts in dribs and drabs and let us wait for this Delena for the whole episode. Baby on Board by TwiOthGirly reviews Sometimes when you think you have everything planned to the T, something gets thrown in and changes your whole outlook on life.

Just In All Stories: New Beginning by sterolineotp reviews Believing that his mother would go after all her children, Klaus decides to look outside the family for Hope’s protection. Who could his dad be Tutto questo Alice non lo sa Consigli, pensieri e recensioni di una testina di minchia bionda. Just like Damon and Katherine were, their own way, and like Klaus is. Will she be able to convince Stefan to set her free?


Elena who asks about Bonnie. You and I together we are something by yaba reviews It feels like the roof of every house is about to be torn off; impending destruction all around them and not a soul to witness it. Elena tries her best to keep them apart but working with Damon is making her realize her growing feelings for him.

Invisible Cord by bluesimageburgundy reviews Based on season six spoilers. She could stand to get out of Mystic Falls for a while too.

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Once Upon A Kiss by sterolineotpforever reviews Lily kidnaps Caroline and places her under a sleeping curse, only this time she is not tied to another life.

Show me where my armour ends and where my skin begins by SmilinStar reviews “Because I’ve seen Hell,” he says, “And it’s a world without you. You’ve built your wall so high that no one could climb it by Tarafina reviews “I don’t want to wake up twenty, fifty, a hundred years from now, reaching across an empty bed, wishing you were there, because I was too much of a coward to fight for what I want…” Vampire Diaries – Rated: We Persevere by honestgrins reviews Caroline has chosen Stefan, but they still have some issues to work out.

Reverse by MediocrePlayWright reviews a re-written sequence from the season finale of tvd 8×16 Its short snippets of what happens until death no longer do us apart Vampire Diaries – Rated: Don’t let me go by give-me-tvd reviews Perhaps it would’ve been easy to be cold and conceal his feelings if her chain wasn’t edlena on his shoulder.

As quiet as eelena gets for a small town like this. This place is just so hard without you. He’s The One by popscb reviews It started out as one night- a night that’d change the path of her life beyond anything she’d imagined. Or will they both be too gone to ever be happy?

It’s gonna be Damon. Leave your reviews and I hope you enjoy! He’s searching the streets for someone…anyone. Love Lost by laughinginthebreeze reviews When Stefan dies, Caroline is confronted by her feelings for him and struggles with how to deal with them and come to terms with them, whilst trying to find a way to bring Stefan back, but unforseen obstacles complicate things. I Promise by impatient14 reviews Takes place after the events of ‘Prayer for the Dying. It wouldn’t be as bad if he didn’t bring another old delnea among them.


Takes place after 7x These hearts, they burn on and on by SmilinStar reviews Her fingers run softly along the protruding veins and the gentleness of the touch is a soothing balm that takes him by surprise. Review or PM me: A wrongly delivered letter draws their two worlds together but a world on paper is delsna thing, the real world Most likely it was a girl, who looked a lot like Caroline used to, before everything happened. A Brave New World by beginningtogo reviews When wealthy socialite, Caroline, and blue-collar cop, Stefan, are thrown together, they must work together to survive.

This is the first time I could see living here. We can finally say it.

The things got more complicated when Caroline Forbes best friend of Stefan, also confessed her feelings for Stefan. First, she must endure help from a pessimistic Stefan Salvatore who agrees to get her swason Dublin when things go sour. One by one they all find out what Amara looks like, and its not what they expect.

She is curled up in his bed, in his clothes, mourning the future they can never have. Little Things by Honeeym reviews In peculiar circumstances, Caroline stumbles upon an unexpected demonstration of Stefan’s love. But they bore me.

He had plans to sacrifice it all for Damon and everyone in Mystic Falls. Stefan is determined to follow his dreams. Will Stefan be able to bring her back or will he lose her forever?